Best ProWritingAid Alternatives

Best ProWritingAid Alternatives 2023 {#1 Is Just Awesome & Free}

Even experts writers need proofreading tools though. Remember that auto-editing tools are on hand to do so. But, those are not to eliminate your complete editing and proofreading tasks. Obviously, no software can be a better replacement for the manual brain. Likewise, do you use ProWritingAid and feel it fails to meet your writing demands, at some point? Then go for the best ProWritingAid alternatives without causing any troubles to your readers.

Your Best English Writing Assistant Tool Till Now

It is no obvious to worry about your level of English writing. ProWritingAid can be your virtual coach to guide you in improving your writing skills and style as well. It helps to edit and polish your content fixing grammatical errors, style issues, and so on. Indeed, the tool can suggest you on 1000’s of style aspects improving your text readability. The subordinate tools like Word Explorer, Thesaurus, dictionary, etc. enable you to use the choice of the right words.

Moreover, ProWritingAid not only fixes your writing mistakes but also it can give a brief justification on every issue.

Hence, you can learn from the errors to avoid it in your further write-ups. Well, ProWritingAid is ultimate in offering the best-in-class features that any English proofreading and editing software must-have. Then, why to seek for best alternatives to ProWritingAid?

Why Best ProWritingAid Alternatives?

Every English writing and editing software will have its unique features and benefits; also, the ups and downs. Likewise, ProWritingAid has its own pros and cons. Though it has incredible options to make your article perfect, it lags somewhere when comparing to its alternatives.

You can access its free browser extension on the popular browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.

Also, you can use ProWritingAid on Google Docs, Open Office, MS Outlook, Rich Text, etc. with its desktop app for Windows. There is also desktop native app is available for Mas Os too. But the hitch is; the Windows or Mac OS desktop apps are available only for premium users.

So, only browser extension available for free just to check grammar and spelling mistakes online. For more additional features, you have to go for its paid version. In that case, you will have to search for free alternatives to ProWritingAid.

Or, if you are looking for plagiarism check, or writing assistant on smartphones, or accurate proofreading close to the humans, then choose any of the best alternatives to ProWritingAid.

Every tool will be chest thumping that it’s the best. But, it’s up to any individual user looking for specific abilities based on their writing expertise. So, let me put the top alternatives to ProWritingAid. Go through and examine which writing tool must be yours.

Best ProWritingAid Alternatives 2021 – Free & Paid Included

If you are not fully satisfied with ProWritingAid features, then don’t get stuck. There are a plethora of better online English proofreading and editing tools available. If you are a beginner or budget-conscious, then choose the best free alternatives to ProWritingAid.

ProWritingAid AlternativesChrome Add-onsTypeRatingAction
Grammarly(Add to chrome)Free/Premium4.7/5Free Download
Ginger SoftwareAvailableFree/Premium3.8/5Free Download
WhiteSmokeAvailableFree/Premium4.0/5Free Download
PolishMyWritingAvailableFree3.5/5Free Download
LanguageToolAvailableFree/Premium3.3/5Free Download

#1 Grammarly – Best Ever Free/Paid ProWritingAid Alternative

The #1 alternative to ProWritingAid is AI-powered writing assistant tool. Over 15M use Grammarly across the globe. The free English proofreading tool that is familiar in multiple countries. The editing software that receives 34K+ reviews from Google Chrome Extension Store by its user using the free browser extension. It shows that Grammarly free version is itself designed to fulfill the utmost needs of the writers. Hence, I present here Grammarly as the top ProWritingAid alternative. Let’s get more in-depth to clarify how it can be a better alternative.

Reason – 1: Assistance on wherever you write online

Do you often send official emails via Gmail or MS Outlook? Or post tweets or updates on social media profiles regularly? Love to chat with your friends on Messenger, Yahoo Chat or anything? Being a professional writer, you keep writing content on Google Docs? Using Slack, JIRA kind of software or publish content on Medium often?

Anything, Grammarly can always come handy to correct your writing.

Reason – 2: Punctuation Checks for error-free writing

Not just Grammar and spelling mistakes can spoil your content quality. Also, wrong usage or not using proper punctuations can also bring down your content readability. Hence, Grammarly has ultimate punctuation check ability. It can spot more common to complex punctuation errors. It involves missing comma, wrong insertion of the comma splice, semicolon usage, apostrophe in the text, etc.,

Reason – 3: Available for All

Grammarly is available even for start-up writers for free. And, the tool offers a detailed explanation of each mistake in the article. You can read the cause for your common mistakes and understand how to fix it instantly.

Also, Grammarly suggests you multiple choices of word, synonyms to use. The vocabulary enhancement tool can improve your word usage and content writing skills gradually. Hence, Grammarly is preferable by any expert level of writers – fresher or experts.

Also, it is available for Windows, Mac, and Android. In the form of a native desktop app for Windows and Mac, chrome extension for popular browsers. And, as a Google-Indic keyword on smartphones – Android & iOS. Thus, Grammarly prevails as the best ProWritingAid alternative for Mac, Android, etc.

Also, Grammarly has individual editions for academic users and business people.

Reason – 4: Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly can check your text with billions of pages and come out with the percentage of copy content. The tool detects plagiarism and lets you know the content copied URL too. It may be intentional or unintentional; you may request webmasters to sort out. Or if your write-up seems matching with the previous articles over the web, then you can avoid content duplication.

Reason – 5: Reporting Feature

Than any other English proofreading software, Grammarly provides you clear insights about your writing. Every article that it proofreads carries a readability score (out of a hundred). Also, it can report you on the sentence length, the syllable of the word, you are using. Hence, comparing the results, you can determine how your English writing keeps improving.

Other Remarkable features that Grammarly offers –

  • Being a cloud-based software; you can use it on multiple devices
  • Spots contextual mistakes and double click on a word provides you alternate choices
  • Unique editions for academic students and business users
  • Personal Directory to include frequently using names, location, etc.
  • Upload, copy-paste or write directly on the Grammarly editor to proofread
  • Detailed explanation of each mistake in the article
  • Single-click plagiarism checks and vocabulary enhancement features

Grammarly vs ProWritingAid for Students

Comparing ProWritingAid and Grammarly for students, Chris Dew (Professor) explains his verdict that Grammarly is more accurate and easy to use. He put several of his student’s write-ups in these proofreading editors and stated that all helps improving students writing while Grammarly wins.

Grammarly produces reliable results in a quick time. When it comes to the premium versions of both, ProWritingAid would affordable if pricing is your squeeze point. However, there is no significant difference with Grammarly pricings.

ProWritingAid would spot more mistakes sometimes that may not be required to change. That might confuse beginners. But, Grammarly does its job greatly and highlights necessary improvements with explanatory suggestions. Even school or Ph.D. level students can find it easy to get started with Grammarly.

Above all, he recommends Grammarly would be one of the five best tools of student’s success starter kit.

Grammarly’s alert on ‘hard to read’ sentences, you can fix it up and make your content easy to read and more professional.

However, no English proofreading tool can tell you if your content is illogical. Those can’t even assess your content structure. It is just a program to analyze your content for writing mistakes based on its algorithm.

So, how good the programming or AI behind the tool, the results will be highly appropriate. Grammarly wins the battle. And it deserves to be a better alternative to ProWritingAid.


  • Free version for students and start-up writing
  • Friendly-tool like a tutor to improve English writing skills
  • Simple to use editor and interface
  • Choice between US and UK version of the language
  • Easy switch between its different versions of the editor
  • Quick and reliable results, polishing your content


  • You must be online to use Grammarly. No offline access
  • No customer support available via phone
  • For advanced errors fixing, you have to be its premium user

What people talk about #1 alternative to ProWritingAid

Grammarly allows me to be confident that I am putting my best towards publishing quality content with no flaws. I could maintain my dignity as a professional writer and publisher.

Note: For more details on Grammarly, you may check out this comprehensive review on Grammarly. Further, if you love to buy it, then get the discount coupon here to save some bucks.

#2 Ginger Software – Best ProWritingAid Alternatives

The Ginger software states that checking grammar has never been this easy. This tool can boost your content writing productivity with perfect editing and proofreading. It can check for the typical grammatical mistakes like subject-verb agreement, singular-plural usage, adjectives, contextual spelling, misused words, etc. Ginger software has multiple faces. One, Ginger Page is to use it on Windows desktop and iPhones, iPad, etc. Then, browser extensions are available for Google Chrome and Safari.

Ginger software cannot be used as it is on Mac OS. Anyways, Mac users can install browser extensions to proofread the content online. Let’s see how it dominates the writing arsenal as the best alternative to ProWritingAid.

Reason – 1: Personal Trainer

Not only for English writing, learning the English language has become easier with Ginger Software’s Personal Trainer. It lets you practice English with practical sessions to answer a few questions. Based on your answers and the mistakes, you can understand the weak areas of you and target those topics. It would be a better platform to learn English online.

Reason – 2: Text Reader

Ginger Software’s Text Reader module can help you in improving your spoken English. As you write, Ginger’s text-to-speech ability can read back your text in clear accent of a native speaker. Simply listening to the audio and practice yourself. Soon, you can speak English like a pro.

Reason – 3: Sentence Rephraser

I love using more idioms while writing. But, I am not actually that good at using idioms and phrases. If you are alike, then give a try with Ginger’s Sentence Rephraser. Express your ideas in a better way like a native English speaker using different variations of idioms, synonyms, etc. It helps you to enhance your writing in a single click.

Reason – 4: Real English Tutor

It can check for a wide range of spelling and grammatical mistakes of any depth. Alongside, it often publishes learning materials like grammar rules, spelling book, the phrase of the day, synonyms, and so on. Simply head over to its official website and follow those pages to develop your English fluency. Ginger Software is something beyond editing and proofreading your content.

Reason – 5: Easy Translation

Ginger Software allows you to use its Translator tool for free. You can translate your content between forty different languages. Especially, this helps you to avoid embarrassing mistakes that occur casually, while translating. Now with this incredible tool, you can put across your ideas and thoughts various set of audiences speaking any language.


  • Tool enables you to use emoji’s to convey your thoughts with more fun better
  • Word prediction feature to suggest your next appropriate word as you type
  • Great intuitive with the option to choose a customizable theme as you like
  • Unique features like text reading, sentence rephrasing, practical sessions to practice English online
  • Ginger keyboard to use it on smartphones
  • Free translator to communicate your ideas translating among 40 different languages
  • Provision to use it on popular browsers, Apple products like iPhone, iPad, etc.


  • No extension available for Mozilla Firefox
  • It does not have a native desktop app for Mac OS
  • No plagiarism checker tool

What people talk about #2 alternative to ProWritingAid

The Ginger Software –  such a fantastic tool with the large font, highlighted colors, text reader, and even more. With its incredible features, I can convince my admin panel to have this for students.

#3 WhiteSmoke – Better Alternative to ProWritingAid

When you write your web articles with spelling and grammatical mistakes, you will be losing your credibility among the readers. If an English writing assistant tool can help clear those mistakes making your content flawless, then go for it. The major features that WhiteSmoke has are simple to complex spelling and grammar check, writing style check, punctuation check, and translation.

Like other ProWritingAid alternatives, you can accompany WhiteSmoke on desktop, online, and smartphones. Like Ginger software, there is no precise tool for Mac OS. In such cases, I prefer Grammarly for Mac. However, let’s check out the other major features of WhiteSmoke that dominate ProWritingAid.

Reason – 1: Full-suite Grammar Checker

The WhiteSmoke grammar checker tool can identify any kind of grammatical mistakes and checks sentence formation too. Your write-up will get a new attribute with no spelling, grammatical or sentence structure mistakes. The check involves incomplete sentences, double negatives, dangling modifiers, sentence fragments, and so on.

Reason – 2: Translation Options

The WhiteSmoke translator works based Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) technology. It analyzes millions of translated texts to calculate translations to be true and appropriate. You can translate your whole text or even word-by-word in around 55 languages. The tool also displays usage examples for every translated word for better understanding to use it in a sentence. You can also use WhiteSmoke translator alongside any other text applications.

Reason – 3: Punctuation Checker

WhiteSmoke punctuation checker can identify and help you to fix even less-obvious punctuation mistakes. Even expert writers will be moderate in using punctuations properly. Then, get assistance from WhiteSmoke’s punctuation checker. The tool not only corrects the punctuation errors but also highlights your errors and suggests writing ideas to avoid those standard punctuation errors.

Reason – 4: Tutorials to get Hands-on

Unlike other tools, WhiteSmoke team offers more text and video tutorials to check and get through in using the software wisely. If you still struggle, then you may contact the support team via phone call. You may refer to its FAQ section to check if you find it has been already answered.

Reason – 5: Ready Text Templates

The tool has around 600 readily available text templates to make your writing easy, with no risks. You can simply choose a category of your writing topic, and get access to the relevant types of default samples. You may use it for resume preparation, business email communications, greeting card, interview thanking emails or anything.


  • Free extensions to access the tool online
  • Despite grammar and spell check, also helps to improve writing with sentence checker
  • Strategic translator with examples to know the usage of the translated words
  • Desktop app available for windows and web version for almost all popular browsers
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS smartphones
  • Built upon Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology
  • Readily available text templates like thank you letter, job application, resume preparation, etc.


  • No desktop app for Mac OS
  • Unfortunately, buggy sometimes
  • No offline access available

What people talk about #3 alternative to ProWritingAid

WhiteSmoke – obviously, every individual is communicating with others a day via email, social posts, articles, and so on. Indeed, WhiteSmoke comes handy to make our write-ups perfect all the way.

#4 PolishMyWriting – Free Alternative to ProWritingAid

PolishMyWriting is an absolute English proofreading tool (formerly known as AfterTheDeadline). I would say it as one among the best free alternatives to ProWritingAid. It is a web-based language checker tool with contextual spell checking, advanced style checking, and intelligent grammar checking. Indeed, the tool has a simple interface to copy-paste or writes down the text to check for writing mistakes.

This tool is available as a plug-in for self-hosted WordPress sites, and bbPress forums. And then, the add-on for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Open Office, etc. But, you cannot use it as desktop software for MS Word.

Reason – 1: Intuitive notifications

PolishMyWriting checks your writing and highlights the mistakes in different colors respectively. You get alternate suggestions, explanation on the error, and options to ignore the mistakes.

Reason – 2: Easy to get started

As it is a web-based version, you can simply visit its official website and start writing to check the text quality. Almost extensions are available for all platforms, like, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, WordPress sites, etc. You don’t require downloading any script to start using it.

Reason – 3: Free Alternative

It is an open source English grammar check tool. It has individual versions: web server application for personal and separate free server software for commercial needs. However, it can catch almost the most common spelling, grammatical and sentence related mistakes.

Reason – 4: Multi-lingual Tool

If you own a location-specific website or blog, then you must need a proofreading tool for your specific language. Even pro tools don’t have this capability to support multiple languages. You can use PolishMyWriting tool in multiple languages as its WordPress plug-in supports French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Reason – 5: API Integration

You can use its source code or API to integrate any of your writing tools. Also, you can come up with new versions supporting any other desired languages. If you are a technical guy, then you can download its source code and all libraries to design a tool to meet your specific writing needs.


  • Free and easy to use tool for start-up writers or students
  • Notifies mistakes in different colors to fix it easily indeed
  • Supports multiple languages like French, German, Spanish and so on
  • Available as a WordPress plug-in
  • Easy integration with your writing tools


  • Does not check plagiarism though
  • No desktop application to work MS Word
  • Does not compatible with Mac OS
  • The tool cannot differentiate between the US, UK or any other language version

What people talk about #4 alternative to ProWritingAid

PolishMyWriting – Serves in two ways to the extremes indeed. For start-up writer as a free proofreading tool and for the technical expert offering with API access.

#5 Language Tool – Best Free ProWritingAid Alternative

Language Tool is the open source of English proofreading software. You may use its web version for free heading over to its official website. It is a multi-lingual tool to check the text on more than 20 languages. The tool can check and fix a wide range of spelling and grammatical errors that other spell checkers like Word cannot spot.

Also, the free proofreading tool that comes with regular updates. The team behind this software is keener in developing additional features. Let’s check out its other features to decide how it a better alternative to ProWritingAid.

Reason – 1: Add-ons for many programs

You will find a huge list of programs that Language Tool supports with exclusive add-ons or plug-ins. It involves Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Google Docs, Libre Office, Open Office, Android, MS Word (on Windows, Mac, and Word online) and even more. Finally, don’t let your silly spelling and grammar mistakes ruin your content value wherever you write.

Reason – 2: Feature to Use it Offline

Language tool desktop version is available for download to use it offline though. The system requires Java 8 or later version. Else, the tool will be less powerful than it’s actual. Despite other ProWritingAid alternatives, Language tool enables you to check your text even you are not connected to the Internet.

Reason – 3: Affordable Pricing though

Its free version has word limitations per check though. Still, its paid versions are very much affordable even for beginners. It’s premium version is best suitable for students, authors, and freelancers. For agencies and publishers, its enterprise plan may be a good fit with API access.

Reason – 4: Integration on Webpage

You can have the Language Tool text area on your web page enabling your users to type and check their writing. Certainly, the users will find it interesting to run through a demo. Hence, user engagement will be good. You will get regular visitors who want to check their writing for free online.

Reason – 5: Support Multiple Languages

Only very few editing and proofreading tool supports multiple languages. Language Tool is one such free online cum offline English writing tool that is compatible with various languages. You can simply type the text and check your writing among 20+ different languages.


  • Complete free tool for spell and grammar check
  • Check your writing on multiple languages
  • API available for integrations
  • Add-ons available for multiple programs that you use often
  • Even paid versions are cost-effective
  • Both web and desktop version available
  • Offline access is possible


  • No plagiarism check
  • Don’t correct more complex grammar and spelling mistakes

What people talk about #5 alternative to ProWritingAid

Language Tool – the tool that comes as a web version as well desktop version to support its users all the way. When I prefer offline editing, Language Tool is my choice.

Final Take Away: Best ProWritingAid Alternatives

There are a plethora of free online editing and proofreading tools available in the market. Each will have its unique characteristics at its best. If you are fed up with ProWritingAid or couldn’t meet your writing demands, then have a try with the above-listed tools.

These are the curated list of best ProWritingAid alternatives with a various stream of features that a writer or to-be needs. I personally suggest trying Grammarly first-hand. Indeed, I am using it for years, the only tool that comes closer to human proofreading.

Like, Grammarly for Mac, Grammarly for Students, Grammarly for Business, Grammarly for Social Media and so on. Grammarly comes in multiple forms to serve every individual who wants to improve the writing skill and content readability.

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