7 Reasons Why Newbie Bloggers Fail In Blogging

7 Reasons Why Newbie Bloggers Fail In Blogging. Starting a blog is very simple as to describe in words. Definitely no one could feel tough to start with the blog. The main reason for an enormous increase of newbie bloggers are, they get many free and paid blogging platform which includes WordPress, Blogspot, Hubpages, Webs, Joomla, Tumblr and lot more. These CMS provides an easy way to start the blog.

However, starting a blog is so simple, but cope up with the blog and taking it to the next level is of course not simple. So, they quit blogging so early.

Here I gonna list the well-defined statements why newbies end with blogging so early. Well, you could have seen many points in all posts related to this topic. Still I am going to add some more points which I realized at early stage of my blogging in the more understandable form.

Giving Up Soon

When starting a blog, people find easy and stress-free to work with it. But after few days they would think there is no promotion in their work and probably they give up blogging. Not only promotion but also they lose their interest in blogging. If there is a lack of interest in their work, they couldn’t get traffic to their site and earnings too.

What should be done?

Avoid expecting anything from blogging. Since blogging cannot be done with such expectations. Never give up blogging.

Lack Of Research

Blogging is a sea. There are a lot more to express in blog post or content. But the words and the statements which we going to include in the content should be meaningful. That is, it should be correct. We cannot write something blindly. There is also a risk if visitors find wrong in our content and question us back. This will, of course, create a negative view on your blog.

What to do?

Do a lot of research of the topic and be focussed on your topic. Research a lot for future content and be updated.

Lack Of Writing Skills

People think blogging is the work of writers. They also set their mind like blogging is writing the content daily and not to pay attention to the writing skills. Writing an article is nothing but expressing your thoughts. It is not reading a sentence and changing the sentence in your article. If you do like this, it may lead to change the meaning of the sentence too.

How to enhance writing skills?

Frame the sentence on your own. Integrate your writing skills with your thoughts which come out with a quality content.

Lack Of Proper Guidance

Beginning of blogging, every person will think that surviving in blogging is very easy that they can do it by their own. But actually they cannot. In case, if something went wrong or they couldn’t get any idea regarding the misconception or error, they probably quit blogging. Surfing in net to get an idea for avoiding errors is a good way. But still there is a chance of misunderstanding. Hence, newbies fail in blogging with improper guidance.

What to do?

Get ideas from experienced blogger, Guru, Friend, Virtual guides.

Lack Of Time

To produce a quality content, it takes much time to prepare it. For a beginner or newbie, of course, they take twice the time to come out with a unique and original content. However at the starting stage they put a lot of efforts to produce a good content. As time goes they will not be patience in producing a good quality content.

What to do?

Manage time for preparing the content. Also, don’t be too delay to produce the content. Be dedicated to the work.

Copying Others Content

Previously we discussed writing skills strategies. Some of us would thing, instead of writing own, we can simply copyright others content.
Yeah, it is simple and also no worth. Because Google is very smarter than you. If you copyright the content in your article, Google makes your site visibility at the bottom and never brings your site at the top. So that reflects, there is no use of your blog.

What can be done?

Write a unique content. Never copy any content or even a sentence from the other site.

Choose Right Topic

Before noticing all the above points, consider this as the important part in your blogging. Choosing the right topic is very important in writing an article. Just think, will visitors accept your blog if you post an article with old issues and factors? Definitely not. It doesn’t reach to the people. Also, it makes you end with blogging. The post which tapped with niche topic and quotes are always indexed.

How to choose?

Before starting with the topic, make sure you know about the current issues and facts about the topic. Of course choose the topic which you have loads of interest.

These are the reasons why newbie bloggers quit with blogging so early. Make clear with these points before starting with your blog, so that you can have an everlasting relationship with blogging.

Hope this article is useful for beginners/newbies to improve their blogging. Follow us on Facebook. Share your knowledge with us in the comment box.

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