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Best Backlink Checker Tools {2021} – Monitoring Links Made Easy!

Despite what you might’ve heard, backlinks are still one of the easiest ever ways out there to attract & grow your sites’ audiences. But alas, like everything else, here too quality trumps quantity. The better the backlinks, the more effective it’ll be – But here’s a question: how to find the best backlinks for you? Or better yet, how to kill bad links from your site? Well, this is exactly where the need for the best backlink checker tools comes in…

With the best free backlink checker tools, you can not only asses/control the quality of your website’s backlinks, but can also help you build new ones as they, in real-time, can help you dig-up great b-links from your rivals.

In today’s chapter, we are going to explore more about five of the best backlink checker tools today that can help you build and maintain great backlinks in an instant –discussing their features, qualities, pros, cons, etc…

Let’s dive in;

Best Backlink Checker Tools – What Are They?

For those who don’t know, backlinks are any link that directs users from one website/webpage/online directory to another, or in this case, your website. They are a bit like votes for your site. The more high-quality great backlinks you have, the higher your site is likely to be ranked in the SERP’s.

The better you rank in SERPs, the more traffic your site will experience. The better the traffic, the more the profit – it’s as simple as that.

Best Backlink Checking Tools – Here’s How They Help!

Putting it simply, what the best backlink check tool does is that it crawls your site for great backlinks, helps to maintain the good ones, eliminate the rest, and build newer backlinks to maximize your sites attraction rates.

The better the attraction rates, the more the traffic. And of course, we all know where that typically leads to the right?

Besides, backlinks (and hence, backlink checkers) also has a significant role to play in modern outreach campaigns, advertising, etc…

The benefits go on…

Best Free Backlink Checker Tools – The Top 5 Tools To Optimize Your Backlinks Today!

Of course, there are plenty of ways to get great backlinks. But the process itself often always starts with using the best backlink checker tools to check the existing backlinks in your site – that’s unavoidable, literally!

To that end, here’s a brief look at five of the best seo tools for backlink analysis that offers the best bang for the bucks;

1) SEMRush

Marketed as the “All-in-one” SEO tool, SEMrush claims to have the best tool for checking backlinks in the market today – and hey, considering how popular they are, that’s a claim we’ve no trouble believing in!

For starters, the interface is pretty intuitive. In fact, there is a dedicated tab named “backlink analytics” right on the dashboard itself. Just tap on it, type in the domain you want to investigate & voila! You will instantly get a quick report detailing tons of information’s about the domain in question and its backlinks. Using SEMrush, you can find what links your site has, their quality, health, and of course, performance levels. It can also show how many total links a page linking to you currently has, and their qualities.

As far as competitor backlinks go, you can use SEMrush to spy which high-authority sites are linking to them, their ranking keywords, etc… Plus, they’ll also give you a list of best websites to target when building your own b-links.

SEMRush Pro 14 Day Free Trial For Link Analysis

It is always critical to strengthening your link profile evaluating each link and referring domain that points to and from your site. With no proper backlink audit and analysis tool in place, you can’t succeed. So, I suggest you give a try to the SEMRush backlink tool using its 14-day free trial. Here are the simple steps to access SEMRush Pro plan features.

Step-1: Click on this special link to head over to our co-branding page and activate the SEMrush Pro free trial for 14 days.

SEMRush partner page

Step-2: In the next window, sign-up a free SEMRush account. If you already have an account, login here.

SEMRush Pro 14 day trial

Step-3: In the check-out summary, you can see the charges displayed as zero since the SEMRush free trial promo code is applied automatically. Enter the required details and check-out.

That’s it. Now, you have got complete access to SEMRush Pro plan features to audit your link profile, spy competitor’s backlinks, prospect more link opportunities, disavow bad backlinks, etc. more strategically.

By the way, anytime you can cancel this free trial within 14 days contacting team via No charges applicable. I’m sure, you will love to continue using the SEMRush backlink tool like how I do use it for years.


  • powerful competitor tracking qualities
  • Great backlink analysis and tracking capabilities with clean and concise reporting
  • Toxic link removal support
  • Well defined outreach/campaigning qualities
  • Free trial available


  • a wee bit on the pricier side

User opinion

A nice tool that every SEO’er should have, I loved how fast SEMrush was able to solve all my backlink worries. So good!

#2 SEO PowerSuite

Another “All-in-one” SEO solution, SEO PowerSuite, has all the tools you’d ever need to get your SEO games in order in an instant. Chief amongst them, we have SpyGlass – one of the Best Backlink Checking Tools we’ve ever seen!

With visually appealing analytics, the “SpyGlass” feature – true to its name – is a rather comprehensive way to “stalk” your competitor’s links. With it, you can compare up to 5 of your rival’s links in a neat, side-by-side manner. There is also a link-auditing feature, which can help you eliminate bad, toxic links & optimize your site.

Plus, both Google Search Console and analytics are deeply integrated here, too, ensuring that you’ll get accurate reporting on everything from, the number of backlinks, top anchor texts, growth stats, their health levels, etc… everything you need to device a winning B-link strategy, today.

Lastly, we have LinkAssistant – a powerful link building tool that’s built into SEO PowerSuite that can search for links, asses their quality, future prospects, execute and manage them from a single dashboard – neat, right?!


  • Intuitive UI with easy visual reporting
  • Powerful backlink auditing with multiple sources, metrics, and prospective reports (one of the best, period!)
  • Deep integration with Google’s analytical ecosystem
  • Inbuilt LinkAssistant link building tool
  • Social media linking


  • Installation is required (not a cloud-based client like others)

User opinion

I love SEO PowerSuite. My favorite is the link auditing & building setups. They helped increase my traffic so quickly.

3) Serpstat

At just $69 a month, SERPstat does almost everything right as a complete SEO solution. In particular, its inbuilt backlink and competitor analysis is crazy good, which are presented in a cleaner, actionable way& easy UI.

Website analysis is at the heart of Serpstat. Just type in your, or your rivals URL’s and SERPstat will summarize everything there is to know about that domain, including their strategies, best-performing keywords & links, their history, etc… with backlink analysis too, much is the same. At a glance, find a list of all the links pointing to your site.

And whether you have not gained or lost backlinks in the last week or so. And hey, if that’s not impressive enough, Serpstat can also see which domains and unique URL’s are referring to your site, as well as all about the anchor texts being commonly used by you.

As one of the best tools for backlinks Checker& building, SERPstat can further help you capitalize on your competitor’s lost referrals in real-time, giving you a great chance to establish your b-links in what was your rivals turf.


  • Flawless user interface
  • Complete backlink analysis with historical data and plenty of other real-time metrics
  • Competitor analysis by URL feature
  • Multi-domain comparison (up to 3 competitors at once)
  • affordable


  • Doesn’t draw in data from social media
  • As good as it is, the site audit tool isn’t as particularly impressive

User opinion

As a long time SERPstat user, gotta say, it’s amazing. I enjoy using the keyword and backlink tracker a lot. Go for it – you’ll love it!

4) Ahrefs

Sure, it skips a bit on the niceties, and at $82, this isn’t the most affordable Best Toxic Backlink Checker Tool either. But hey, if you want a solid SEO tool with great backlink index & analysis, Ahrefs is still the best way to go.

With more than 295 billion pages & 16 trillion backlinks, Ahref’s central dashboard gives you control over everything you need to take your site to the next level, including backlink profiles, strategy details, backlinks quality, etc… For power users, Ahref’s backlink checker has a “DR” parameter, which helps to assess the quality of backlinks easily – both yours as well as your competitors. Besides, you’ll also get email alerts with Ahref whenever your rivals win/lose a backlink, giving you a chance to track their PR and link building activities and better compare them with your own, that too almost in real-time – awesome!

At the end of the day, what really made us love Ahrefs was how easy it made backlink analysis overall, thanks to the built-in “filters” that helps you to sort backlinks by their type and target them effortlessly easily.


  • Pro-grade reliability
  • Exceptional site-specific and web-wide backlink crawling capabilities
  • Solid ad-hock keyword/backlink research
  • Powerful competitor analysis with in-depth, detailed reports
  • Easy sorting


  • The interface could’ve been a lot simpler and better looking,
  • Limited SEO reporting

User opinion

I owe my SEO success to ahrefs. In fact. Its backlink checker literally saved my online business last year. So great!

5) Mangools

Formerly KW Finder, Mangools, and its impressive LinkMinor feature showed us that you don’t have to shell out big bucks in order to get the best backlink checker tools possible, let alone one with 9 trillion links under its kitty.

First, we have the link minor – a dedicated Backlink analysis tool that can, almost instantly, give you a complete overview of your competitor’s backlink strategy, even if they’ve been obscured. For every domain & page you analyze, you get complete details regarding the links quality, performance, prospects, rankings, etc. Heck, LinkMinor even makes it super easy to find the perfect links as it filters b-links based on their types like Blog, Q&A, and forum, etc… putting all their detailed information at a glance.

Finally, the biggest highlight of this tool is the ability to be able to view the web pages you are linking to in real-time, and the superb ability to run it through its Rank boosting SERPchecker from the dashboard itself.


  • Well-polished interface
  • Custom LinkMinor feature that’s fully designed to serve all your backlink needs, especially competitor analysis’
  • Powerful automatic backlink sorting features
  • Offers a vast range of metrics
  • Plenty cheap


  • No integration with google analytics or search console
  • Trial period is too limiting

User opinion

I bought Mangools a week ago, and already it’s my go-to SEO tool. Definitely worth the money you pay.

Top Good Backlink Checker Tools – FAQ

Here at spark blogging, we believe that in order to make the right decisions, it’s important to have all the right information’s as possible. To that end, here’s a quick FAQ session to better answer any queries you might have.

Let’s dive in;

1) What are the best backlink checker tools?

Put simply, a “backlink checker” is an SEO tool that helps you to track which links point to any given URL. You can also use it to see (read: spy) your competitor’s best links so you can easily replicate/adopt them.

2) Why are building backlinks so important?

In our competitive online world, backlinks matter a lot if you wish to rank high in the SERPs. It’s one of the 3 most important google ranking factors, after all. The better the rankings, the more your earnings will be.

3) Is competitor backlink analysis legal?

Yes, they are. Though it may sound shady at first, it’s perfectly legal, considering you’re only accessing information that are already public.

4) Which one of these tools is best for you?

Depending on who you are & your needs, the perfect, best backlink check tool may vary tremendously. But know this: under nearly every circumstance, the above-reviewed backlink tools can all do the job for you.

Yes, it’s just the matter of picking the right one!

5) Are these tools safe to use?

Yes, absolutely! With inbuilt, powerful firewalls and other security measures, you’ll face no trouble using these tools, ever!

Best Toxic Backlink Checker Tool – The Conclusion

With that, we have come to the end of our review on the best backlink checker tools. We hope you found it informative, especially today, considering how big backlink analysis has gotten after getting marked as a huge ranking factor.

You see, the online market is evolving. And if you want to beat the completion, let alone even survive, backlink analysis is a must these days. Thankfully, with these top five best backlink checker tools, we’ve made that process simpler – just type in the URL, and they’ll do the rest, presenting you with all the info to boost your B-link game.

Don’t forget: your rivals too, are doing these exact things. So the better you hurry, the easier it’ll be for you to beat them.

Our advice? Pick the best tool for checking backlinks and get started today,

You won’t regret it – we promise!

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