Are You Fighting With Building Your Blog? 7 Steps That Will Help

So, you’ve inaugurated a blog. Now what? How do you grow your readers outside your family and a some of the true mates? You need a simple strategy to build your blog traffic.
Traffic is the heartbeat of a blog.

The more targeted traffic a blog gets, the more money that blog will likely make.

Growing your blog traffic is, in principle, quite simple. You find methods to get your blog content and links out into the big, wide world. But in reality, it can appear difficult.

Do you want to market and build your blog, just like the big giants in your niche? With a limited know-how, you can change your blog from an “also-ran” into a hero. Here are five significant steps to get you started.

#Make Your Blog Easy to Use

Get your blog design simple to understand. You want your readers to immediately and clearly know what you offer. You should continuously ask yourself: “If I were my perfect reader, would I admire my blog? Would I simply know what it was about?” If the reply is no to either of those queries, then you require to re-do the appearance of your blog.

Have a clear navigation – Make confident that your navigation bar, the content you contribute and the overall aesthetic of the whole site are all relatable. They need to work collectively as a whole: if they don’t, your visitors will most likely shut the window right away.

Don’t overlook the search box – Your search box should be clearly visible. It’s the easiest way for your visitors to locate the content they require, so force it into their consideration.

These days the most important point to consider is that your blog must be mobile friendly. Nearly half of internet searches now take place on a mobile device. Google now concludes mobile friendliness as one of the ranking factors for search engines: so it is must that that your blog is designed for handheld devices.

#Speed Up Your Blog

Nobody loves a sluggish site – neither search engines nor visitors. In fact, Google has suggested that speed of the web page is one of the important factors in their search ranking algorithms. So it’s super necessary to keep your blog as fast as feasible.

There are some tips on how to do this, but here’s an excellent article that will assist you to speed up your blog.

Helpful Tools: Use PageSpeed Insights (by Google) & Pingdom to estimate your blog performance. They also give recommendations to get your blog faster.

#Create Crave-Worthy Content

You want to keep your visitors pleased and involved – that way, they’re certain to not only stick around but keep returning here for more.

Generating quality content is concerning more than exposing your skills, it’s about serving your readers grow, developing brand recognition and establishing your brand perception.

You do that by retaining it fresh – Keeping it exciting. By continually attempting to give something unique and compelling that makes your readers talking.

Here are a few thoughts on methods to build something unique:

Tell a story – Visitors like a story or even just a compelling illustration of how your content relates to you. Make it special.

Use a conversational tone – Note the distinct insight between personal and professional and spin it into everything you pen. Be sure to remain authentic to your voice.

Cut the fuzz – All of it. Flip it all away!

Give a series of content – Use short but helpful tutorials, videos, case studies, reviews, list posts, interviews, how-to posts, and podcasts. Try it all and learn what your readers love the most.

Find out your user’s interests – Check out your opponents and take a look at their most favorite posts or use keyword tools (like SEMRush). Use Google Analytics to check your top content and most searched keywords (unsure how? Take a look at these tutorials).

Use visuals and avoid unedited ones – Try to incorporate eye-catching photos, infographics, and videos wherever possible.

Tip: How to Create Free Images for Blog Even if You Are Not a Designer

Always keep it original – Google rewards high-quality websites, whereas penalized the blogs with the copied content.

Center on hot headlines – 80% of users won’t go any farther than the headline, so get a way to entice them in deeper.

Make your conversation moving – If your post starts flashing comments, search engines will notice that your content is valuable and updated regularly. The conclusion? A leading ranking of your blog posts in search engines.

Give actionable content – Your visitors need to learn and grow better at whatever it is they’re passionate about. Always attempt to tie this into your content.

#Build Engagement

For your content to be appealing, it demands to be directly scannable. Draft your content in an easy-to-read form that will retain your users engaged despite the length.

The good news? It is super simple to do. Here are some points:

Keep your paragraphs short – Don’t terrify off your visitors with long and consecutive text.

Practice subheadings – Cut your data into sub-sections using subtitles. See how I use subtitles (bigger fonts) on every given a tip here?

Use lists – They’re much simpler on eyes.

Use visual aids – Make your content a few more attractive with high-quality visuals.

Highlight relevant points – Use italic, underlined or bolded font on valuable data.

Use readable fonts – Try to use standard fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, etc. Your font size must be at least 12px or bigger.

Also, increase engagement by:

Creating your content easy to share on social media with noticeable social sharing buttons.

Introducing powerful brands in your blog posts and let them know about it. Most brands love this and will be expected to share.

Adding a CTA (call to action) at the bottom of your posts. Examples: “I’d like to perceive what you thought of this post… Do you have any of your tips? Let’s get the discussion going!”

#Offer Real Value:

Offer Real value to your visitors – Rather of just giving overall integrity — like the Top 10 Facebook Management Tools — Give them analyses, reasons and calculated comparisons why.

What businesses advantage does this have? How can you use anything like HootSuite to execute campaigns? How can you then track this using Google Analytics? And how should you manage this data to modify future campaigns?

Don’t just give an easy top 10 list – get deep and reveal the mechanics beyond your pick, and give your visitors a purpose to come back to you over other generic blogger Z.”

#Get Social Media Knowledge

Social media is your best buddy when you think of marketing your blog. How? As it’s prompt, it’s efficient, and the masses practice it. It’s clearly your most valuable marketing tool and a good approach to propose the right and hot audience.

But what should you do to get the maximum out of social media?

Make a Brand of your social media pages – Make sure to add a link redirecting to your blog or site.

Add social media follow buttons somewhere visible on your site.

Post on social media frequently – Be regular with publishing high quality and appropriate content on your social channels. Make the use tools to schedule your blog posts like Buffer, Hootsuite. Be assured to concentrate on the channels where your ideal readers are.

Share your blog posts more than once – We all have the mindset of “share once and ignore.” We write on our blog and share it over all our social media mediums only once. But what about all those readers who unnoticed that first share?

Even a preferred resolution is to share each blog post recurring times, depending on the social channel, in a favorable fashion. For example, you might Google+, Facebook shares and tweet your blog post quickly as you hit publish. After a day later you might require to tweet it over. Possibly the coming week it’s time for another Google+ share, and so on.

Use live video -Use Facebook live to build personal relationships with your fans. Facebook live broadcasts your followers and fans when you’re life, so this is an excellent way to create more leads to your blog (but of course, always offer something valuable.)

Always use engaging visuals and avoid using unedited stock photos.

Inspire your followers to communicate by adding calls to action(CTA) at the bottom of your blog posts (e.g., “Leave a comment below with _______!”)

Promote relevant, modern trends.

Use #hashtags efficiently.

#Submit Your Work to Content Curation Sites

Despite time-consuming, sending your work to other content curation sites is essential in building your brand. It not only showcases your name to potential visitors but it also helps you to prove yourself as an expert by providing you more content to share across social media. It also opens you up to further collaboration possibilities with other bloggers.

Here are a few content curation sites to get your work onto:

Wrapping it Up

That’s it – Seven prominent ways to help build your blog and market it like an authority. Did you have a favorite pick? Let us know in a comment below!

Note: Anuradha Chawla had written this guest post – Founder of Dhost

Support: This post contains affiliate links through which I earn a small commission against qualifying purchase, at no cost to you.

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  7. Hi Anuradha,

    Great tips on building your blog. I agree that writing your blog posts in a more conversational tone can help you build a relationship with your readers. This is one of the things that most people say over and over.

    All these tips are great and I know that if a new blogger would just implement just a few of these tips, they will be on their way to create a great blog.

    I haven’t tried the content curation sites, but it seems to be working great for you.

    Thanks for sharing these tips, I know that they will help so many people who are just starting a blog.

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