5 Tips For An Awesome And SEO-Friendly Blog Post

Written by Sathish Arumugam

In this article, we are going to see 5 Tips For An Awesome And SEO-Friendly Blog Post

SEO plays very important role in the search marketing. It’s like magical to the users. Search engines will generate traffic to your website by evaluating SEO friendly content. So we have to be very careful of search engine optimization by adding valuable keywords. It should also be useful for readers.

Well in this article we are going to add a valuable 5 tips for writing an SEO friendly content.

1.Write Useful, Quality and Engaging Content

SEO friendly Content which have to be very quality in the usage of the word, then only search engines keeps it in high rank. If you are providing with high quality, then the visitors will like your engaging and helps the visitors with useful content. Of course, it makes the search engines automatically make our site in high rank. An online marketing effort needs content to be effective and worthful. Focusing on quality is important for several reasons, So take charge of the content marketing now and make sure only high quality and useful content are utilized.


Links are the source of webmasters because it helps to improve the rank of your site. Using keywords and with a number of high-quality links. For example, if you need to set a link which is targeted to the SEO page, instead of keeping “Click here” link, we can use “SEO” as a link. You can set a number of links to increase your site marketing.

3.Use paragraphs

Paragraphs make perfect to the pages so we have to keep in mind that each and every paragraph should have a reason for framing it. when starting a new sentence, first we have to think it for what purpose it is. Also, it is important to note whether a paragraph is needed or a simple sentence. If the sentence is more then explain it with a new way to present your ideas without making the unless sentences. There should be a reason behind the new paragraph which make the readers useful.

4.Optimize Every Image Uploaded in the Post

The next important thing in this article 5 Tips For An Awesome And SEO-Friendly Blog Post is image uploading. For an article, the words are so important. It makes the content more perfect. At the same time, the another thing is “Images” which highlight your articles. So, Optimize your images for better search engine ranking by adding title tag, alt tag and description tag. Along with the article web and video, is also important for making the site SEO friendly.
While uploading images make it as compress so that you can avoid excess loading time.

5.Try to Increase Number of Comments on Each Post

Each content make a value to the post as well as the site. While publishing the post in your site, try to increase numbers of Comment.
So, write the content in such way, you can ask you visitors to get their feedback about the whole content. When we get more comments, it automatically improves our site ranking in search engine.

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