10 Easy and Exclusive Ways to Attract Your Blog Readers in 2017

Here we provided the 10 Easy and Exclusive Ways to Attract Your Blog Readers in 2016

Blogging acts to be the main source to provide and receive some valuable information. If you want to attract your valuable customers/visitors then you should give important to all simple things like its template, resource, images and videos. Mainly you should spend your precious time in doing some research on your blog.

And it is very important to tell your visitors that, Why they have to return to your blog? And what they can enjoy in your blog while they return? Make sure that your site is user-friendly. Choosing the trendy topics may solve this problem.

The blog achievers will use all the following 5 best steps to get attractive customers

1. Write Some Fresh Content and Promote it:

Nowadays, we can see tons and tons of various articles in the same topic in different websites. So, there arises a must condition to be a unique blogger by providing a new content/topic with the help of good researchers. In the same way, your blog must be a trendy one and attract more visitors. As a blog reader, they like to be up to date with the current trends and information. So, to be a great blogger you should update your blog sites with new contents frequently. It is much better when you add new blogs for each day. But make sure your updating activity is in a standard and consistent way. It may create some eagerness among your visitors to know something new. And finally make sure you’re each and every article is resourceful and don’t use the same content or topic in your site.

Don’t just add pages on your blog try to promote it in a correct way. Such promotion may lead you to achieve some recognition and takes you in the right track to get your targeted audience. Try to encourage email marketing to your blog. This may help to increase the customer’s loyalty. And it is also effective if you use widget and gadget on your blog’s sidebar.

2. Share Your Content & Interview Your Readers:

Sharing acts to be the best source and intermediary to connects your visitors and blogs. So connect your blog site with all your social media profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter etc… By sharing in these social media profiles, you can attract more readers to your blog. Each and every social media sites has their own benefits like

1. When you use Google+ you can enjoy high traffic on your site and high ranking in search engines.
2. In Facebook, you can get new contact and it helps to build a good relationship between you and your website visitors.
3. In Twitter, you can enjoy good growth with the help of regular tweets and helps to attain a quick and natural growth.
4. LinkedIn also helps to enjoy some effective results as same to Facebook and Twitter. And it also builds a relationship between you and your team members.
5. Give importance and preference to social bookmarking and email list by sharing your latest posts.

Interview your readers about your articles. This helps to build friendly relations. And in the same way, it provides various advantages like you can know their needs whether they satisfied with the article? How they enjoyed the blog? Etc. It increases the customer loyalty and helps to attain good remarkable results. And also leads to the good reputation.

3. Create Link to Other Related Posts:

Link your quality content with other related posts because this activity acts to be the easy source to find your new visitors for your blog. Use plugin to have a stable growth on your site. And it leads to enjoying high traffic and boost your views in each and every content. Intra-linking help your visitor to enjoy the easy process in switching over from one post to another. But be sure, you link posts within your blog.

4. Use Attractive Images and Videos:

We can see various different posts with good information. But many may fail to concentrate on visual effects. To be a spruce blogger give some importance on using best images and videos which related to the content. Make sure that your images were fascinating and suit your content. In the same way, avoid some dark color images and choose the quality images. Your image should tell or give some information to your visitors and they should have something to download from your blog. Your videos should be in a professional manner and it should catch your visitor’s attention. Such videos and images may rebuild your blog and offer various stuff in your post. Some will be easily attracted by videos so you can get good results nimbly.

5. Do Guest Posts and Comments:

Use your opportunity by providing your posts on other blog sites. This brings a great relationship with other bloggers. This also helps to attain new visitors to your blog site. Make sure your content is quality and contains all good information which relates to such particular site. Use simple terms to attract more new visitors.


Finally don’t forget to comment on other blog posts. It is better when you spend some of your precious time in providing good comments on some posts which you like. This acts to be one of the sources of advertisement. Hope this article 10 Easy and Exclusive Ways to Attract Your Blog Readers in 2016 is useful for you. This gives viral traffic to the blog. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Happy Blogging!

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  • The Blogging concept has altered a lot in past 5 years. In this era, producing quality contents is not enough to drag everyone’s attention. Principally, we all must do social promotion as well guest posting to achieve better ranking in search engines.

    You have written this post very cleanly for better understanding and I am sure it will help peoples who are new to this business.

    Waiting for your next articles.

    • Hi Sidharth,
      Thanks for the comment. Yes, social promotion is the best way to get more traffic as well as blog promotion. The Guest blog is not so easy to get approval, still again quality content plays a major role here. I wish to express my thoughts in a simple way for better understanding and happy to know that people like it. Thanks again 🙂