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Sathish-ArumugamFirst I would like to thank you for visiting my page. It is my immense pleasure to share some words about me to you.

My name is Sathish Arumugam, and my other names are Sathishkumar, SGS Sathish & Sathis. I am the owner and founder of Traffic Crow. I am in India, and my native is Coimbatore, which is in Tamilnadu. My current age is 24 (08-02-1992). I came into this field at the age of 16. I fixed blogging as my career, and I am working it in a full-time process. And I am also a digital marketer, web designer, affiliate marketer, blogger and internet entrepreneur.

My Blogging Journey

I came into this field at the age of 16, but the result I got in this work is full of loss at that initial stage. So I joined a Web design training institute (Solomon Software) to flourish my career. With the help of this institute and best trainers I learned many new things and started my web design company, i.e., SGS Mediasoft. I started my SGS Mediasoft on 08-02-2010. The reason for choosing that particular date is to match with my birthday!! Then I have a started my business with the help of one small office in Coimbatore. While doing web designs, various questions may rise in myself about ideas and tricks. To overcome this crisis, I started to learn new things in SEO then I got an idea to initiate the SEO services. At the initial stage I focussed only on various local markets then by reading various blogs, I started my Traffic Crow.

Education Life – School & College Life

6th To SSLC

I completed schooling in Corporation Boys Higher Secondary School, Siddhapudur – Coimbatore from 6th – 10th.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

I studied in Sankara Polytechnic College (2007 – 2010) batch which is in Coimbatore. While I was young, I am very much interested in being a mechanical engineer in one MNC but now I am here in this field. But I’ll surely start one business which relates to mechanical in future because it is one my big dream.

Diploma in Naturopathy and Yogic Science

The main reason for completing this course is only due to my health issues. From my small age, I am suffering from sinus problems. Even though I have insisted various medicines and treatments, there were no results in any case. And on my final year of my college I suffered a lot due to this sinus problem. Then I started to do research on various blogs, forums, and different sites. And finally, I came to know that YOGA is one of the best remedies to cure sinus. Then I joined Yoga class. Within few months I felt some improvements. So I planned to have a detailed study and done a diploma course. Now I am fully recovered from this sinus problem.

About My Blog

I started my Traffic Crow blog on 2013 (11.12.2013). There are two reasons behind the choosing of this date. First, my sister’s marriage so, I registered this domain name on this date. And secondly, Superstar rajinikanth’s Birthday. There are various interesting reasons for choosing this blogging career now I’ll share some of it. To have clear answers and ideas for my doubts I use to learn many blogs. On those cases, I have seen various blogs got updated with new information which helps me a lot on the various basis. And this impressed me a lot and makes me think about starting a new blog. So I figured to help the newbie who searches new information through the internet, and I started Traffic Crow. Then I began to learn many blogs to give correct, useful information.

For example: If I choose one product, I will have a complete study on it, and started to use such product on my own then I will share my experience on the tutorial in my every updating. This helps to be trustworthy among various blog readers.

My Early Life History

Before 8 years, my family was destitute. And about my lovely family is Me (Sathish), My dad (Arumugam), My mom (Vijaya Lakshmi), My elder sister (Sudha), My brother-in-law (Rajasekaran). Since I was from a poor background, I know the worth of every single money. While I was in my 9th standard, I used to earn money by supplying newspapers to various houses. Then I’ll get ready and go to school. And also in evening time I used to buy the mobile panel, pouch, and other mobile accessories in the whole sale and sell it to various retail shops.

And in my 10th examination holidays, I went to work in a printing press for three months. Then after joining the Diploma, I started my printing work in my home in the name of Vijaya Printers. My parents support me a lot, and I taught my father about the work and we started our full-time job and earned good earnings with the help of it. Then I planned to do designing, and I have spent various costs on learning, but all became a waste of costs. Then I gave up everything, and I have joined one private company after the completion of my diploma for the salary of Rs. 3250.

Then finally, I planned to get back the money which I lost online by working in the same field. So I learned web design by spending 11-15 hours daily. Then I got some local orders. After that, I learned a lot and started Traffic Crow. This helps me with good results. Now I am working to attain various targets!!

My Current Works:

With my great effort of 2 years, I learned many things. But some of that became a failure, but the real fact is I am upgrading my knowledge. So now I am executing various processes which I have learned.

Currently, I am working to attain good branding on my Traffic Crow. This helping me to get some good decent earnings. Till now I have 10 niche blogs. With the support of these, I am learning a lot!!

My Dream Plan

I have planned a lot to achieve in this year. Every day I am working hard and praying my God to achieve my targets in a right manner. My dream plan is to bring new updates on Traffic Crow blogging, to bring all solutions in my traffic Crow which relates to WordPress, have to bring big portal on digital marketing and to become one of the top 10 bloggers.

And I am very much interested in developing a plugin so after achieving in WordPress, I will launch one WordPress plugin. Now I am having ten niche blogs this has to be increased to 50 within the next year. So this is my goal which has to be achieved before 2017. I hope I will do it so let’s see!!

Be Connect With My Blog & Me

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My Favourite Persons & Inspirations

I love Steve Jobs!! I use to learn various books about him. Then I like Oscar award winner (Indian Music director) AR Rahman & Director Shankar. I am a very big fan of these two legends from last 11 years.

ThataFinally, my lovely special person

It is none other than my Grandpa. His name is R.S. Govindaraj (Love you thata ), and now he is no more. He is my great inspiration and well-wisher. Without his incredible support, I won’t be in this position because he used to motivate me with new creative ideas. I love him, and I am missing him a lot. I hope his blessing is the only way of my success.

My Interview Series

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Few Galleries

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Best Regards,
Sathish Arumugam

Last Updated – 8.7.2016

18 thoughts on “About – Sathish, Coimbatore Blogger – India

  1. Hello Sathish,

    Good to know about you! You are doing a great job 🙂

    Your dreams and plans are awesome. It is really good that you are respecting your family members a lot.

    Hard work will pay off, keep going!

  2. Hello Sathish,

    It’s good to know about your journey. Good to know that you got the support of family members in this journey. When i started, my family members trusted me and helped me to start a new blog.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us.

    Happy Blogging!

  3. My dear Friend, your life journey story,hard work, family support, doggedness, passion, pursuit of purpose is incredibly awesome. Keep working hard and you will achieve unprecedented success.

  4. Hi Sathish,
    I love your story and what you tell about your family, especially your grandpa.
    It seems you have the right stamina and ambition to complete what you want.
    Great to know you could cure your sinus problems with yoga another prove that
    you are able to do research, learn, and take action. I am sure you will get to your dream.
    Keep your ambition. keep moving. All the best wishes for you.
    To your success

  5. Hi Sathish,

    I am grateful to sharing my words with you sir!. I am impressed from your story. and I also read three posts what you write about blogging tips and there subjects. nice to read sir.

    Thank you

  6. Hi Sathish,
    Nice to read the whole story of you. I hope that 2017 will bring lot more success for you and fulfill your target of creating 50 niche blogs.

  7. Hi Satish,

    You’ve some impressive stats there, and I hope you keep growing.

    And just for the records, we share the same birth date :p I’ll be here to wish you.

    Best regards,

    Shafi Khan.

  8. Dear Sathish Arumugam

    Nice profile. An excellent example of entrepreneurship offered in nut shell .Best wishes to you for more and more success .
    When people at your age leave our country in search of green pastures, you train young mind in our country and help them realize their dream .
    Really proud of you sir .

    Anand L.

  9. Hello Sathish,
    I love your Blogging style,
    After read your blog post and About you I am commenting on your about us,
    Keep Helping us b provide such a great Information
    Thanks for sharing your Details

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