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How Guest Post Matters To Double My Client’s Website Traffic In Just 77 Days?

I am glad to announce that we have achieved a drastic changeover in our service while working for one of our prestigious clients. In this article, let me share the secret how guest blogging assists us to double the traffic in just not more than three months.

The client approaches our team with more frustrations. You know why? They have been working with other SEO agency for years to promote their business regarding getting rankings for their primary keywords and generating massive traffic. Still, they couldn’t even achieve the minimum boundary.

They come to know about us through a reference from one of our satisfied customer they are connected. With our expert team, we had thorough analysis on the website and presented a clear-cut report to them. We helped them out with few on-page SEO tips for professional betterment.

The next better half and the win-win strategy what we have applied is GUEST BLOGGING. Do you guess Guest Blogging is no more alive? From our real-time experience, I would regret. I am a huge fan of using guest blogging service to increase or madly to double your traffic. Hence, I am writing this case study here.

Before Getting Started With Our Guest Blogging Service

We don’t say that client’s domain is a newborn baby. I never promise that we can do magic within a week or we will be bringing a new blog or website to strike the peak. We know the value of SEO and how rigid are SEO strategies or techniques. We don’t love to give such fake promises.

However, client’s website has its significant traffic and moderate ranking position in search engines for around two thousand keywords. They are serious about increasing their organic traffic to have high conversion ratio.

In such case, we will have to assist them as a digital marketing agency and hence, preferred to take our tool on hand ‘guest blogging’. It’s our great privilege that we are well-connected with webmasters and love to help others sharing new strategic ideas and tips. I have strong belief mutual understanding owe mutual benefits with no harm.

We were more eager to work on taking it as a great challenge. Because, optimizing and getting a site on the 3rd page on the search engine to the 1st page is much easier than bringing the site in 1st page, 2nd position to 1st position. Am I right?

In like manner, we had great research on client’s domain core to step into the following process:

  • Creating buyer persona with more than enough information
  • square-o
    Finding list of prospects, sorting out with possible relevancy naturally
  • Come out with more relevant, quality, informative, pleasing and breathtaking content
  • square-o
    Manual outreach via Email to the high authority and real blogs (We don’t trust PBN’s, and we never let them in)
  • Finally, bringing guest post live on highly ranking, authoritative and master blogs

Before content preparation, we have shared the keyword research part with my client as they are keener on that and in picking more related long tail keywords. You know what, we offer user-friendly approach and quality service hence, our clients are happier to work with us for a long run.

Note: Moreover, I don’t hesitate to share the blogs list where I have been working with and submitting guest posts. But, I bet that it won’t works for all in general. The way we do research and approach everything matters a lot.

Does Guest Blogging Work? Here is a Stats Proof

I am aware single guest post will never revolutionize your complete history. But, I am sure some decent number of guest posts on authority blogs will no way disappoints you. On the other hand, it will take your site to the newer heights with building site authority as well.

As you can see from the above picture, the organic keywords getting search engine ranking has grown above 4 thousand from 2 thousand. Imagine, if your website is getting ranking for 4 thousand keywords, how the conversion ratio will be and the sales pitch.

We got stunning though we have got results more than our expectations. And, we are glad that we helped my client to double his monthly organic traffic and improve the website ranking for more targeted keywords. He has got more than his imaginations and ROI.

Over To You

I have precisely presented our experience with one of our client’s phenomena in doubling their website organic traffic and getting top ranking for targeted keywords. Here, I have shared about a workable strategy, guest blogging and how we made it successful.

As a team of experts and being connected with blogging networks, we are great to assist you with our blogging outreach service. If you are willing to one among our beneficiary client’s, we are glad to serve you, check out our services. Don’t worry about content, the crucial factor. We will handle content making along with guest blogging service. We are unique for rendering quality, prompt service at affordable price.


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