5 Best Free Pagination Plugin For Your Website

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In this article “5 Best Free Pagination Plugin For Your Website“, we would like to list five best plugins for pagination. Pagination is a very common feature in a lot of WordPress blogs. In fact, it is important for many website owners also. It makes simple to load all the post at once. It is a built-in feature in many themes. But many of the themes does not have Pagination. However, we can easily customize it in an easy way.

Where To Find Pagination

WordPress has the Pagination feature. To set up the pagination, Login to WordPress admin -> Setting -> Reading. Here we can set the basic format of the post. “Front Page Displays” option here will be set as your latest post which is the default option or a static page. In both options, pagination will be required which lists our posts.

Reading Settings In The WordPress Admin

Showing the post is more important which gets more attraction in the blog. We can add an integer to specify how many posts should be shown in each page. Once Pagination is added to the page, all the post which is above will be shown in the subsequent pages. You can also change the number of posts to be shown in the page.

Note: Only admin can do this changes.

Here we list the best pagination plugin in this article “5 Best Free Pagination Plugin For Your Website”.

Pagination by BestWebSoft

5 useful pagination plugins for WordPress 4

It is the best plugin which can be installed in WordPress to use Pagination. This Pagination plugin can be used to create and include a custom pagination block to your site. This block is automatically added in the following pages like a blog, search, category, tags, author. We can customize the position of this block and configure its appearance on the setting page.


It has many features which include
We can fit the pagination block on the theme.
With this Plugin, we can display custom pagination block for the selected post.
Customizing this pagination block is very simple.

Download Pagination by BestWebSoft plugin

SB Paginate

5 useful pagination plugins for WordPress 3

This plugin is useful to set the navigation for the WordPress site. The pagination plugin “SB Paginate” allows you to set up the navigation with the support to default query as well as custom navigation query in the website.


It has many features which include
Very simple to set up pagination in the website.
Display the navigation in the website.
It requires SB core plugin to set up

Download SB Paginate plugin

Alphabetic Pagination

5 Best Free WordPress Pagination Plugins 2

Many of us like to use alphabets instead of numbers. This plugin helps you to add and customize the alphabet pagination in your site. It is the great plugin to filter the posts/pages and also the WooCommerce products with alphabets.


It is very simple to use and understand.
We can set the pagination with the alphabets.

Download Alphabetic Pagination plugin


Finally in this article “5 Best Free Pagination Plugin For Your Website”, I wish to mention about WP-Paginate. It is very simple and very flexible plugin for pagination. Other than all plugins, it is comparatively best for SEO. It is used to increase the user experience f your visitors.


It provides links to the content which is used to increase the SEO of the site.
It is useful to use this plugin for its ease of use, flexibility.

Download WP-Paginate plugin

Page-Links Plus

How to Add Effective WordPress Pagination using Plugins 5

Finally, in this article, I am going to mention about the Page-Links Plus plugin. This is used to add and customize the pagination in your website. This plugin is used without any effort. It is simple to install the plugin and customize it.

Download Page-Links Plus plugin

Hope this article “5 Best Free Pagination Plugin For Your Website” is useful to add the pagination in your website. Thanks for visiting our site. Follow us on twitter.

Is there any other effective plugin for adding the pagination? Please share your knowledge in the comment section below this article “5 Best Free Pagination Plugin For Your Website”.

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