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4 Best Free Writing Software 2023 For Error-Free English Writing (Included Paid Tools & Apps Too)

When it is about the best free writing software, I would say – just use whatever you have, and you are comfortable with’. But, when you are serious about productivity, then it is essential to accompany the best writing and editing tools. In today’s article, let’s discuss some of the best writing software 2023 for all writers.

Indeed, these writing apps are not to generate automated content based on your ideas. But, those can help your content stay organized, help editing, and polish your writing.

Especially, writing books are hard. Every writer would think there has to be the best book writing software to make their job easier. However, no piece of best free writing software in this world is going to write a book for you. But, will help. Let’s see how it helps your writing.

Should You Really Need The Best Free Writing Software?

Using the best writing tools, you can write faster, and of course, error-free. You will be more focused while writing. Also, you can learn things and improve your writing skills gradually. I may be an author, but as a blogger, I am asked ‘what writing apps I use.’ Indeed, I use many of these tools regularly and others from the writer’s recommendations. So, why you need the best writing software free?

We know that MS Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, etc. are available for free for your writing purposes. In such a case, why we need so much research on choosing the best writing tools?

Nobody writes to dumb yard it. There must be a goal or purpose of writing. Only when the piece of writing is standard and up to mark, it serves its needs. Otherwise, it’s a total waste of time.

Every writer intends to write awesome content that either appeals to its readers or communicate things effectively or to build rapport and credibility or anything. If writing is your business or writing keeps your business successful, you need to optimize your productivity.

So, the best writing app you choose must be multi-purpose. It must be good to write, organize, edit, and proofread your content to make it a complete one. At the same time, you can’t spend more money on these best writing software since there are a lot of things to consider after content writing.

What Actually These Best Writing Apps 2021 Will Do?

Knowing the need and significance of using this best writing software, understand how it helps too.

Just a pen and the paper works well for famous poets and authors like William Shakespeare. It says that you should always be creative ahead of any tool in putting ideas. Tools can just help you improve it. The best writing software can make you write faster. That’s it!

Writing makes sense only if it is flawless. Generally, these writing tools can help you eliminate habitual errors, run-on mistakes, typos, punctuation issues, and so on. But, there are some professional writing software like Grammarly and ProWritingAid that digs in-depth to make your material free from advanced grammatical errors and readability issues.

Also, you must offer distinct value to your readers. But, what if there are unintentional content plagiarisms. Such gigs should not affect your credibility. So, these proofreading tools with the plagiarism check feature ensures your content originality. Similarly, there are plenty of little things these best writing tools can do for you writers.

How To Choose Your Suitable Best Writing Software 2021?

Out of several writing assistant tools, it’s quite overwhelming to choose the best writing software for writers.

Depending on your writing grade, expertise level, the purpose of writing, audience-base, and budget, choose the best free writing software. The one you select be a distraction-free writing app and seamlessly integrates with other editing and proofreading tools.

Otherwise, just choose writing that has all the ability to writing, editing, and proofreading your text altogether. You can save your time copy-pasting the content to the editors for proofreading and bringing back to your regular word processor with no loss in actual formatting.

So, here are such comprehensive best free writing software that are reviewed to help you out.

List Of Best Writing Tools 2021

Whether you are a beginner-level writer, author, or mediocre in English writing, you have writing apps that better understand your writing potential and helps accordingly. For any writers like students writing essays, PhD. scholars preparing research papers, bloggers creating articles, business preparing case studies, etc. there are wise writing tools available.

#1 Grammarly – Best Writing Software For Mac

Despite the generic writing tools like MS Word, OpenOffice, etc., let’s try to think diligently discussing more focused and mature writing apps like Grammarly. Indeed, Grammarly is the leading editing and proofreading tool for English writings. Hence, over millions of students, online publishers, authors, and professional writers trust it.

With its native desktop app for Windows and Mac, it is one of the best writing software for iOS. Indeed, it comes free to use it on Chrome browser, MS Word, Google Docs, or anywhere you write online.

Just sign-up and add free Chrome add-on to your browser to check your writings on even social media platforms. I love Grammarly for this ultimate feature. Whenever I write something, I have my tutor always available to highlight and fix my writing issues instantly. I don’t require moving it to other tools for editing.

Beyond all these, Grammarly proves its excellence in rendering custom writing solutions to its users. Setting goals before start writing any piece of content, Grammarly can offer tailor-made suggestions considering your writing style, level of formality, and audience-base.

Use its vocabulary enhancement feature to find suggested synonyms or alternative words for each word in your document. Either it is on Grammarly editor or any other web page with Grammarly browser extension installed, you can avail it.

The regular word processors would annoy you with notifications by underlying the contractions that are acceptable and necessary for informal/ interactive content. But, Grammarly allows you to choose the document type to know the difference between the academic writings, business, technical, medical, creative, and casual writing and hence suggest you accordingly.

You can also use Grammarly on Android smartphones and the iPhone. If you are looking for both the best writing software for iOS (Mac system) but also the best writing software for Android smartphones, then go Grammarly. Likewise, there are a plethora of mind-blowing features available in Grammarly.


  • Analyzes the text against 200+ grammar rules
  • Built-in dictionary to add exceptional words
  • Switch between different versions of the English language
  • Detailed insights on word usage & sentence length variations
  • Option for expert writers to flag the inappropriate suggestions
  • Advanced plagiarism checking features (runs through 16 billion web pages)
  • A comprehensive tool for a spell, grammar, punctuation & writing style checks
  • Genre-specific writing style checks
  • Vocabulary enhancement for the usage of the right words


  • Free tool available for lifetime
  • Monthly plans available to test the tool
  • Most trusted proofreading tool for English writings
  • In-depth analysis and reports on different aspects of writing
  • Group plans available for universities and corporate


  • Not available for other languages

#2 ProWritingAid – Best Writing Software For Authors

Certainly, ProWritingAid is the closest competitor to Grammarly as a manuscript editing software with hand-coded rules. You don’t believe, it analyzes your content and gets your around 20+ different reports. No other writing or editing tools have so many reports, even Grammarly.

As the best writing software for free, you can add its add-on to the Chrome browser and start using it while writing on web pages. The tool has a neat GUI that enables you to copy-paste your text to its editor and check up to 500 words at a time (in the free version). But, upgrading to its premium plan, you can check unlimited words.

If you are an author, eBook creator, or magazine writer, then ProWritingAid comes handy not just as a writing app; but also as the style checker. Even the style issues that other editing tools fail to check; ProWritingAid spots and allows you to improve it further.

This writing app also seamlessly integrates with your regular word processors like MS Word, Scrivener, Google Docs, etc. Though you write content on other word editors and use ProWritingAid for editing, worry not. You can simply copy-paste and edit with no alterations in content formatting. It saves your time in formatting the content.

The ProWritingAid tool is available for both Windows and Mac with its individual desktop apps. Its premium plan comes with the plagiarism checking feature using which you can run 50 plagiarism checks per year. The great thing about Pro Writing Aid is, keeping student’s education in mind; it offers considerable discounts on bulk purchases for students. Also, lifetime plans available to help book writers to settle on the best writing software for writers.


  • Dominant style checker tool for professional writers
  • Manuscript editing software suitable for authors
  • 50 plagiarism checks per year
  • 20+ different reports on various writing aspects
  • Easy integration with third-party word processors
  • Available for both Mac and Windows


  • Free Chrome Add-on available
  • Trial for 14 days
  • Unlimited word counts to check
  • 14-days money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime purchase options
  • Discounts available on bulk purchases


  • May not be a perfect tool for plagiarism check

#3 Ginger Software – Best writing Software For Students

Indeed, the most competitive writing assistant tool in the market next to Grammarly. When Grammarly is tailored for the English language, the Ginger software allows you to translate your content into different languages and run the checks. Like every other grammar checker tools, this tool also corrects everything from misused words to subject-verb agreement.

Just beyond the basic spell, grammar, and punctuation checker, using Ginger software, you will get quick access to its contextual synonyms, dictionary, sentence rephraser, etc. to boost your productivity.

No other writing or editing tools have this feature – the text reader. This feature reads your written text louder to understand how it should be pronounced and how easy for the readers the words are. For non-native English speakers who struggle to learn things and improve writing skills, Ginger software helps immensely.

As always, the Ginger software is compatible with Mac Os, Windows, Chrome, Safari, and android keyword. The inspiring thing about Ginger software for students is – you can have practice sessions within the tool to test and upgrade your level of writing understanding your weak areas. So, let’s skim through its other features.


  • More than just a simple spell, grammar & punctuation checker
  • Sentence rephraser to explore ways to phrase your text
  • Dictionary to add exceptional words
  • Text reader to improve English language skills
  • Translator to communicate in 50 different languages
  • Personal trainer with more practice sessions


  • Free Chrome Add-on
  • Available for Mac
  • Android keyboard for smartphones
  • Affordable pricing slabs


  • At times, it might miss some editing mistakes in the text

#4 WhiteSmoke – Best writing Software For Windows

If you are looking for a proficient spell, grammar, and punctuation checker to make your content error-free, no more beyond that – then go for WhiteSmoke.

But, unfortunately, there is no free Chrome add-on available like in Grammarly or ProWritingAid. However, its web-based starter pack (WS Web) is compatible with almost all popular browsers and comes with a plagiarism checker option. Upgrading to its premium plans (WS Desktop), you can make the tool compatible with Mac, MS Office, Gmail, easy integration with other writing platforms, etc.

You can also avail 3-computer licenses to access your account from different devices at various places like office, and home. The WhiteSmoke tool has its own translator that enables word-to-word or full-text translation from and to 55 languages.


  • Built on National Language Processing (NLP) technology
  • Content translation to and from 55 languages
  • Mobile apps for Android & iOS
  • Native desktop apps for Windows & Mac OS
  • Plagiarism checking feature


  • Eliminates simple to complex grammatical errors
  • Rated & trusted by expert writers
  • Excellent tool for punctuation corrections
  • Compatible with all popular browsers


  • No add-ons for browsers

FAQ On Best Free Writing Software

These are some of the best free writing software to improve your content quality and writing skills. In case you have any questions upgrading to any of these paid writing tools, refer to some of the common queries answered here.

1) How effective will the best free writing apps be?
Most powerful tools like Grammarly, ProWritingAid, etc. enable you to check critical spell, grammar, and punctuation errors in its free version itself. But, if you need plagiarism checks, more advanced grammatical checks, or style checks, you have to upgrade to the premium plans.
2) What are the best premium writing tools for book writers?
I would suggest ProWritingAid for book writers since it comes with thousands of hand-coded rules to check your content. Also, it must be a great choice as a style checker.
3) Is there any best writing software for Mac Os?
Yes, you have. Almost all the tools shared here have native apps for Mac Os. Especially, Grammarly is available for various devices like iOS, iPhone/iPad, Android smartphones, etc.
4) How to test these best writing tools in real-time?
Most of the tools are available for free with limited features. And a few others offer a free trial. Just sign-up a free account and test the tool before upgrading to their premium plans.
5) What if I don’t like the premium features of the writing apps?
Some of the writing tools have a money-back guarantee for certain days. If you don’t satisfy or the tool doesn’t serve your writing needs, claim your money back.

Final Verdict

Let’s take it this way – storytellers and writers have existed since the beginning. They didn’t have any best free writing software or editing tools to help them out. But, they have created masterpieces. So, you don’t need any writing software to bring out your imaginations or voices.

The actual purpose is to make your writing job easier and faster. With the growing competitions, it becomes essential to be more productive and effective to outperform and tract the reader’s attention. So, we emphasize to rely on such AI-based algorithms for assistance. So, make sure to choose the right partner that greatly improves your writing and hence, credibility among the audience.

Support: This post contains affiliate links through which I earn a small commission against qualifying purchase, at no cost to you.

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