Blogger Outreach Guide

Blogger Outreach Guide: Build Relationships with Influencers & Generate Quality Backlinks

This article would be a perfect and complete blogger outreach guide for the complete understanding of blogger outreach strategy and how to execute it effectively.

I bet upon; no blogger can get popular suddenly. It might take a few years to build a decent readers base and to make it influential over the web. Either for the price of money, time and efforts, you will have to gather huge audiences through active internet marketing campaigns.

Indeed, in common we might all have missed out a strategy that works well for branding and attracting top influencers in the industry. It is the only effective relationship building technique named, Blogger Outreach. Continue reading this effective blogger outreach guide for detailed understanding.

What is Blogger Outreach?

Reaching out to bloggers or influencers in your niche or domain refers to Blogger Outreach. Blogger Outreach or blogger relations are to promote businesses through blogging or joining hands with the blogging community. This article about complete blogger outreach guide you to become familiar with blogger outreach strategy.

The best part out of blogger outreach is you can multiply your traffic leveraging others blog authority. You can achieve your goal rapidly what it might take years for the same.

From this blog posts, you will get explicit idea of blogger outreach and how to be successful outranking your competitors.

Various Blogger Outreach Services

You may outreach bloggers for any of the following motto. For any services, you can follow this blogger outreach guide. However, our ultimate goal is to uncover influencers of your industry and getting them to talk about our brand.

  •  Sponsored Posts
  •  Blog sponsors
  •  Online Promotions
  •  Business branding
  •  Product reviews
  •  Co-branding
  •  Ambassadorships
  •  Product Launch
  •  Content Development and so on.

Benefits of Blogger Outreach strategy

  •  Blogs will be more active across multiple social networks gaining more social mentions.
  •  People find it reliable to research any brands, products or services through blogs. Hence, efficient to launch and promote new products or services.
  •  Bloggers are vigorous in building their audiences. Claim it to spread your brand to various new audiences.
  •  Blogs almost discuss a particular niche; thereby it will be prompt to focus much on the target audience.
  •  Blogs are the exclusive resource to recruit influencers. Every influencer will have their blogs.
  •  Lets famous names promote you enabling more viewers or prospects to notice your name and brand.
  •  Build your domain authority and boost your ranking by generating authoritative backlinks from favorite blogs.

Blogger Outreach Guide – What It Involves?

Either trying yourself or willing to outsource blogger outreach task, knowing the whole process is wise. Here, I will take you through the steps involved in blogger outreach technique. Before stepping into, it is crucial to set your blogger outreach goal and stick on to it. Else, it is of no meaning. Then, let’s get into.

#1 Finding the opportunities and sort-out the prospects

The first and foremost task would be identifying your prospects or influencers belong to the same domain or niche. You can quickly list down the opportunities. You may use Google search to find prospects. It is more than enough to use a simple search query like “Top blogs” on your niche.

Either way, you can claim the benefits of social networks to find more opportunities for promoting your brand. Among all, you have to sort out effective and trustworthy prospects. It is similar to mining diamonds, getting an ideal brand advocate. You can cut-short your list based on a few parameters like their authority, relevancy, content quality and social followers.

You may use tools like Ninja Outreach for prospecting bloggers and even for the complete blogger outreach process.


#2 Appreciate their Goods work and build a relationship

Who are you to your prospects? Why should you get favor from your prospects? Build a strategy to keep following your prospect’s online activities and mark your presence. You cannot directly expect a good deed from your target bloggers.

First, you have to make yourself to get noticed by your prospects. Initiate the practice of giving something before taking or requesting an act of kindness from your influencers. The most workable and proven way would be of blog commenting. Be the first reader to visit their new blog post and putting comments. However, don’t show your intention behind the blog commenting. You have to true marking real valuable comments instead of commenting generically.


Alternatively, you can also make your influencers to feature on your blogs through expert roundup or interviews.


Nobody can ignore if you could highlight one’s value. Try to follow social profiles and share their posts or content.

You can also assist by sharing and promoting their content among social networks tagging them using ‘@’. In these ways, you cannot escape from their eye scanners.

#3 Now it’s time make a big move, Email Outreach

Most of the people fail here to pitch proper emails to prospects to make it happen. By which, you should conclude that blogger outreach is not worthy. It is a waste of efforts and time.

The emails must be more personalized and talk about your prospects. Add your views or comments about their recent blog posts or events. By which, you can let them know that you are an avid follower of his blogs and social activities. Don’t mention more about you and your intention. As a top influencer, the inbox can be filled up with hundreds of emails every day. Your email has to stand out of it by assisting with favors what you can.

Key features that your Email can entitle

  •  Define the relationship by letting to know that you are a long time follower.
  •  Highlight particular article or posts that inspired you and your shares.
  •  Suggest a few other platforms share their content that you find it relevant.
  •  Throw your suggestions on the same topic as a way of accepting.
  •  Mention specifically if you implemented any strategy suggested in their article.
  •  State your request for the guest post, or sponsored posts, or anything in a separate line clearly
  •  Don’t ever compel and be flexible to work around their schedule

In short, the common Blogger Outreach email template should include

  1.  Introduction and your request
  2.  Your relation and social proof
  3.  Personalization
  4.  Benefits to their readers

With all this in place, your attempt will work out. Upon their interest and acceptance, you can then attain your goal say link placement, content development, guest posting or anything.

Don’t stop here. Further, you can promote the links and claim it to get more links or featured on related authority blogs. In case, if your goal is to generate backlinks through blogger outreach.

Blogger Outreach Best Practices – Dos & Don’ts

How to do blogger outreach? What’s the best SEO outreach strategy? From my experience, I am sharing the essential do’s and don’ts in the means of blogger outreach guide to make a success out of effective blogger outreach.

  •  Do send personalized emails individually
  •  Don’t use generic email template or copy/paste emails
  •  Do assist influencers in a way or either before expecting favor from
  •  Don’t intend more to achieve your goal of action directly
  •  Do follow with real interest and build rapport
  •  Don’t go behind for the sake of impressing
  •  Do asking for feedback, reviews on your products or services
  •  Don’t compel to throw only positive reviews
  •  Do value their efforts and efficiency
  •  Don’t request to have control over content editorial part (in case of sponsored posts)

Mostly, make sure that email template is free from grammatical mistakes and logical errors.

Best Blogger Outreach Tools to make it simple

You can get your objective results only if using smarter tools. Here are the few such tools to make your blogger outreach campaign more effective and achievable. These tools can save your time and efforts, obviously. Moreover, any blogger outreach guide must include these tools for efficient execution.

1. Ninja Outreach – Most Preferrable Blogger Outreach Tool

Ninja Outreach is an excellent tool for blogger outreach. You can perform multiple tasks on a single platform. It enables you to

  •  Find leads, bloggers, and influencers in your niche
  •  Gets contact details, link profile and SEO metrics
  •  Integrates with email for proper outreach

Basically, it fetches results based on your search query or keyword entering in its search box. Finding opportunities and creating a database of prospects would be the successful initiative for any blogger outreach campaign. Ninja outreach comes with modules prospecting and list management to handle such tasks.


For the prospects in the list, you can shoot emails from Ninja outreach tool itself. With the module ‘Manage templates’, you can send personalized emails with custom fields to each prospect with unique templates. Moreover, you can also track statistics to know which model gets you more open or click-through rates.

The complete blogger outreach process can be made simpler with Ninja Outreach. Hence, it is an ultimate tool for influencer marketing or blogger outreach.

2. AllTop – Great Tool for Prospecting Influencers in your Niche

AllTop is a place where you can find top news or new blogs on any topic or niche. You can make use of it to have a better initiative with blogger outreach process. I don’t say that AllTop is an exclusive tool for influencer marketing. You can find top blogs in your niche and make a list of top influencing.


If you want to have more analysis on each lead, then you will have to go for any other tool. However, you can use AllTop to find top influencing and more trending blogs or influencers on any topic.

3. BuzzStream – Recommended Tool for Blogger Outreach

BuzzStream is a great alternative to Ninja Outreach. Indeed, to build relationships with influencers or bloggers; BuzzStream would be a great choice. You can quickly browse prospects on your niche, find the email address, and know other metrics of your influencers with this single tool.

With a simple keyword-based search query, find prospects relevant to your content or niche and be familiar with their online presence. Also, you can enter any website URL to find contact information, social metrics and site statistics.


You can filter the best potential opportunities to add it to your account and filter results from the list depending on followers, authority MOZ rank and so on. Once after segmenting the records, you can pick the authoritative prospects from your lists for sending bulk emails or personalized individual emails. The tool enables you to choose between multiple emails templates.


You can monitor every communication you had with every blogger and keep track on which campaign or templates works well-receiving responses. Moreover, you can also schedule your email to send it later and automate your follow-ups and reminders.

Don’t you think it covers all the features what a blogger outreach process requires? Obviously, yes.

4. BuzzSumo – Great Tool To Spot Top Influencers in Your Niche

BuzzSumo is exclusively a powerful tool for influencer marketing or blogger outreach. Why is it so? What other tools offer is you can find opportunities, filter the prospects, outreach through emails and monitor the outreach campaigns.


BuzzSumo does come up with all the essential features. A step ahead, building a relationship with the influencers becomes efficient using BuzzSumo. Indeed, it helps to know the influencers social presence. You can add influencers to your Twitter account. Keep updated with what content your influencer sharing recently, keep following and sharing to get you noticed. Further, you can send emails to the key influencers within the tool and check the responses.

BuzzSumo fulfills the need of any blogger outreach campaign or influencer marketing. Seems interesting, is it?

With this detailed blogger outreach guide combined with the features of the above-discussed tools can help you to get desired results.

Final Words: Ultimate Blogger Outreach Strategy

Now, you have grabbed enough idea about blogger outreach through this in-depth blogger outreach guide. With this, it’s peak time you can start your blogger outreach to find as many as bloggers. Start interacting and building relationships. However, don’t be more intentional.

Undoubtedly, you can benefit best out of blogger outreach for its higher potential. But, many bloggers find it harsh and feels like it is not profitable.

My kind advice is that instead of working on huge databases; better to concentrate on a single top influencer, keep following vigorously, and make it fruitful. Recently I have read an article about this blogger Outreach strategy (1000:1) published on It works.

However, don’t restrict yourself to get connected with more influencers or bloggers. I don’t mean it.

I am expecting your reviews or thoughts about your success with blogger outreach strategy by reading this blogging outreach guide. Share it in the below comments section.

Support: This post contains affiliate links through which I earn a small commission against qualifying purchase, at no cost to you.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to do a blogger outreach but I’m so scared of rejection that I hesitate to do it. I know it would be good for my blog but I’m so afraid to try. Your post has lifted some of that fear so, I’m going to send out 2 outreach emails today. God help me!

  2. Jennifer,

    Make sure to befriend your target blog owner taking your own time. Share your sample write-ups without being asked for favor. Check the response and if it is good, then pitch your ideas.

  3. Great post, Sathish. Blogger outreach is an exciting topic, but I’m yet to cover the subject on my blog. The benefits cannot be overemphasized, and as you stated, sorting out prospective influencers on your horizon is the best way to build your brand. For example, you do not want to work with an influencer in the pet blogging niche while your blog is about travel. Yes, although he is a blogging influencer, you are on two different niche markets.
    I also like the blogger outreach tools on the list below.
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Moss,

      Bloggers with their vast experience and networking, can help brands in their online promotions. Businesses should find their appropriate ambassador or influencer who can take their brand to the right audiences. However, thanks for adding your suggestions to this article!

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