10 Important Benefits of Hosting Your Own Blog

Written by Sathish Arumugam

If we really want to create an edge over many of the other bloggers on the web, then we should opt for the best option to start our own blog. There are numerous benefits in starting our own blog rather than starting under some other some other services. Here I am going to share in this post 10 Important Benefits of Hosting Your Own Blog.

Give a Professional Look To The Blog

If we start our own blog it would surely give a professional appearance, because we could be able to have our own domain name or website name and we could be able to host our own blog on our own website. If we do not host our own blog, we would have a lengthy URL which gives less professional appearance; the readers will find it more difficult to recall the name and website of our blog. While choosing the best hosting provider, you should check the reviews before purchasing them. For example, If I have decided to buy A2hosting, then I will search for A2Hosting Review over search engine


We have all freedom to design our blog which would be the most considered benefit, when we host our own blog we do not need to follow a preset design, but instead we can design our own blog layout.

Enable To Recall

Among readers we can make our blog recalled easily by hosting our own blog, we should think about the address which would be easy to recall for example, http://www.blogsite.com or http://blogsite.blogger.com/~blog name. The domain name should be easier so that it will be easier for the readers to recall it, this will be the greatest benefits to host our own blog.

Control Over The Content

There are no strict guidelines over content, when our blog hosted by a hosting network, our choices in content will be restricted, but by hosting our own blog we could have much larger control over our content.


If we host our own blog we could have better control over security and we will be able to protect our own blog rather than depending on other person to do it.

Promotion of Brand

It will be easier to develop and also to promote the brand. Even though if we are not selling anything, hosting our own blog will provide individuality than the benefits which shared hosting can offer.

Generating Revenue

If we host our blog with the help of some one we have less control over generating revenue, but when we do it our self we have much control over generating revenue online.


While we start our blogging the network makes sense, we need to be independent to make our blog to grow, and we could see much larger levels of growth over time.

Integrating The Site

We can integrate our blog with our website, instead of creating a completely separate website from our blog, if we host our own blog.

Get Heavy Traffic

If we host our own blog it enables us to generate more traffic, because our post will be easier to find in the search engines.

Final Words:

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