Best Turnitin Alternatives

Best Turnitin Alternatives – Plagiarism Made Cheap & Easy (2023)

Ever since it was first launched back in 1997, Turnitin has been redefining content writing in general, especially when it comes to plagiarism checking. For over two decades, this very handier software has been making it easier for students to rectify their work, for authors to ensure their hard work isn’t copied, and businesses to deliver finer contents to all their customers. In fact, we, despite what this article on Best Turnitin Alternatives may imply, are still pretty huge fans of Turnitin too, even to this day!

That all said, the niche for good quality Content/plagiarism checker has been steadily growing recently, with a number of newer, better players emerging. And hey, you know what? Some of them are even, in some cases, better than Turnitin too – at lower prices, no less. In other words, this article is for those who enjoy Turnitin (as one should) but still want to look at other P-C solutions just because there is something about the tool that could’ve been executed better, i.e., the expensiveness, namely.

As fellow bloggers, we know the importance of good content. To that end, here is a look at 5 of the best Turnitin Alternatives to buying today – as recommended by top experts and our own personal tests and daily experiences…

After all, it’s not like we can live without these content-checking tools, right? Seeing how rampant plagiarism is these days.

Come, let dive in!

Best Turnitin Alternatives – Turnitin Is Still a Great Choice?

If it isn’t obvious from the name itself, Turnitin has been a favorite for many educational institutions all over the world – and with good reason. Fuelled by its impressive plagiarism prowess, teachers have been using it for ages to detect duplications. In fact, the tool itself is specially designed in a way that students can easily submit assignments to the users. The teachers can access those entries from the Turnitin dashboard. And from there itself, they can easily compare and highlight duplication, making it easier to grade.

Turnitin is also great for businesses. With it, you can check for errors in your documents & press releases. Find “copied contents,” mark them to be rectified – all with a few simple clicks. In other words, Turnitin isn’t just an online plagiarism checker. It’s a course managing, peer-reviewing, online grading tool without rival – till now, at least.

Yup, Turnitin is good – like very! To prove our point, here Is a quick look at some of the top perks that this handy tool offers:

  • Supports literally every major learning systems out there
  • Supports dozens of languages
  • Mobile markup support with free iPad app
  • Can work across both public and private repositories with impressive adaptability and efficiency
  • Fast, almost instantaneous results
  • Ever growing database for better, more accurate plagiarism and grammar checker every time you use it
  • Powerful security, cheat-proof qualities

So you see, no wonder why Turnitin is considered the finest plagiarism checker out there, as it has all the “chops” needed to support that tall claim. In fact, if for education, you guys literally can’t do better than Turnitin – period!

Alternatives to Turnitin – Why Are They So Appealing?

Turnitin is Amazing – you know that we know that. But, try & use it for anything other than educational needs, and that’s where Turnitin starts to fail. You see, since its database is geared more for academic purposes, Turnitinwon’t be much of use when it comes to detecting contents that are produced by your hiring.

Besides, Turnitin is also quite costly at $2000, which, while it’s okay and affordable for large companies, might not exactly be the case with smaller, individual customers, especially considering how limited its free trial is.

The point is, Turnitin is good. But it’s not perfect. And so we can see many looking for Turnitin alternatives for many reasons.

Best Turnitin Alternatives – Here’s How They Help

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of best “Turnitin alternatives” out there these days that well…performs quite amazing. Sure, they’ll never be as good as the real deal. But they can, in a way, help you enjoy a content checking experience that’s almost as nice as Turnitin but in a cheaper, modern package.

To keep it short, we have dialed the best alternatives to Turnitin to 5 to, excellent options as recommended by our experts.

Come, its finally time to count them down…

Best 5 Top Turnitin Competitors Sites

As bloggers ourselves, we know that content is king. But to help it reach the throne, its important for it to be as error-free & good as possible. Yes, Turnitin is great. But what if you wanted a checker that’s cheap, better, feature-rich?

To that end, we were able to find not one, not two, but five best Turnitin alternatives to help take your writing to the next level.

Well, here they are;

#1 Grammarly

With a gorgeous interface that’s bound to keep you hooked, Grammarly might be one of the youngest of the bunch. But when it comes to modern alternative free ones, especially with young writers, Grammarly today rules the roost – Yes, even when it’s limiting plagiarism checkers for premium subscribers.

Putting the subscription hurdle aside, Grammarly’s plagiarism checker is actually quite amazing. With a smart Software based on 16 billion web pages and ProQuest database, we were able almost instantly to find out from where, and how much (in percentages) content was copied, all presented in a neat, modern way. We loved how efficient it was. Grammarly was still able to pick up plagiarism even when it was well hidden.

In addition, Grammarly is also is a pretty good proofreader. In fact, the free version offers nearly complete access to this feature. Using it, you can find and rectify all spelling errors, sentence structures, grammatical errors in your content for free. For non-US-natives, you can also choose your lingual style to get better suggestions.

Finally, Grammarly is also versatile. Along with a chrome plugin, there is also an MS office add-in, a top desktop app for both Windows and iOS, and a smart keyboard app for iPhone and Android – no matter the screen, Grammarly is there!


  • Modern, minimalistic looks
  • Extremely powerful plagiarism checker with ever-growing database (16 billion w-pages till now)
  • Support both American and British English styles
  • Free grammar and spell check support
  • Exceptional cross-platform support (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)
  • Inbuilt readability index


  • Aggressive advertising
  • The plagiarism checker is hidden behind a paywall and that too without a free trial

#2 ProWritingAid

Marketed as the best free Turnitin alternatives that are designed to better cater to both rookies & professionals, the popular ProWritingAid, just like Turnitin, commands a hugely incredible plagiarism checker that’s backed by billions of webpages, academic papers, and many other multi-genre published works and more…

In other words, ProWritingAid offers the best, if not THE best plagiarism checker in the whole business – enough said.

With real-time tracking, ProWritingAid can highlight your content “issues” right when you are writing it. It not only spots misspells and grammatical errors, but also includes a thesaurus which can suggest you relevant, better synonymous in real-time. We found it to be a nice way to improve our vocabulary better. In addition to this, you’ll also get a dictionary, contextual suggestions, more pronunciation examples, alliteration, cliché, collocation dictionaries, and more, overall, it’s a powerful word processor – like. Really!

The only problem? With the free version, you’ll only get around 500 words checked at a time. Plus, the multiplatform support, too, is limited to premium users. And oh, even with the premium plus plan, you only get 50 plagiarism checks as well.


  • Neat, stylish, and clutter-free interface
  • Speedy, accurate Plagiarism checker that’s especially geared for Academic needs
  • Real-time spell and Grammatical checker with contextual suggestions
  • Inbuilt readability analysis support
  • A whole host of extra useful content improving tools
  • Cross-platform


  • Even with the premium plans, some features require you to spend extra
  • Don’t work well with weaker networks

#3 Ginger

A very fine free alternative to Turnitin, Ginger has often been considered to be one of the big 3 content checker tools on the planet, commonly being compared with the likes of heavy hitters such as Grammarly, WhiteSmoke, etc…

Starting at $7.49/ month, what’re we getting? Well, for one, there’s no plagiarism checker here. Yup Shocker – we know. But aside from that, things aren’t actually bad here. With more than 60 languages in tow, Ginger is a multi-lingual delight. It can find errors, misspells, grammatical faults, bad structures, etc… in all 60 tongues. Heck, it can even translate essays from one language to another with next to no context errors.

The UI is very simple. There is a toolbar on the right showing the errors. Just upload your documents, and Ginger will do the rest: it will scan the files, comparing it with its vast database. Instantly, suggestions will popup, which you can use to correct the errors. For long writers, there is also a prose checker for better readability.

Like Grammarly, the cross-platform support is amazing with Ginger too. You get chrome or safari plugin that enables it to work with most sites, including Gmail, Facebook, etc… there is a windows & macOS app, MS office support is there too. And finally, for mobile users, Ginger has a “smart” keyboard app for both Android & iOS.


  • Superior spell and grammar check support
  • Supports nearly every major languages in the world (60 and counting)
  • Light, simpler interface
  • Excellent cross-platform support (web, Apple, Windows, Android)
  • Fast, relevant contextual translation
  • Built-in English trainer


  • The free version is extremely limited
  • No plagiarism checker

#4 WhiteSmoke

Consistently compared to Grammarly and, of course, Turnitin, Whitesmoke boasts a Plagiarism checker that can go toe to toe with the biggies. It’s accurate, it’s fast, and while the interface could’ve done with better spruce up, there is no doubt that this is amongst the best Turnitin alternatives to buy today.

To start, be it grammar check or plagiarism hunting, the accuracy levels are off the charts with WhiteSmoke. Pair that with the built-in tutorial setup, and no errors will ever ruin your top contents, ever. With a database of 1.7 billion websites, WhiteSmoke is super fast, it’s effective, and with punctuation support as well as sentence rephrasing, we found it to be on pretty equal terms with Grammarly as far boosting readability goes.

With the premium plans starting at $4.16, the cross-platform compatibility (which is again as good as Grammarly’s) opens up at the second tier. The customer support was excellent, and we surely enjoyed conversing, thanks to their politeness and speedy solutions. WhiteSmoke’s other features include a translator, real-time multi-system support, MS Office integration, and an extended warranty to boot.


  • Class-leading plagiarism checker
  • Phenomenal Spell and grammar checking with real-time, effective tutorials
  • Excellent customer support
  • Emails you weekly with performance reports, and ways to improve
  • Up-to-date dictionary and thesaurus
  • Very affordable


  • The interface is not as good as Grammarly’s, though it comes very close
  • The low tier plan is almost worthless

#5 CopyScape

The final entry in our Turnitin cheaper alternative review, the CopyScape, is a weird one, considering it charges by the length of the content. That said, what it does, it does perfectly: offering a truly world-class plagiarism checker.

Using CopyScape is pretty simple. Create an account, log in, copy, and paste the content you’d like to check, and voila, CopyScape will immediately scan the content & compare it with millions of web pages from its database. If any plagiarism is found, you can correct it then and there, with tools given right along with them. For every 200 words, they charge 3 cents and 1 cent each for every additional 100 words.

In a way, it’s more economical, in our opinion. No huge subscription charges. And as cheap as it is, you already know how much you need to pay. We can see many, many freelancers loving this deal. In addition, there is also a batch search feature that can search up to 10000+ pages at a single go.

Unfortunately, there is no grammar or spell checker here, which, in our opinion, is rather forgivable considering the price. And talking about price, there is also a free version available, though you’ll only be able to do checks by URL’s.


  • Supports many languages
  • Google and Bing fuelled vast database of plagiarism checking-ready webpages
  • Easy to use
  • No installation required whatsoever
  • A free version is available
  • Prepaid


  • No backup or save support is provided
  • Slow customer support

Grammarly Similar Sites – Is Grammarly Better Than Turnitin?

As you can see from the above reviews, we have used Grammarly as a benchmark to assess some of the best alternatives to Turnitin. But does it mean it’s better than Turnitin? Well, not quite – it’s complicated, you see.

From the get-go itself, Grammarly has been marketed as a commercial online proofreader, whereas Turnitin is more popular for its Academic centric features. In other words, they both serve completely different niches.

If you are a casual writer, a freelancer, or just a guy who wants to clean up his content, go for Grammarly. But if your content needs are a bit more education-centric, Turnitin will most likely be a better choice for you

Well, we hope that clears that up – it’s actually pretty simple when you think about it.

Turnitin Free Alternatives – Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Spark blogging, we believe that no good review will ever be completed without a good old fashioned FAQ session

So yeah, here we go (again):

1) I already have Turnitin – do I need to switch to these alternatives to Turnitin?

Okay, we want to clarify something here. As much as we adore these best Turnitin alternatives ones if you’re a Turnitin user and you are satisfied with it, there’s next to no reason to switch away to these alternatives, ever.

Then again, some of these alternatives DO have some very compelling perks about them. So if you’re interested, it’s okay to switch too.

It’s your choice, really!

2) How much Turnitin plans costs?

Turnitin usually doesn’t publish the prices of their plans. But we do know that it’s on a per-document basis and it’s a bit on the higher side. Considering they make their Plagiarism checkers for academically inclined institutions only, we estimate that Turnitin can cost up to $2000 per month on average at the least.

In other words, it’s an expensive choice. But for the price, Turnitin really does offer all the performance you’d ever need.

3) Where can I buy these?

At the moment, there is no single repository where you can access all of these alternatives in a single place. Instead, you can buy them from their own websites. In fact, this is better, as the sites offer better details regarding their plans.

As always, you can visit the sites by clicking on the links provided below all the reviews we have shared above.

4) What's the cheapest top Turnitin for Turnitin-like alternative?

Just as a plagiarism checker, CopyScape is the cheapest of the lot, as it’s a prepaid option starting at just 3 cents for 200 words.

5) Are these tools safe?

Yes. With high-grade firewalls and tamper-proofed codings, they are absolutely safe to use, even in a secure environment.

Free Turnitin alternatives – The Conclusion

Over the years, Turnitin had served as the “de-facto” proof checker for many educational institutions. But today, as you can see above, there are plenty of best Turnitin alternatives out there that are just as good (if not better)

But hey, should I skip Turnitin for the new ones? Well, that’s up to you. After all, only you know your needs and wants, right? So that decision is best left to you. In the meantime, know that all these Turnitin alternatives are more than good enough to give you an experience that’s almost as good as the real thing and, in some ways, better too.

In our opinion, these alternatives are great for writers & companies looking to level up their content game but in a lower budget

So which one are you going to be picking (or are you going to even pick, for that matter)? We’d like to know, share your comments below.

Support: This post contains affiliate links through which I earn a small commission against qualifying purchase, at no cost to you.

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