5 Best Free Online Image Size Compression Tool

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Here 5 Best Free Online Image Size Compression Tool for reducing the image size. Before that why we need to think about compressing or reducing the image. In our previous post, we had mentioned how important the images for the website. To be specific, Images in the website are used to describe the concept and also make the concept clear to the visitors and understand it in a simple way. Also, it is useful for improving the SEO too. However, on the other side, more images in the site page extends the loading time which is definitely not good for improving the traffic. The two common file formats used are jpeg and png. The png format which provides the best quality image compared to png.

Hence, in this post I am going to suggest you to add more images in your site by compressing the images with the use of tools. It will not affect the loading time too. It can be done using  these 5 Best Free Online Image Size Compression Tool.


Once you upload the image in your blog, you can change the image size as a thumbnail, medium or full size. However, it will not optimize the image size on your site.

Hence use any one of the 5 Best Free Online Image Size Compression Tool to execute this process.


Don’t confuse. It is not an Online Image Size Compressor Tool. It is the software as everyone knows. This software is also useful to compress the image in a very simple way. Many of you may not be aware of this process using photoshop. Hence, I am going to describe this method now.
We used to edit the image or create the feature image using photoshop and save it using ctr+shift+s and in png format as shown in the image below.


We can see the size of the image as shown in the image below.

Now to compress the image size, instead of saving the image with the keys ctrl+shift+s, use ctr+shift+alt+s. We get a window as shown in the image below.


There we can save the image in any of the four formats as shown below.


Comparing all the four format, I suggest you to save it using “png-8” which provides a quality as well as reduced size as shown in the figure below.


Now we get the size of the compressed image as shown in the image below.


Compare it with the size of the image which I mentioned in the previous image.
Thus, the image is compressed.

5 Best Free Online Image Size Compression Tool


Five-Online-Photo-Compression-Sites-For-Blog- 5

It is the best Online Image Size Compression Tool. It uses smart lossy compression techniques so as to reduce the file size of your “PNG FILES”. It selectively decreases the number of colors in the image. Hence, it requires only a few bytes to store the image. We cannot find any difference in compressed and original image in the quality. However, we can see the difference in the image size. It is the best among all the 5 Best Free Online Image Size Compression Tool in my list.



It is a powerful and free online tool for reducing the size of the image or photos. It results in a high-quality image with no difference in quality. It is used to compress the file size effectively. It supports four types of file format. PNG, JPEG, GIF, SVG. Of course, with the use of this tool, we can perform high compression. It performs compression in two types



This online tool uses the combo of best optimization and lossy compression algorithm to shrink the JPEG and PNG images to the most reduced size and also maintaining the level of quality. Another important thing is, we can perform this process with a minimal time that is we can compress 20 images at a time. Also, we can upload pdf file here.

Web Interface- File Uploader

5-Best-Online-Free-Image-Size-Compression-Sites 2

The online tool comes with pro and premium tool. There are numerous features available with this online tool. The main advantage is we can choose what kind of compression we need here, what is the size we need, resize the image with this tool by uploading the image or pasting the URL. Thus, it provides a great way to compress the image.


5-Best-Online-Free-Image-Size-Compression-Sites-01 1

Finally, in this post, “5 Best Free Online Image Size Compression Tool”, I am going to include “PunyPNG”. This is the best and effective tool for designer and developer as Online Image Size Compression Tool. If you go with the paid version, we can perform Lossy PNG optimization, batch download of images. We can upload 20 files with the size capacity of 500 KB each. It supports PNG, JPG, and GIF image format.

Hence, I suggest you to use any of these 5 Best Free Online Image Size Compression Tool for your blog or post. Is there any other effective tool for compressing the image size other than the sites mentioned in my post “5 Best Free Online Image Size Compression Tool”? Please share your knowledge in our comment section.
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