3 Link Building Paths For a Corporate Blog

Written by Sathish Arumugam

In this post, we are going to see 3 Link Building Paths For a Corporate Blog


The major three steps for building links to a corporate blog are RSS and Blog directory submission, Link bait, and Community participation. Take a look over the following for detailed idea.

A blog is a foremost tool according to the business person catalog. A corporate blog serves as a great means for increasing the link building, status, and customers when compared to a common blog. Various plans like brand identity should be followed for the link building in a corporate blog.

RSS & Blog Directory Submission

RSS and Blog Directory submission owns the submission of the blog and the blog feeds. Links are automatically built for every post while submitting the blogs and also back links are gained.Another benefit is that anchor text optimized backlinks are provided to the site, which is different from other means.

Link Bait

Link bait is nothing but getting links by giving incentives to the writer by means of finance or emotion. Link are gained at a very short rate. Content developing and promoting of link bait normally comprise of the upcoming procedures…

  • Creating a link bait plan by finding contents which previously getting back links
  • Making contents in a general matter
  • Finding person with the past experience of such contents
  • Twitter, blogger and links overreach
  • Calculating achievements

Community Participation

Community participation is nothing but involving the public in the blog by means of Q&A, Forms, conversation etc.., This not only gains the Search engine ranking but also acquire more traffic and increases relationships.


These are some of the steps for building links to a corporate blog. More suggestion over this concept is welcome. Hope this article 3 Link Building Paths For a Corporate Blog is useful. If you like this post please share your feedback to us. Follow us on Google+ and Twitter!

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  • Hi Sathish Arumugam,

    There are lots of ways to create backlinks like blog commenting, forum posting,article submission and guest posting etc. I personally prefer two methods of link building first forum participation and second community participation. Both ways help to get instant traffic plus backlinks.

    I just want to give a advice to you, post pillar content, it will help you to drive lots of traffic and boost your search engine ranking.

    Jyoti Chauhan