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Buy Dofollow Backlinks For Your Niche & Event Blogs {2021 + $50 Bonus}

In this page, I am glad to share a list of few best resources “where” to buy dofollow backlinks for your niche sites and event blogs. Meanwhile, let me discuss few ideas about “how” to buy dofollow backlinks. Before that, I will share my thoughts about the need for buying backlinks. Why we are triggered to purchase backlinks even there are tonnes of useful link building techniques available.

Reasons To Buy Dofollow Backlinks

Though CONTENT is having the predominant role when it comes to Google ranking or getting traffic from search engines, Backlinks has never lost its importance in online marketing. Backlinks are not only crucial to bring traffic; you can even brand yourself getting places in high authority sites. Each authority backlink is a vote for you.

Every webmaster would be more eager to build a considerable number of backlinks promptly. And we all know that it is not that simple. We have to put efforts, and it takes time though. There is no other option; we will have to find a way to make things happen on time as well as qualified.

There are typical reasons why people are buying dofollow backlinks. They are as follows:

  • Takes much time
  • Long wait for results
  • It’s hectic too
Takes Much Time

Any backlink say either a white hat or black hat; it makes a lot of time to gain a backlink successfully. We have to find prospects with relevancy; have to check metrics. If all set, then you have to approach requesting for backlink following various outreach strategies like email outreach to make successful. Once it goes well, then the crucial part is you have prepared the quality content. Else, you have to look for existing content relevant to your page; you place your link in the existing content. You have to spend more time on research, outreach, and content writing and so on.

Long Wait For Results

We cannot even predict that when we could see some positive numbers of response to place our links. So we have to keep on prospecting and outreaching. Again content writing and editing is a time taken process. However, there are plenty of online spell check software and proofreading tools available to minimize your workload. But, it can optimize your schedule on a few tasks, there are many similar tasks too. It is no doubt; this will dig your valuable time to rinse and repeat the same.

It’s Hectic Too

Getting a link back won’t happen in a single shot. You have to follow up prospects rigorously. To handle the complete process, you will have to engage human resources so that you can work on your other tasks. If you don’t write the content yourself, then you will have to find a better source for content writing. In short, you will have a headache.

Hence, we will have to go for buying dofollow backlinks to overcome all the above.

Why to buy quality or high DA backlinks ever?

Somehow, we conclude to buy dofollow backlinks either for your niche sites or event blogs. Now, here comes a question, Why to buy dofollow backlinks on “high authority sites”? As a typical person, everyone will prefer cost-effective resources for any services. Here, considering the penny if you are choosing any cheap brand for buying dofollow backlinks; then there is no guarantee for the site authority where your links will be placed.

There are chances to have your links on any spam sites or PBN’s. The high risk here is, this may affect your domain score. Finally, you have to spend more time to disavow those links. It is more hectic to remove such links than placing links.
So don’t ever allow service providers to place your links on any spam sites or spin.

Should you buy dofollow backlinks?

LinksManagement Black Friday Banner

As a digital player or expertise in SEO or digital marketing, you might be aware of the importance of dofollow links over nofollow. Resources are offering multiple SEO services like on page SEO (optimizing your site’s on page factors), blog commenting, article writing, review writing, and so on. Breaking your brain and digging your time by working on those tasks may bring you results but it may take much time, and it may result in offering nofollow links. The output would not be worthy of your time and efforts.

If you choose to buy dofollow backlinks, then you can define your requirements and get the things done. Getting dofollow links in high DA sites is always a great sign to see your growth in search engine ranking and increase in your sites scores. So, it is still preferable to build dofollow links instead of going with utter beneficial nofollow links.

Things to consider before buying backlink services

Above, I mentioned about buying backlinks on high DA sites preferably dofollow links. Similarly, there are few other critical things to remember for buying dofollow backlinks for niche sites. Let me list out below to make you aware.

  • Don’t ever encourage placing your links in any PBN sites
  • Opt for Dofollow links probably. If you couldn’t afford much to put in high DA sites, then go for nofollow links in popular domains, though it has some lesser credibility.
  •  If you are opting for backlink services regularly, always insist on placing your links on unique sites. So that, it would be natural. Moreover, Google trust backlinks from unique sources.
  •  If you are attempting paid guest posting services with dofollow links on other authority sites, please make sure that the content length should be high.
  •  Always prefer backlink service site that favors manual process instead using automated tools for outreaching.
  •  Don’t let service providers have your link placing on the home page of any sites as it adds you only less value.

Another critical thing to notice after placing your links, keep an eye that your link is active so far. Have frequent checks to not to lose. 

Where to Purchase backlinks? Best place to buy Niche Backlinks?

At last, you are now at the edge to buy dofollow backlinks for placing your dofollow links on high authority sites. You have to be more curious about cost, quality, and more before choosing the best backlink service providers. You may opt for any backlinks services for SEO, as most of the companies offering multiple services. To assist you, here I am sharing a few famous names or the best sources for buying backlinks in 2021.

S.No.Product NameMoney Back GuaranteeRatingAction
1Links ManagementAvailable9.8/10Get Backlinks
2Backlinks.comNot Available9.4/10Visit Website
3Blackhatlinks.comNot Available
9.2/10Visit Website
4The HOTHAvailable9.6/10Visit Website
5OutreachMamaAvailable9.4/10Visit Website
6FiverrNot Available
8.9/10Visit Website
7People Per HourNot Available
9.0/10Visit Website
8 Website
9UpworkAvailable8.8/10Visit Website
10Postlinks.comNot Available
8.7/10Visit Website

Best Resources To Buy High Authority Backlinks

#1. Links ManagementMy Favourite Site To Buy Backlinks

Once you fix to buy dofollow backlinks, I recommend Links Management. For cost-effective as well as quality backlinks, there is no better alternative for Links Management. With its page glance feature, you can have access to millions of pages to choose from various aspects like MOZ metrics, category, region and more.

If you are a busy bee finding no time to concentrate on building backlinks, Links Management team will assist you with SEO experts to handle tasks to buy SEO backlinks, but this may be costing you high accordingly. You could refer Links Management reviews online; you may confidently choose among other service sites.

Links Management provides you reliable as well as permanent links at an affordable cost. They have great success stories in providing SEO and link building services and bringing more websites to get high traffic from search engines. Don’t ever bother about the domain authority of the sites; you will get backlinks from authority sites with DA from 40 to 100.

Links Management is not one offering backlinks service; they are also superior in providing services regarding total SEO. Bring your site to the top position in search engine ranking pages and get massive traffic rendering Links Management service. It is entirely awesome in providing what its users want. As a proof of it, it does come with few free SEO tools or products as below:

  • SEO Expert Tool – To manage your SEO campaigns and to choose best high DA sites relevant to you
  • SEO Calculator – An analysis tool to compute how it must cost for getting more top ranking in search engines and how much backlinks do require and the time to achieve the same.
  • SEO Mistakes – A detailed guide to assist you to avoid most typical SEO mistakes saving you. As an ordinary human, making mistakes are unavoidable. Save your time and money learning from the guide to cross over those mistakes.

LinksManagement Order Page

Whenever I had any plan to go for buying backlinks, I prefer only Links Management. I have been using Links Management services for a few of my niche sites and event blogs. Here you go for the detailed micro-niche marketing guide for optimizing your niche or micro-niche blogs before opting to buy dofollow backlinks services.


  •  Manual Process ensuring quality backlinks
  •  You may get backlinks from any favorite sites and even from .edu, .gov domains
  •  Choose your desired authority sites filtering by metrics, country, external links volume and more
  •  Comes with free SEO products to predict and choose high DA sites for placing links
  •  Your links come from pages having relevant, quality content and frequent Google-indexing
  •  Natural placement of links and links will be staying alive permanently
  •  Don’t entertain PBN sites

  •  Importantly, increase your authority, ranking and traffic having quality backlinks
  •  You can get backlinks from .edu, .gov domains too
  •  Unique for reliable and quality service
  •  Automate your entire process
  •  You can have either permanent or temporary links as well as cost-effective and expensive also
  •  Money back guarantee for 100%
  •  You can’t pay for each link, have to add money to the account and pay from that

BONUS: Get $50 credit to your LinksManagement account for the first time you join Links Management. Significantly, you may utilize this bonus value to multiply your link buying.

#2. Backlinks.Com is one among the favorite sites for backlink services. If you are willing to place your links on quality and authority domains, then assist you more magnificently. has its well-framed directory with all the web pages they deal. So that, you can filter out the relevant and appropriate page for placing your links. is itself a high authority domain so that they could serve you better to bring your authority.

If your links get vanish due to some specific reasons, then team will check the cause and replace your links in some other domain, or they will refund to you.

Backlinks are not only familiar with buying dofollow links; it is a favorite platform even to sell links and to earn from your blog. The primary thing is, you must have an authority web page or blog having posts with pleasing and quality content. There are various types of blog post content methods pick your suitable one and have breathtaking content to engage more visitors.

Hence, you could see more prospects to earn a lump sum. Many people trust and positively spread review over the web.

  •  They do have the practice of link monitoring, and if anything goes odd, then they will replace it.
  •  Option to search domain from link page directory
  •  Built and integrates with SEO Intelligence
  •  Having link queue feature to auto-pilot your SEO

  •  They are upfront showing their paid link services. This visibility may trigger Google anytime to monitor its activity and finally the list of links placed by


Don’t astound hearing the name If you are the one looking for bulk link placements either for you or your client at minimal cost, then your choice would be They are not preferably into the sitewide link or contextual link providing service; they are best in offering blog comments, web 2.0, social signals, wiki answers and more.

The unique highlight is you don’t wait for days to get your links placed. They are particular for prompt and quick service. is nowhere lagging in service quality. As an agency, you may choose for setting massive links. would be timely to buy cheap high PR backlinks.

  •  Provide backlinks on sites with low outbound links
  •  Supports multiple languages
  •  Quick service, even in an hour you can have your links visible
  •  Cost-effective one

  •  No assurance of quality using automated tools
  •  Optimal only for bulk service

#4. The HOTH

The HOTH is exclusive with its enterprise level of services. You can perform your entire SEO tasks from a single hub. The Hoth is popular as their link building service will be natural, and their service quality is no way lagging. The Hoth delivers such service quality because the team does the whole process manually. The method includes starting from finding relevant prospects to placing your links successfully.

As The Hoth has its remarkable presence in multiple services, they could use those data to serve you in a better way. You may submit the URL’s and keywords say focus keyword or LSI keywords, relax and get links. They will handle the process and place your links appropriately.

The Hoth guest posting is another favorite service. You don’t bother about the relevancy and the quality of the content. Do research and give your URL’s and anchor text. The Hoth has a strong team with excellent content writing skills and editing. So they will check through all the outreach and further process and place your links. If you are looking at these kinds of services for your clients, then The Hoth will come up with reports which you can showcase to your clients.

  •  Guaranteed high-quality backlinks
  •  All-in-one platform to handle your outreach and backlinking tasks
  •  White-hat guest posting with breathtaking content on high authority sites
  •  You can choose your keyword and anchor text for guest posting
  •  Manual outreach process to make it flawless
  •  Full-fledged support service
  •  They don’t acknowledge guarantee for link survival as it depends on search engine

#5. OutreachMama

OutreachMama is unique and specializes in guest posting services. They will handle the complete process of content, outreach, follow-ups, publish, and finally link placement. They have been researching on and building relationships with online publishers to get access to buying links.

OutreachMama has a great list of publishers around 400 counts to choose your apt site for outreach. Once found they will create content relevant to you for publishing. Once, published they will keep us posted with progress updates. If you want to buy quality link building services, then you may pick OutreachMama. They are prominent for link building services to individuals or agencies and guest posting services.

  •  Operates with the in-house team
  • Reliable service and communication offering product manager to intimate us with progress reports
  •  Having a good rapport with online publishers

  •  If you are looking for multiple services at one place, Outreach Mama would not be best
  • As a standard term, no assurance for commercial links
  •  Currently, they don’t have any specific discounts for bulk orders

#6. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the famous names in the marketplace when we think about freelancing work. Fiverr is also exclusive to providing backlinks service at very minimal cost. It is a known thing that Fiverr is using tools for automatic and spin backlinks. Hence, they could offer backlink services at even $5.

So you have to be very conscious while choosing sources for buying backlinks or opting for backlink services. However, high-quality backlinks are the one that adds value to your site. Instead, there is no meaning in getting spin backlinks. On the other hand, it will be having an adverse impact on your site as well. Then, disavowing those spam links would be a tedious process.

  • Prompt Service at a very affordable cost
  • Assists you with multiple services like social bookmarking, RSS feeds, article submission, and more
  • You can get backlinks even from .edu, .gov domains

  •  High probability of spin backlinks
  • Backlinks to spam sites may affect your site quality
  •  Lack of service quality as using automated tools

#7. People Per Hour

People Per Hour is a most exceptional website for services anything related to online jobs and to earn online. With its excellence, it serves better in offering cheap backlink services as well as best backlink service. There you could also find backlinks for sale. For best and cheap backlinks for SEO, you may prefer people per hour. There are SEO experts, or even professionals gives you the best services if you want to buy high-quality backlinks service.

But, I don’t actively recommend PPH exclusively for backlink services as it is well known for freelancing online projects. You can find freelancers for anything like online digital marketing training from experts and more.

  •  PPH has an extensive database of experts offering various online services
  •  You can choose your right resource as you wish and your budget
  •  Less expensive and comparatively better than Upwork with all features
  •  Not exclusive to backlink or guest posting services
  • You may not confidently propose and relax as it is not a backlink service providing the agency

#8. SEOClerks

SEOClerks is a familiar marketplace not only for backlink service but also for SEOClerks is famous for selling logos, themes, plug-ins and for freelance tasks. For any new websites, to build a large number of backlinks SEOclerks would be optimal. But you have to ready to face the risks factors if any.

SEOClerks offers services at low cost, but there are rumors that it doesn’t have an expert team to perform the tasks smartly. You can also sell backlinks as a member registering for free. But, be conscious about PBN networks. If you are looking for quality backlink services, then publish your requirement and fetch the high-level bid to get valuable backlinks.

  •  Single platform for multiple services
  •  Cost-effective source
  •  You can either buy or sell backlinks
  •  You can find the reliable sellers with their ratings

  •  Not a guaranteed source of quality
  • High-risk factors
  •  Tedious to search and find suitable gigs matching our budget

#9. Upwork

Upwork is a familiar freelancing portal for any online services or projects. You could find reliable as well as efficient resources for your tasks. As we seen above on Fiverr and PPH, Upwork is also not notably for backlink services. However, you could find plenty of SEO, blogging, guest posting, outreach experts to manage your tasks.

The best part is you can choose your right person depending on your budget and the expertise level required. The percentage of each’s job success will let you know their credibility for selecting the right one for the right time. I could see there are more experts even offering best SEO training courses online.

  •  Provides a stream of Services at affordable cost
  •  You may choose resources for any online related tasks especially SEO
  •  Don’t have defined set of workflow as an individual resource
  • You can’t expect any links directory to choose from


Postlinks is the suitable one for those who are looking for high authority links as well as web 2.0 links. Few favorite big shots may ensure you to buy high pr links or to buy SEO backlinks but failed to serve regarding web 2.0. For both authority and web2.0 backlinks, the preferable choice would be postlinks. Register to their membership plans for placing links, and there is no option to pay for individual links.

Upon membership, post links compute your link price based on the MOZ metrics. The charges will be higher placing links on high authority sites. But, if you wish to buy high-quality backlinks service, postlinks would be superior as it prefers placing a link on old domains with high authority.

  •  Single hub to acquire services like authority backlinks and web 2.0 backlinks
  • Prominent for bulk or agency backlink services
  •  Well-known for high-quality backlinks

  •  You have to be pay for membership, no option to pay separately for each link
  •  For the individual looking only for 2 or 3 links, membership costs would be higher

Tips to Buy Text Links and .gov/.edu backlinks

If you are willing to buy quality dofollow backlinks for your desired anchor text, have a check on famous names allowing you to choose your text. Few in the market won’t let you choose your anchor text regarding guest posting.

For buying backlinks from popular sites like .edu/.gov domains, do stick on the money. Do more research and choose your best choice like Links Management for quality service at affordable cost.

My Final Verdict on Buying Dofollow Backlinks

Buying backlinks is not a crime. However, understand the risks and go for buying dofollow backlinks for your niche sites or event blogs if and only if necessary to have. In the above sections, I have listed the few trendy resources to buy backlinks.

I recommend you to work by yourself instead of finding an agency if you are new and starting up with the link building. If you couldn’t work around your schedule and planned a budget for link building campaigns, then go to buy dofollow quality backlinks. Hope, you may go to buy dofollow backlinks services for event blogs as you have to hit the traffic in a short span of time.

But, my kind suggestion is to don’t think about spending money and don’t choose a cheaper solution. Don’t stick to money, pick the reliable services.

Support: This post contains affiliate links through which I earn a small commission against qualifying purchase, at no cost to you.

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