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Best SERP Tracker Tools {2023}: Free Google Rank Checkers Included

Looking for the best SEO tool that can track, monitor and analyze your keyword rankings over time. Here is the list of a few best SERP tracker tools discussed.

When we search for something online, the search engine serves us with loads of web pages as a result.  It is nothing but the pages that have more appropriate data or solutions for your queries. We call that page with the accumulation of relevant results as Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Every online publisher or blogger will aim to target the keyword or phrase that their target audience prefers to search for most. Hence, to bring their web pages in the SERP often.

Moreover, only the web pages that are in the top three positions will have maximum click-through and conversions. So, it becomes obvious for any webmasters to rank top in the search engines.

If you are targeting only very few keywords (say 1 or 2), then you can manually check the ranking of those keywords. That too, if it ranks in the first three positions, it’s easy to track. If not, then tracking the SERP ranking position will be overwhelming.

Now, the Best SERP Tracker Tools Come Into Rescue

To improve your SEO efforts, you must pick the most potential keywords and manage it properly, though. Only by understanding the power of keywords you target, you could further optimize your pages. To accomplish your ranking goals, you must know its current ranking positions.

Considering the target keyword as ‘best RCT specialist Albany,’ below image tells the ranking positions of different domains.

Keyword Rank tracking

For now, I have used the free Google SERP Counter Chrome extension. Hence, the numbering appears like #1 or #5 letting us know the ranking position towards the target keyword. This is a kind of manual SERP rank checking.

But, think about the sites that rank for thousands and millions of keywords. Only the SERP keyword checker tools can help you.

What exactly the Best SERP Tracking Tool must do?

Most of the SERP position checker tools can identify or track only the ranking position of your website against target keywords. Do you think that the sole purpose is met with this? Not so. It works where online marketing was not so popular among the people in earlier days. Just tracking or monitoring your ranking performance and optimizing web pages was more than enough.

Now, that’s not the case. There are loads of competitors out there. The strategic approach is the key to success. Hence, your SERP position checker shouldn’t track your ranking alone. But also it must be able to fetch the top 100 results that rank for the specific target keyword.

Basically, your competitors are lying there. You can analyze the activities of your competitor’s in case of any improvement or decline in their ranking positions.

How to Choose your Best SERP Checker Tool?

Out of hundreds of website SERP checker tools, it is hard to separate the wheat from the chaffs. Depending on a few aspects, you may find it somehow simple to single-out your perfect keyword checker tool.

  • How fast and accurate is the SERP position checker tool?
  • Limitation on the number of keywords or checks you can perform using the best free SERP checker?
  • Is it a bulk SERP rank checker online tool? How many keywords can you feed per check?
  • Can the tool perform geo-specific rank tracking?
  • Does it work with most of the popular search engines? Or it is specific like Google SERP checker tool
  • Is it capable of checking your mobile ranking, as well?
  • Additional features like displaying top 100 results for a keyword, scheduling checks, comparing historical data, graphical representation over time, etc

The ranking is not the only factor to determine your success rate though. But, site ranking also has a great impact on your online success like click-through and conversion rates. You have no other choice. You will have to use either free or premium best SERP tracker tools (for more checks and features) to track or monitor yours and your competitor’s ranking capabilities.

Can Best Free SERP Tracker Perform Better?

Obviously, free SERP SERP checker tools can also track your ranking against target keywords. But, free things will always have limitations. It might only be tracking. You cannot monitor your ranking performance, tracking history, comparing ranking results, auto-scheduling, bulk rank tracking and so on. In such cases, you will have to opt for premium tools. Even some of the paid SERP tracker tools don’t have enough set of features. Hence, list down your rank tracking needs and check out the below tools to choose the best.

Let’s dive into the most popular and powerful best SERP tracker tools that you must give a try.

List of Best SERP Rank Tracker Tools That Are Powerful

Seeking for the best SERP checker online free? Do you want to track your rankings in multiple search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc.? Are you looking for SERP tracking tools that enable you to set a specific location? Anything, we have got you covered.

Product NameTypeFree TrialVersionAction
SEO Powersuite Rank TrackerFree/Premium14 DaysDesktopAccess Now
LongTailProPremium7 DaysWebAccess Now
SerpstatFree/Premium7 DaysWebAccess Now
AhrefsPremium7 DaysWebAccess Now
SEMrushFree/Premium14 DaysWebAccess Now

#1 SEO PowerSuite’s Rank Tracker – Best Free SERP Tracker

Rank Tracker is an advanced SERP position tracking tool by Link-Assistant. The tool enables you to integrate your Google Adwords and Google Analytics with it to fetch the most crucial keyword data. By the way, you can also enter multiple keywords to run a check. If you are looking for a bulk SERP rank checker, then go with it.

Then, you may decide on the search engines where you are aiming to achieve top rankings. SEO PowerSuite’s Rank Tracker allows you to choose between 570 search engines. For example, if you are targeting China, then you will have to rank top in Baidu search engine. Obviously, you have to monitor your rankings over there.

Rank Tracker - Search Engines Choice

By default, the tool can get accurate geo-specific rankings where you are. If you want to track for other particular location, then specify your target location. Even you can feed zip codes to find more appropriate results.

The great thing is, you can group keywords and assign to any specific landing pages in your domain. In such case, if any of your irrelevant or wrong pages rank for that particular keywords, then you will receive notifications.

keyword grouping

Above all, Rank Tracker is not only to track your text results. But also, the tool can track your site’s rank position in different search results verticals. It includes images, videos, featured snippets, etc. You can say it as a SERP snippet checker too.


With these few samples, I guess you can trust SEO PowerSuite’s Rank Tracker is a full fledge SERP rank tracking tool. Yes, of course. Let me highlight a few of its other incredible features below.

Features of SEO PowerSuite’s Link Assistant

  • Allows you to track top competitor’s rankings
  • Along with desktop positions, it can also track your mobile rankings
  • Preferences to fetch top 100 results or even top 50 or even 20
  • Search safety settings like proxy rotation, Human Emulation to prevent reCaptcha’s or IP blocking
  • Schedule your rank checks, set the custom date to track, etc
  • Record and compare results with historical data
  • Custom dashboard to include or exclude every parameter from your results
  • Integrates with 19 keyword tools to get the most potential keywords helping you to prioritize them


  • Available for Windows, iOS, and Linux
  • Free version available with unlimited keywords and sites to track
  • Graphical charts to represent changes over time
  • Generate intuitive and custom white label reports
  • Importing keyword option for bulk rank tracking
  • Also serves as a perfect keyword research tool


  • Desktop-based software claims your PC space (but that doesn’t make a big deal)
  • Tedious for beginners until you get hands-on experience

#2 LongTailPro – Grab 39% Discount

We are all familiar with LongTailPro as a powerful keyword research and analysis tool. To surprise, it’s rank tracker tool can help you track SERP position towards your target keywords. While using its built-in SERP keyword checker, you can categorize your checks and research into individual projects.

Just enter the domain URL and multiple keywords against which you want to track rankings. The current version of LTP allows you to choose between three search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Hopefully, the team will upgrade the tool with more search engines to track.

You will get to land on a dashboard with results, that is simple and precise. The tool fetches current rankings as well as history including yesterday’s last month and last year. Also, you can see when the ranking was updated, and the next update will be.

The tool can also highlight the highest ranking pages in a graphical representation. You can run through more deep analysis at its daily performance and download for further analysis.

You can add a note like ‘high priority’ or ‘keep monitoring for possible ranking dance’ to the tracked keywords. Likewise, LongTailPro Rank Tracker tool has abundant features to inspire you.

Features and Highlights of LongTailPro Rank Tracker

  • Neat dashboard with rank tracking results
  • Allows you to track two domains to track for multiple keywords, in a month
  • Reports with unique data like the next ranking update, last year ranking position, etc.
  • Intuitive charts and graphs for more detailed understand and analysis
  • Options to manage or download your tracked keywords for later reference


  • Easy-to-use and simple steps to track rankings
  • Full suite tool for everything related to keywords
  • Comes with more essential keyword metrics
  • Helps you monitor for any possible penalties, in case of Google Dance


  • Being a built-in tracker, you cannot buy rank tracker individually
  • Current LTP version works on only three search engines

#3 Serpstat

Serpstat is not a heavyweight tool that SEO’s prefer to use than SEMRush, or Ahrefs or SEO PowerSuite though. Still, it can fulfill the expectations and needs of any SEO practitioners. Serpstat was popular with its keyword research and competitor analysis, and later it goes viral among online publishers as a complete suite for SEO.

If you are new to Serpstat, then I wish to help you with its uncommon features where you might make mistakes. To surprise you, Serpstat allows you to track even up to 500 competitors towards your specific target keyword without spending additional resource limits. Unknowingly, you might be creating individual projects for each. To the bottom line, the tool not only tracks your SERP position but also displays the top 100 results.

The tool also enables you to include a tag to every change you do after analyzing the ranking results. Like, editing the meta title, optimizing meta description, etc. So, you can monitor and check how the change improves your ranking position. Indeed, it allows you to compare current data with historical ranking results. Similarly, Serpstat being a get-growing SEO tool has extensive features.

Serpstat Features and Highlights

  • Grouping and assigning keywords for strategic keyword tracking
  • Option to categorize specific keywords to optimize further
  • Insights about traffic distribution among domains
  • Lets you know the fluctuations in the market share of a keyword category
  • Configure landing pages for a specific keyword to drive targeted traffic
  • Phrase storm feature to check how positions of top 100 resulting domains


  • Track mobile rankings of domains too
  • Local and international rank checking
  • Comprehensive SERP analysis with advanced analytics
  • Cost effective and best-selling SEO tool
  • Powerful rank tracker to keep watching competitions


  • No free trial available
  • No 3rd party tools integration possible
  • Mobile rank tracking is not possible in its start-up plan

#4 Ahrefs

Ahrefs, the premium SEO tool that can provide you strategic solutions to your SEO efforts. The tool that has an incredibly huge database of keywords and backlinks. This tool can let you track your Google rankings on both desktop and mobiles across hundreds of countries.

You will get visual presentations about the history of visibility, average positions, and traffic and positions distribution over time. Ahrefs not only track text results but also lets you know your ranking based on different types of data. It includes site links, featured snippets, images, people also ask, thumbnails, knowledge card, etc. Ahrefs Rank Tracker charts ranking data against 5 of your competitors and report you on search traffic, ranking progress and SERP features.

Ahrefs Rank Tracker Features and highlights

  • Historical ranking data towards specific target keywords
  • Schedule and get email reports on ranking results
  • Reports on SERP features to know what you missed that impacts ranking
  • Gets top 100 results against rank check for any specific target keyword
  • Keyword grouping and tracking options


  • Quick and reliable results
  • The ranking data will be most updated
  • Free trial available
  • Comes with a countless number of valuable metrics
  • Desktop as well as a mobile ranking check across 180 countries
  • Professional SEO tool with strategic modules
  • Geo-specific keyword rank tracking


  • Expensive for individuals and beginners
  • Doesn’t cover much search engines to track

#5 SEMrush

Like its other SEO modules, SEMRush position tracking tool is also beginner-friendly. But comes with expert tracking options. Hence, it is a favorite SEO tool for any level of expertise.

SEMRush position tracking enables you to set tracking even for a specific city or region using a zip code. Also, it works with the most popular search engines and enables you to track ranking results across multiple devices. It includes desktop, mobiles, tablets, etc.

You can set alerts to get notified when your ranking position declines or boosts or anything. SEMRush rank tracker is one of the very few best SERP tracker tools that fetch the top 100 results against a particular target keyword.

The ranking’s results will be updated every day. Indeed, the tool checks and reports you the ranking results either it is organic or paid. Being a prominent SEO tool, it displays a Personal score to denote the Google volatility or market trend of your specific target keyword. Let’s explore its further features and highlights as the best SERP position checker tool.

SEMRush Position Tracking Tool Features

  • Fresh, updated data every day to understand the impact of your SEO inputs
  • More appropriate rank tracking for any specific region across the world
  • Schedule keyword ranking checks and set alerts for any changes
  • Compares yours and your competitor’s ranking performance for analysis
  • Track keyword ranking to understand how your page performs on various devices
  • Tag keywords to manage your ranked keywords


  • Simple dashboard with more filtering options
  • Trial version to get hands-on with its position tracking features
  • Visual graphs and charts for detailed representation of data
  • Gets your historical ranking data and analyzes for the changes over time
  • An effective tool for tracking paid rankings


  • You have to buy SEMRush as a whole, not only the position tracker
  • Works only with a few popular search engines

Final Take Away: Best SERP Keyword Tracker Tools 2023

As said, the SERP tracker is not only to check or track your keyword rankings for your target keywords. It must be offering strategic output to analyze and do experiments with the data obtained. The best SEP tracker tools must fetch your competitors ranking performance, across multiple search engines, ranking on different devices, and even more.

To get started with or to track only limited URLs or keywords, go with any free best SERP tracker tools. In case, you wanted to examine your and your competitors ranking for strategic analysis, then your keyword tracking tool must be extraordinary. The tool must be smart enough to get you valid data that can help you to optimize your SEO and improve SERP ranking.

Being a long-time user of SEO PowerSuite, I wish you must give a try with it first-hand. It can afford you whatever functionalities you expect from a perfect as well as strategic SERP tracker tool.

Support: This post contains affiliate links through which I earn a small commission against qualifying purchase, at no cost to you.

Sample Image

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