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The Bluehost Reviews 2016 shows you the description of the Bluehost work.

There are many web host companies with pros and cons. In this article, we are going to know about nook and corner of the “BlueHost” and the Bluehost review. The main reason which makes the BlueHost at the top is, it gives more than what we get from the other hosting plan. Since all the packages are same, it provides great support and usability. Thus, we posted this article Bluehost Review 2016.

About BlueHost

In Bluehost Reviews 2016, let’s start with the history of Bluehost.

2009 – BlueHost introduced a new feature to all customers – CPU throttling.
CPU throttling (at BlueHost and similar hosting services) simply refers to the process of reducing user’s CPU usage in whenever the particular user is pulling “too much” server resources at one time. At that particular time, BlueHost would freeze client site’s CPU usage substantially. This effectively shut down client’s websites hosted on the BlueHost server for several hours throughout the day.
2010 – BlueHost was acquired by Endurance International Group.
2011 – Company founder Matt Heaton announced on his blog that he was stepping down as CEO to focus on the company hosting platform’s design and technical structure. Company COO Dan Handy would take over as CEO.
2013 – Bluehost offer VPS and Dedicated server hosting.

It is also important to know about the history of Bluehost. Hence, I mentioned it in my post, “Bluehost Reviews 2016”

Service Performance of BlueHost

In this article Bluehost Review 2016, I am including the services performance which is the important role. Blue Host offers various hosting packages which include shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress managed hosting and dedicated hosting. Let’s see one by one. I would like to explain about the three different types of hosting in my Bluehost Reviews 2016 article.

Shared Hosting

For a new blog, shared hosting works great. Shared service delivers a powerful, proven platform that’s suit for hosting our websites.
Here we can start with the shared hosting packages here. There are three packages in shared hosting which are shown in the image below.

Bluehost VPS Reviews
Starter Plan

This is the smallest and cheapest shared hosting package we can get from Bluehost. This is the package with more features and costs only $3.29/month for 3 years package with this special sign-up link. Here we can host one website. Although it allows to host multiple websites by the plus package.

Plus Package

In case of hosting an extra website, we can use this. Pro package is feature rich and offers everything that starter package offers. Additionally, it is added with unlimited domain hosting, free marketing coupons worth $200 and free CDN. These marketing coupons are usually free Adwords Coupon, Facebook Ads Coupon that you can use to market your website. This package also comes with 1 free domain which will save extra money for you.

Business Pro package

This package is targeted to businesses who are hosting their site on shared hosting and looking for extra features. It is recommended for those who need dedicated I.P and SSL certificate.

Thus, shared hosting can be done.

WordPress Hosting

Next is WordPress hosting. It is to create a WordPress blog. It provides easy to use, secure and extremely fast comes standard. The servers are well optimized for the WordPress blog. So it is recommended for hosting service on the official WordPress hosting resource page. In WordPress hosting, we get four packages as shown in the image below.

Bluehost VPS Reviews

VPS Hosting

Next popular hosting is VPS. The most important advantage of using this hosting, for its extreme flexibility. It dynamically increases server resource over time as you need it. We get VPS packages as shown in the image below. Here it shows enhanced is the most popular package.

Buehost Reseller Reviews

Thus, we can use VPS hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

The last kind of hosting is Dedicated, which I need to mention in this article Bluehost Reviews 2016. By using the Dedicated hosting, Our websites can experience the best performance imaginable while you enjoy the advanced control and security you need. The packages which dedicated hosting provided are shown in the below.

Buehost Reseller ReviewsThus, we can use the Dedicated hosting.

How To Sign Up Bluehost – Step By Step Guide

Now for example we sign in with BlueHost WordPress hosting. As discussed above we get the plans. Select any one plan as shown in the figure below.

Bluehost Review

If you have a domain already registered, then type that domain. If you need to get a new domain using WordPress hosting, then give the domain name. In this example, we providing a new domain name and extension. Click next as shown in the figure below.

Bluehost Review

Note that our domain name should be unique. Now we get a page where we need to provide three kinds of information.
1. Account Information – Personal details.
2.Package Information – It includes price details and hosting details.
3.Billing Information – Paying information.
Once all details are filled, mark the checkbox for acceptance and click on to submit button as shown in the image below.

Bluehost Reviews 2015

Thus, the domain is registered using WordPress hosting.

The most important thing is BlueHost provide anytime money back guarantee.


Blue Host provides help support for the users. We can get help from the BlueHost and arise with various questions. There will be two options in the support. 1. Self-Help 2. ticket history. The support plays an important role for using the product. In this article Bluehost Reviews 2016, I am going to include the support provisions by the Bluehost.


The support page is shown in the figure below.

Bluehost Reviews 2015

Here we can ask for any clarifications, FAQ, WordPress, Domain, Control Panel, Account and any questions.

Ticket History

The ticket history page is shown in the image below.

Bluehost VPS Reviews

Here we get help with the use of domain name, e-mail id and attachment file to get help.


It is the must for me to include the security of the Bluehost in my Bluehost Reviews 2016 article. It provides a great security. Some of the free services are easy to find and implement it. For example the anti-spam filter, which has its own button on the cPanel. Others require a bit of research, like the use of the shared secure socket layer (SSL). Thus, the security provided by the BlueHost.

Testimonials from various folks

Finally in this article Bluehost Reviews 2016, I am going to add the testimonials of the Bluehost which shows the performance of the Bluehost. Due to its best performance and flexibility the ratings for the BlueHost are shown in the figures below which are given by its user.

Bluehost Review

Bluehost Review

Hope this article Bluehost Reviews 2016 is useful for knowing about the BlueHost and domain registering process. Do you have any queries in BlueHost? If so, feel free to comment us below. Share it with your friends to know the Bluehost Review and follow us in Facebook to get more information.

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  • I really love bluehost all of my site are hosted on their servers and they are not so expensive like other hosting providers. I tried hosting my site’s on hostgator but after a year i’ve decided to transfer my site’s to another hosting provider which is bluehost.

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