8 Best Part Time Jobs For Moms & High School Students

Written by Sathish Arumugam

In this article, we are going to discuss the Best Part Time Jobs for Moms and High School students. Finding the part-time job for a Mom and High School students many be difficult task. But now the technology was so powerful and we can get anything by using them.

The students are using summer holidays and many of them are working regularly at early morning or evening to earn money. Have the Best Part Time Jobs which help you earn spending money, Pay for School fees, and gain practical experience for a future career. Mom is spending their free times on part-time job to gain some amount for their family.

Balancing work with classes, homework, extracurricular activities, and just hanging out with friends can be tough. But most of the teens are able to manage part-time work along with their other responsibilities. Moms are also managing their family as well as a part-time job in a Smooth way. Before applying for any Part-time job, it is important to mention that your are not a child labor. Because some states require that minors have worked permits in order to apply for a job.

Okay, Let’s examine some popular part-time jobs for Moms and High school students with the details.

Hint: Start a Useful Blogging, Freelancing, Restaurant Service, Teaching & Instructor, Graphic/Web Designing, Start a Digital marketing, Home-Based Food Business, Event Planning.

Start a Useful Blogging

What is Blogging?

Blogging is the act of posting content on a blog or posting comments on someone else’s blog.

How do you start blogging?

  • Choose your blogging Platform
  • Choose self-host and a paid domain or get a free blog
  • Set a blog on your own domain
  • Design your blog
  • Useful resources for blogging
  • Set your blog correctly
  • Have a passion on your topic
  • Learning from others

Why is Blogging so Popular?

Blogging is very popular today because it become a popular search engine optimization(SEO) tool and it allows people to interact with each other. Search Engines like Google and Yahoo know that blog is frequently updated with content or visitor comments.

Getting Income by blogging

If you are making good income from your blogs like Adsense and advertising network keep searching & learning about it. But never consider affiliate income as stable income because affiliate marketing has some risk task.


The freelancing job is now getting very familiar among teeners and Moms. Here you can find a list of high paying Best Part Time Jobs for High school students and Moms so it is easy to choose the one among them as a Part-time or Freelancing job.

What is Freelancing Job?

In some industries, they require freelancers to do their works while in journalism or Content writing. Freelancers do their work as a part-time job to build their reputation or a relationship with a publication.

List of Freelancing Jobs?

  • Data Enter Job offline/Online
  • Newspaper Delivery Person
  • Web Designer
  • Online Teaching Job
  • Online Translation Job
  • Article Writing Job
  • Ad Clicking Job
  • Email Reading Job
  • Pool Cleaner
  • Yoga/ Fitness Trainer & More

I hope this list will be helpful to the High school students and Moms to “Earn Money” in their free time.

Restaurant Service

Restaurant Service Means?

Restaurant server jobs require no formal education. Just learn the training, job duties, and other quality customer services. Servers work in the front of business taking orders, serving food & drinks, and removing dinnerware from the table in a timely manner.

Restaurant Service Job as Part-time

Most of the High school and College students are working in a Restuarant service as a part-time employee. Because it helps to make some income to pay them Fees and for their pocket money or help to buy some materials for their education. But it will not suit or Moms to work as a Part-time. While the students should also see if this is a right career for you.

Teaching & Instructor

Online Teaching & Instructor

With online programs, stay-at-home parents can prepare for future careers, new students can work to earn to pay for their tuition. There are different levels of Online teaching Jobs are available, both high school teachers and professors are doing this in a successful way. You can earn a Good income for your Family.

Offline Teaching & Instructor

Offline teaching means you can teach for the School students or do a part-time job as Fitness/ yoga instructor. Offline teaching Job as Part-time are

  • Teaching to the school students
  • Tailoring coaching class
  • Craft Work
  • Yoga/ Fitness instructor
  • Cake making class
  • Cooking Class
  • English/ Hindi/ French Class

This type of works are very familiar and youngsters are interested in learning at their free time. This is a very successful field to earn income.

Graphic/ Web Designing

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic designing is creative based work, it is now very popular and developing industry. This work either 2D or 3D on paper or digitally it includes logos, website user interface, Sketches for fashion or industrial design, typefaces, print, animated characters, advertisements, flyers, movie credits, newspaper headlines, and designs for textiles.

What is Web Design?

Web designing is also an outcome of creativity and presenting the content or the graphics that is delivered to the end user through the world web. It stretches to incorporate every aspect of a web experience. Web design involves Logo design, user interface design, Copy writing, On-site SEO, Link-building, Social media promotion, HTML, Flash animation, Javascript and many more.

How get income in Web design/Graphic Design?

If you have technical skills in web design or graphic design you can search designing work and do it us part-time. By working part-time, you might be able to assemble a list of clients to keep you busy while you’re attending school. Plan your own schedule, earning great money for part-time work, and possibly setting up a business that continues beyond high school.

Home-Based Food Business

What is Home-based food Business?

You can do this work as part-time, it is endless and good platform to get income. Home-based foods are now welcomed by all type of peoples, in this fast-life both husband & wife are working to lead a better life. So, this will be helpful to the working people. Prepare the Food at home and providing them in your place or deliver to their office. To be a special in Home-based food service do it with different ideas like providing Healthy foods using country based foods Whole Grains and Cereals because now peoples are turning to the old style of food.

Endless Income in Food Services

Food service business is an endless one if you make it in a healthy and successful way you get endless income from it. The Moms who had a nice cooking talent can shine in their life. You can provide foods for the parties, community and corporate events. This will be a right platform, for all home-makers to earn money to their family.

Event planning

What is Event Planning?

Event planning is flexible jobs, arrange event for all students and functions.
Event organizer assume various responsibilities depending on their client’s needs, it includes event details, buying supplies, setting up the part, and other activities on the event date. If you are looking for freelance or part-time opportunities it is help to get some income.

List of Event planning:

  • Wedding & Reception
  • Party planners design
  • Community fundraising and charity events
  • Graduation
  • Coordinating vendors
  • Anniversary parties
  • Other activities on the event date

How many events Planners-Earn?

The income level of event planners can vary greatly, some may earn an inconsistent and Fluctuating income while others may earn more stable and reliable income. It depends on your Output and hard work.

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a term for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technology to reach the customers. It helps to promote brands, build preference and increase sales through various digital marketing techniques. But as digital marketing as a Part-time job you can’t simply start, you have to learn about “What is Digital Marketing?” after that you can work from home.

What are Skills needed for Digital Marketing?

  • Writing Skills
  • Basic Image Editing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Marketing]
  • Content Marketing’
  • Viral Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Visual Marketing

How can you Earn Income from Digital Marketing?

If you are digital marketing expert with demonstrable experience of working within or using digital communication social media or online marketing. Then you can earn a good income through digital marketing doing as a part-time job. It is a well-developing field at now so improve your skills and shine in a great way.

Final Words:

Teenagers and Moms have different motivations for finding a Part-time job. Some these above-listed jobs may help to get some income.
So, I hope this guide “8 Best Part Time Jobs For Moms & High School Students” is useful to you to get part-time job ideas. If you like this guide please share your feedback to us via Social Media. Follow us on Facebook and Linkedin.

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