9 Great Social Bookmarking Sites List To Share Post

In this article, we are going to see the best Bookmarking Sites List. Social media is one of the best things where you get so many information and you can get fresh new ideas for your content through this Social media. There are so many media to share your post, simply writing and publishing a blog post is not enough you should put so much time into this. You could wait on Google to rank it, but it takes too long.

If you are a regular reader of blogs, you probably come across great articles that everyone to know about it. There are many ways to share and promote your post, which like social networks, instant messenger, and mobile phones etc. Through this others can know about the best content on your blog.

Here I am going to share few social sites to share your post.

1. Facebook

Nowadays all the peoples know about Facebook and what it is? How it is useful? Facebook are popular free social networking website which you can interact with your fans using this. You can share your blog post in this site which you can reach immediately through your attractive blog post content. For best content making always include an image because images get noticed, you could post the image and put the link to your blog post in the description area. When you share your link add some interesting images it is easy to share your blog post to worldwide. It had all the public features like Marketplace, Groups, Events, Pages, and Presence technology all the peoples can utilize this sites to promote their brands or products.

2. Twitter

Twitter is another place to share your blog post, it is most effective and different social media sites have different features. Twitter is a real-time social networking which connect to the people in real-time. Our goal is where the people to retweet, it is possible only f you post your blog with interesting topics, your post should look unique and attractive. Like is not a matter, keep your fans engage is must then only you can make traffic and followers to your sites. Be sure of using less than 140 characters, first focus on the link, feature images and the descriptions with a single line. Using # simple will help to highlight the word you mention on the blog post.

3. Google+

Google+ is a Google social networking which people can interact offline more closely than another social network such as Facebook and Twitter. It helps to make circles among the people about your interest or brands. Google+ has many features Hangouts, Circles, Huddle, instant upload, stream, and sparks were each feature have many options like Video chat, text message group chats, for Android, iPhone, and SMS devices. You can upload or send pictures/videos instantly and streams were similar to Facebook news update and can discuss your topics with others.

4. LinkedIn

This sites especially for the business community, your blog post become worthy of being shared by your business network on LinkedIn. Which highlights employment, history, and education and has professional network news feeds etc. LinkedIn has a huge database of information, where it has the search tool that allow you to look for specific persons. Basic memberships are free where you can choose the column which you are and for what? So that you can post your blog on this LikedIn sites.

5. Pinterest

To build traffic for your website the Pinterest is the best place, this is extremely helpful in attracting more web traffic from people who are using Pinterest for the first time and they want to double click the on a pin to visit your website. By posting attractive and a relevant picture with a link will help to bring readers to your sites. Put your website is a great way in front of tens of thousands to millions of people, so million of people see your website from your pins so the visit it and offers your brand more credibility.

These are the Social Media sites to share the post. This is known as Social Media Marketing.

Social Bookmarking Sites

These are the Social Bookmarking Sites List.

6. Delicious

It is one of the world largest social bookmarking sites. It has a lot of features which can save, manage and share pages in a centralized source. Social bookmarking lets you not only take your bookmarks with you between browsers and even between computers. But it also allows you to do a lot of new things.

To submit in this site, check this post which guides you to submit the link.

7. Reddit

This is a great source of readership for your blog, this provides a huge amount of traffic for your websites. For sharing your blog post, it is another place to blog post. The internet is an enormous place with a number of oppertunities, your content is relevant to the specific community you target. There are thousands of potential readers available so you can get traffic and can gain credibility among the readers.

8. Slashdot

Slashdot bookmark is a godfather of social news, It is still quite powerful, where it has a heavy slant towards Linux and Open Source issues.

9. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is one of the bookmark sites with a social network, where it allows to browse random web pages by clicking the “stumble”. You can post your content here if the users like your content then it will become more likely o appear in the random search rotation, it is an easy way to get credibility and it increase readership for your websites.

Bonus Tips:

To manage all the Social Media site, you can use this Hootsuite which manages all the social medias in one dashboard.

Final Words:

These are the Bookmarking Sites List to share your blog post, through this sites you get more traffic for your page. I hope this article, “9 Great Social Bookmarking Sites List To Share Post” will be helpful to you if you like this article share your comment to other bloggers. If you had queries then put your comments on Facebook. Follow us on Facebook and Google+ to get connected.

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