5 Ways To Reduce Bounce Rate and Improve Conversion Rates

Written by Sathish Arumugam

In this post, we are going to see the ways to reduce Bounce rate and optimize the conversion rate.

Ways To Reduce Bounce Rate

What is Bounce Rate?

Before seeing the ways to reduce bounce rate, we see what is bounce rate. A low bouncing rate is a sign of Good Blog and when you work hard to increase your site’s search performance, one of the things you should do is to reduce a high bounce rate. In other words, you are not attracting the right people to your pages. When a user visits your site on any page and leaves without visiting other pages on the same domain is a Bounce. So, make it simple and effective by including the relevant things there and neglecting the unnecessary part. Moreover, you can use features like Facebook Like button and Like box on your homepage to bring more visitors to your website.

Finding your bounce rate?

First you have to analyze your bounce rate, after that you can reduce it. The basic analytics report will give you an overall bounce rate with options to find out the bounce rates for individual pages. Using Google Analytics, you can find this by options like Content > Site Content > Pages.

Once you found your bounce rate then you know why visitors are not sticking around in the first place. Analytics that figure out bounce rate, the traffic sources for your most popular pages, and a detailed page level report will help you to identify your highest traffic pages. Also the worst offenders, when to comes to the bounce rates. Here, by this article you can know the simple ways to “Reduce Bounce Rate” and improve conversions for your blog.

Presenting Your Blog With Fresh And Right Content

While start writing a content, you should always use some Fresh with the right content that will always yield the best ROI and return what you measure it. Presenting different & powerful content will attract the readers and the powerful content will make readers “Wow” but at the same time it also gives them actionable tips to implement and produce results for them. Moreover, before Google added mobile responsiveness as a ranking factor the mobile bounce rate was about 60% overall. But now that sites are displaying on Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The bounce rate reducing will be improved. Adding fresh content, you are gradually building momentum and establishing trust among the readers. Remember that they will also remember every action step you take and the words you use so that they will trust you.

For High-Traffic Target Keywords

Keywords are the most important thing that can make or break your content marketing campaign and if you like to improve search performance then start targeting high-value keywords that help to create high-traffic value. The 97% of Google’s revenue is from advertising. The bulk of their revenue comes only from targeting expensive Keywords. Simply writing content for your blog will not adequately reduce your bounce rate or improve conversions, you should also target on keywords with high-traffic so that it send high- value customers to you. High-value keywords not only improve your traffic, engagement, and conversation rate they also enhance your authority and online reputation.

Speed Up Your Page Load Time

The important is Speed of your page, the page loading time should be fast because the customers will not stay more than 3 seconds, they will just move on to your competitor’s site. If your landing page is slow the higher your bounce rate will be and the Google is also concerned about site speed then you can slip in rankings if your site is consistently loaded slowly. That a slow site can destroy your business and discourage potential customers from buying from you. So be aware of faster loading pages, it usually sees a higher conversion rate.
A site speed is critical and you should take all possible steps to make yours faster.

Use Top Deals, Discounts & Limited Time Offers

Use some strategies like top deals, discounts, and limited offers. The urgency card will get the visitors hooked. The one way to engage visitors on the homepage is by displaying your best deals and discounts in the banner itself, then you can see how eBags prominently displays its limited time offer in the top banner. It helps to bring the audience to purchase so that it helps to increase traffic to your site.

Provide Live Chat Help

The customer support is one of the most aspects, that really works an exhaustive help section will resolve a lot of customer queries. Having 24-hour Live chat feature is even a bigger boost and if the visitors get stuck at places you did not take into account or they might have questions you never thought existed. Installing a Live Chat widget can go a long way in taking care of bounce, a well-trained customer executive not only resolves the query of the prospect but engages them till they get convinced about making the purchase. So, providing good and attractive support will always keep engaging customers on your site.

Final Word

In this article “5 Ways To Reduce Bounce Rate and Improve Conversion Rates”, I have explained you a several ways to Reduce Bounce Rate. By reading this article, you can find some helpful information about it. Did you find these 5 ways are good and useful for reducing your bounce rate? If so, share your experience by posting your comments in a comment box. Also, you can Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for sharing about it.

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