3 Different Types of The Web Search Queries

3 Different Types of The Web Search Queries  guides you the information regarding the 3 types of Search queries and how to convert it based on the user intention.

What is Search queries

Search Queries – The actual word or string of words that people type into a search box in order to satisfy his or her information needs. The word which we enter on the search box will give a list of results so that you can search easily whatever you need. They come with useful information. Also, the search queries are divided into three categories which we are going to discuss in this article “3 Different Types of The Web Search Queries”.

Use of Search Queries

Before starting with the types, we are going to see about the use of Search queries. Search queries are useful to all searchers on the web page or websites. The users can get all information with the help of search queries. Queries that can seek a single web page or website on single entry and that cover broad topics. As well as the users can make a purchase like the car or mobile phone whatever it is. It is used in many ways with tons of information, the people will not get disappointment while they searching on the search box with their words. It provided with useful information including various categories.

The three types of search queries are

1. Navigational queries
2. Informational queries
3. Transactional queries

1. Navigational Queries:

Navigational search queries which they find in a search engine for a particular website or web page. In this, the user knows what are they searching for.

For Example:


The user enters “youtube” into search engine bar to find the youtube site rather than entering the URL or a bookmark. In the navigational queries, you don’t need to enter with URL into a browser’s navigation bar. The “youtube” and “Facebook” are one of the top two searches on Google and these are the navigational search queries over the internet.

2. Informational Queries:

Informational queries which are used to get information about some topics like Wikipedia and blog, which contains thousands of relevant result on Google. When the user enters a name or some topics on informational search queries looking for information, probably they are not looking for a specific site as navigational queries they just want to know answer a question to learn what it is.

For Example:


The users want to know a detailed information about Cameras models, and where they search on Google to get information is known as informational queries.

3.Transactional Queries:

The last types of search queries in this article 3 Different Types of The Web Search Queries is Transactional queries. This indicates that complete transaction, such as purchasing products. It includes exact brand and product names like “Prestige Coffe Maker” or mobile phone “Apple iPhone 6” which they actually making purchase or order. Searching for a particular model or brand on search bar is transactional search queries.

For Example:


The visitors visit the Google to buy or purchase particular products with their Model and brand (Apple iPhone6 ) is called as transactional queries.


The users can get all the information based on needs on the Search Engine using Search Queries based on the above mentioned three types which are Navigational search queries, Information search queries, and Transactional search queries.0

Final word:

In this article 3 Different Types of The Web Search Queries, we explained the types and uses of search queries in some simple points. I hope that you have referred this article and get some ideas on it. If you have any question or you like to give some suggestions on this article please comment your feedback. Share it with your friends if you like this article 3 Different Types of The Web Search Queries. Follow us on Facebook.

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