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About Traffic Crow

Traffic Crow is a blazing blog that deals with SEO, Blogging, Digital Marketing, WordPress and more. It also uncovers more strategies and techniques for your brand betterments.

Traffic Crow frequently comes with stunning blogs post to reveal secret ideas about technical SEO, keyword research, SERP ranking, link building and furthermore.

You can also run through my honest reviews on some trustworthy products/services that are vital for any SEO’s and bloggers. I am sure that any beginner or new bloggers will find the kinds of stuff shared here helpful to empower their online career. Frequently, I used to interview experts in the blogosphere and publish it on Traffic Crow. The aim is to gather more realistic ideas and workflows that the experts would come across to reach such heights.

Ideally, you must follow this blog if you –

  • Want to crack trending SEO strategies and blogging tricks
  • Grow your blog that inspiring many young bloggers
  • Drive unconditional organic traffic to your site
  • Outrank your business competitions with quick efforts
  • Learn from experts and case studies for proven results

As Featured On

Happy to see your interest to know about my online presence. Let me share you a few but not all sites that I have featured on. With this, you will understand that I am somehow capable to interact with the blogging community and good at building relationships.

And, these mentions are to and thank and value their considerations in featuring me on their blogs. To show my gratitude 🙂 .

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Expert RoundUps 

I am glad to share roundup posts where my ideas and insights are shared, so far. Being a one among the crowd of expert bloggers, SEO’s and digital marketers is always a breeze.


I must thank the webmasters who interviewed me giving an opportunity to share my blogging experience to the people and honored me.

On Other Media

Here is a listing about our sister-concern SGS Mediasoft on an e-paper about the ECommerce training.

Areas of Expertise

Since being in the industry for around 10 years, I could empower my skills and strategies to match up with the industry standards. With the knowledge gained, experiments carried out, failures faced, and lessons learned, below are our areas of expertise.

  • Blogging
  • SEO Services
  • SEO & Digital Marketing Training
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Founder of Traffic Crow

It’s me, Sathish Arumugam – the founder of this dazzling blog Traffic Crow, SGS Mediasoft, and few other niche blogs. I am an enthusiastic but silent blogger, outreach marketer, web designer, and a professional trainer.

Though I am from a mechanical background – Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Sankara Polytechnic College, I still crafted my passion for SEO and blogging.

I have been in the website designing, SEO and blogging field, since 2008. Started my preliminary web design training with Solomon Software, and then slowly got into SEO and blogging.

With the inspiration I have got through some proficient blogs and then my interest to share my ideas with the seekers, I started Traffic Crow. Through which, I deliver valuable tips and strategies to uncover the entire SEO, blogging, WordPress and online marketing arsenal.


Here are the certifications that add more credit to my profession. And also which I owe to share with you gladly.

Google Inc | Microsoft Bing Ad | HubSpot Academy | HP Life


It’s my pleasure to hear such good words from Erika Mohssen, the founder of erikamohssen-beyk.com. Click here for more appreciations from co-bloggers.

Are You Not Convinced?

Still, you doubt? Here are the samples and proofs to trust how this blog can assist you on all the above. Every keynote we discuss through this blog has proven stories. We build strategies based on the case studies. Traffic Crow can help you educating from the success lines of attacks.

Traffic Crow has got 1.5 lakh page views in a year. Ranks for few thousand keywords to drive such massive organic traffic. Here is the analytics.

Page views - Google Analytics

With this, I hope you can believe me that I know something about SEO, blogging, digital marketing and so on. You will, as following this information repository. Share and spread, if you like any piece of content in this blog.

Get In Touch

For personal inquiries, contact Sathish @ SGS Mediasoft & LinkedIn

For queries or clarifications about the blog posts published on Traffic Crow blog or SEO and blogging trends, reach out Traffic Crow @ hello@sgsmediasoft.com

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23 thoughts on “About – Sathish, Coimbatore Blogger – India”

  1. Hello Sathish,

    Good to know about you! You are doing a great job 🙂

    Your dreams and plans are awesome. It is really good that you are respecting your family members a lot.

    Hard work will pay off, keep going!

  2. Hello Sathish,

    It’s good to know about your journey. Good to know that you got the support of family members in this journey. When i started, my family members trusted me and helped me to start a new blog.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us.

    Happy Blogging!

  3. My dear Friend, your life journey story,hard work, family support, doggedness, passion, pursuit of purpose is incredibly awesome. Keep working hard and you will achieve unprecedented success.

  4. Hi Sathish,
    I love your story and what you tell about your family, especially your grandpa.
    It seems you have the right stamina and ambition to complete what you want.
    Great to know you could cure your sinus problems with yoga another prove that
    you are able to do research, learn, and take action. I am sure you will get to your dream.
    Keep your ambition. keep moving. All the best wishes for you.
    To your success

  5. Hi Sathish,

    I am grateful to sharing my words with you sir!. I am impressed from your story. and I also read three posts what you write about blogging tips and there subjects. nice to read sir.

    Thank you

  6. Hi Sathish,
    Nice to read the whole story of you. I hope that 2017 will bring lot more success for you and fulfill your target of creating 50 niche blogs.

  7. Hi Satish,

    You’ve some impressive stats there, and I hope you keep growing.

    And just for the records, we share the same birth date :p I’ll be here to wish you.

    Best regards,

    Shafi Khan.

  8. Dear Sathish Arumugam

    Nice profile. An excellent example of entrepreneurship offered in nut shell .Best wishes to you for more and more success .
    When people at your age leave our country in search of green pastures, you train young mind in our country and help them realize their dream .
    Really proud of you sir .

    Anand L.

  9. It doesn’t matter where you are from.. it only matters that what you have achieve… You are a true inspiration and you have great miles to go.. Feel so good by reading your story..

  10. Hello Sathish,
    I love your Blogging style,
    After read your blog post and About you I am commenting on your about us,
    Keep Helping us b provide such a great Information
    Thanks for sharing your Details

  11. After going through your post your inspirations has greatly inspired me as well and i really liked your dream plan. Thanks for sharing i’ll definitely bookmark it.

  12. You are doing a great job. I read some of your articles and I landed to the about us page. Very Impressive. Keep writing and posting great pieces of stuff.

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