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Quick Ideas To Create Audience-Engaging Content (Never Been Shared Anywhere)

Today, I’ll help you with some practical ideas to create audience-engaging content and accomplish your content marketing goals. 

Art of the hook!

Grabbing the user’s attention is!

Yes, it is.

However, engaging and delighting your audience is momentous.

The term ‘engaging’ becomes an essential trait of content that you produce these days. 

Often we come across the magic words ‘quality content’. What determines quality content?

It’s simple – the content that is informative, inspiring, engaging, flawless, user-intent based, in-depth, well-optimized, or anything in your slang. 

Indeed, the content creators understand the shift in their customer’s culture and come up with content that meets.

But, the definition of engagement differs from whom you write for. It varies from person-to-person. 

So, it’s never been easy to create audience-engaging content consistently. 

Do you feel that you are helpless since the content is the only stone you have to throw at your audience, breaking their mindset?

That’s why I thought of helping you with my ideas to create highly engaging content that keeps your readers engaged. 

How to create audience-engaging content?

& make them stick to it?

It is nothing but – write what your audience wants. 

Who are your audiences? What they actually need through your content? In this competitive marketing ecosystem, am I likely to produce such engaging content?

You might have hundreds of questions annoying. Leave it to me and keep reading. 

You will get clarity in your mind once you complete reading this article. 

But, before getting into it – let’s discuss what engagement is, significant engagement metrics, and something of its kind. 

What do you mean ‘engagement’ is?

I’m sure you use Google Analytics to look at your website performance statistics. 

How about your site’s bounce rate?

That tells you how engaging your pages or website is.

Let’s put it simple and straightforward. Your content has to trigger people (who read) to respond or take any action that relates to it.

It can be of anything: opt-ins, sales, downloads, clicks, likes, comments, etc. 

If your reader fails to take any of these actions, it means that they are unhappy with your content. You fall short of offering them what exactly they seek. 

Ultimately, your engagement metrics are weak. So, no decent traffic – poor conversions and hence, less revenue. 

Let’s revolutionize.

It’s time to make alterations in your content creation strategy. 

Identify your target audiences, firsthand

Your content marketing couldn’t be a successful one with no proper goals set.

Of course, anyone can write. But, content with no defined purpose is no way productive. 

Ask yourself to whom you are writing for? What your audience should do reading your content. 

With no defined target audience or your content goals, your time, efforts, and money go useless. 

So, invest your energy in potential ways. Write user-engaging content and let them hang on with you. 

Tips to Create ‘Awesome’ Content that Engage Audiences

Not to mention – it’s not easy to craft great content. Still, let it be at its best in engaging the readers.

#1 Be original sharing your personal experience

Google says almost 25 to 35% of content over the web is unoriginal. And, it never takes duplicate content more seriously as you think. 

Still, everyone insists you to produce original content. Why?

On the other hand, it is nearly impossible to come up with 100% original content. 

Always there is someone else who talks about the same topic you do. 

So, the idea is about crafting content that stands out, distinct from other resources (on the same topic) over the web to the maximum. 

You can choose a topic that every other writes about. But, share your own ideas, personal experiences to make it unique. 

Personal experience is yours. Nobody else can have the same. 

Look at the image below. 

Sharing personal experience engaging audience

Only Jeff can tell you how he improves the memorability of his brand with a small change (switch from to for all his short links shared on social media. 

And hence, the content could stand tall and unique. 

#2 Produce actionable content with the intent

What if you don’t have any content goals? 

Certainly, it’s a total mess-up. State of confusion!

You don’t know where to start, what to present, or anything. 

By the way, if you don’t have any idea – obviously, your readers too. 

What do you want to accomplish through this piece of writing – to educate something or brand building or sell or entertain?

Let’s consider you promote a product, and blog about it. Your posts need to emphasize the features of the product, how to use it, how reliable it is to solve the user’s problems, how you experienced it, etc. 

This compels readers to make a purchase. 

You can’t believe that your audience will skim through your blog articles and go to your eCommerce pages and buy your products. 

It’s a big cycle, of course – the sales funnel. 

So, the piece of writing must be actionable and CTA’s to be obvious to turnout the site visitors into your customers. 

David Leonhardt (THGM Writers) could simply write a content promoting his content writing services. But, he didn’t. 

He wants to help his audience about how to write a professional author bio and finally, he tries to help the readers with his ghost content writing service.

And, the intent of the content lies over there. Sure, this will work well too. 

create with content intent

So, why don’t you try something of this kind?

#3 Improve Content Readability

Most importantly, your content must be easy-to-follow. Hence, the content will be highly readable. 

Organize your typography in the proper hierarchy. Use clear heading structure, subheadings, lists, bullet points wherever you feel necessary. 

Include a table of contents, FAQs, comparison tables, gif images, etc. to boost your content value further. 

Remember, you write for your audience, not for search engines. So, don’t overlook keywords. Let the content flow naturally with casual (related) keywords. 

Keep your sentences and paragraphs short using transition words. 

Make sure your content is error-free. The silly spelling and grammatical mistakes can disqualify your whole content in front of your audience. 

So, pay some extra attention to eliminating such writing mistakes, punctuation errors, etc. 

Indeed, stick to your writing style too. You might have a good readership exclusively loving your writing style and content presentation. Like how I love Nathan Gotch’s and Brian Dean’s content flow with related screenshots. 

So, align with your genre-specific writing style. 

Despite all, proofread your content using writing assistant tools or manually before bringing it to your audience. 

However, you can look at your content readability score using Grammarly, Yoast SEO, etc. I always join hands with Grammarly premium tools to make my content perfect. 

#4 Bring-out accurate information

If you are an online marketer, I’m sure you must be familiar with Brian Dean’s blog 

Anyways, I am an avid reader of it. 

Brian Dean often comes with research-based posts and admiring statistics. Articles like organic click-through rate analyzing 5 million Google search results. 


I always admire how he could come up with such stunning data. He still stands weird in his area.

Here is another legend, Neil Patel. While navigating through his blog articles, I find his mentions about data from the study by someone on the topic he covers. 

Not just one or two, for every insight he talks about, he sources reliable information from appropriate sites.

Content with accurate data - Neil Patel

I suggest you do the same in your content. 

By the way, anyone has the liberty to put anything over the web. So, be careful to publish any such statistics or data from other resources. 

Make sure to recognize the quality and accuracy of the information wherever you source it from. 

If there is no proper reference or no blog name mentioned, then it falls short of proving that it is real. 

So, better source it from only authority sites and mention the source to your readers apparently. 

Also, make sure the data is up-to-date since web information changes rapidly. 

Keep content updated

Refreshing your content with recent data helps you to engage your readers greatly. 

Indeed, this can make your readers believe that you are active in rendering valuable information to them, and you are trustworthy. 

Also, keep an editor’s note (like below) to let them know that your content is up-to-date or about your update frequency.

Updated content

News, scientific evidence kind of sources gives credibility to your content. So, incorporate links to such credible sources. 

Following a trend is human nature. Report on current trends would allure readers to stick to your content regularly. 

Be the earliest to announce the latest updates or news in the industry to your audiences. Let them bookmark your online platform for the hot information. 

#5 Story-telling

While data is important, you should not present it too boring. 

Another way to engage your readers to the extreme would be story-telling. 

Hook your readers with your suspenseful or cliff-hanging real stores. Most of the audiences are likely to connect with such narrative content. 

Blend your writing tone a conversational with accurate information. Irrespective of your industry or the topic you write, you can tell stories. Just make sure it is real and relevant to the point your content conveys. 

Ryan Biddulph is good at crafting content this way. That’s why he is a master in writing. He is a world-wide traveler. Fun, kind-hearted blogger too. 

He always relates his content with his personal experiences. I love reading those. That makes his readership to strongly believe in his blogging insights via courses, ebooks, blog articles, etc. 

Story telling

Telling a story helps you to connect with your readers greatly. That can also evoke an emotional response like joy, sadness, fear, curiosity from the audiences. There is no better engagement than these touching reactions. 

And hence case-study content engages well than anything else. 

Case study

#6 Make it Thought-provoking

Ask exciting questions to involve them in your content. 

Embrace creativity in your content ideas that compels your readers to take part in your marketing efforts. 

Certainly, it takes more time than writing the usual content, still worth its time. 

Incorporate related quotes from popularities. 

Here is how Writing Cooperative mentions about a popular quote from Brian Clark. 

Popular quotes

Also, including giveaways, polls, surveys, etc. would help you to engage your readers better. Also, it makes them interact i.e., take action that relates to your content. 

Casually, I had come across a poll by Small Business Trends. It tweaks me to respond to it. And, I did too.


Create content that makes your audience think, enjoy, and take action using these interactive elements. 

You have noticed most of the bloggers try (at the end of the article) to stimulate discussions in the comment section. The last few lines include interesting questions to provoke the readers to interact via comments. That’s a kind of engagement. 

Like how Janice Wald tries to make her content productive, interactive and engaging. 


Also, she gives credit to her readers (last line), encouraging them to support her forever. People would love to visit her blog often or whenever she publishes new posts. 

If you haven’t tried this ever, make it a regular practice. 

#7 Embed visuals

Almost all the above I have talked about above are the text content. 

But, incorporating visual components into your content makes your content strategy a complete one.

I believe marketers started realizing how images enhance your content and SEO. 

Embed videos from trustworthy YouTube channels by pro bloggers who often broadcast valuable and sensitive video clips. 

These days, infographics work well in creating audience-engaging content. 

Don’t hesitate to include visual elements to your article overlooking that it makes your pages heavy. Just make sure to use light-weight, neatly designed, well-optimized, compressed, and proper file formats — no harm on your page loading speed. 

Here is an excellent post on Successful Blogging to make your blog posts outstanding (using visuals). 

People love to engage with visual content more and remember the images or infographics to retain their required information quickly.

Harness the power of visual content and burst out your messages to the readers. 

#8 Master your headlines 

Contrary to this, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’; readers would judge your content with its ‘title,’ aka headlines.

You have to focus more on creating awesome titles since titles are the stimulators. 

Blog post titles make your readers to click-through your article. Give them a reason to click-on. Poorly crafted headlines let them go away. Even you have created breath-taking content spending hours and weeks, no use. 

Whether it is on your site or social media channels or anywhere – headlines are the first thing to look at. 

So make it impressive, alluring, and eye-catchy to intrigue the users to click on the posts. 

It’s hard to highlight any individual blogger who crafts stunning titles. Several legends realized the importance of the titles and use them effectively. Here is a sample from Nikolay.


A well-crafted title can even change content destiny and success. By the way, it’s not about one headline for today but also consistently making great headlines. 

#9 Hook readers with intro

That’s great you have got some people clicked through your headlines. How to make them continue reading?

How to impress the readers just within the first very few minutes?

Hook the readers with your first few lines. So, they will remain interested throughout the post or at least stay for a while. 

Just around 55% of the users spend just 15 seconds on a page reading the articles. 

The majority of the people just skim through the content. They don’t read thoroughly. 

So it is far essential to create engaging content above the fold to make the rest of the content irresistible. 

Address the readers, asking a direct question. Let them be a part of the story. If you do so, they are likely to invest their time on your page. 

Try to build an emotional bonding with your readers. That emotional attachment makes them strongly believe that you can offer something valuable throughout your content.

#10 Diversify your content templates

This idea is a kind of lowest hanging fruit.

People would feel bored while reading the same template of content every day.

Though case study content performs well in engaging your audience, nobody wills to read it all day.

You have to give them different flavors. 

One day, talk about a case study, the next day video content, then speak about research, the following post can be a promotional, and it goes. 

Blog about any recent trends or events. Embed humorous elements to make it more engaging. 

So, diversifying your content can help to hold your readers.  

Wrapping Up – Create Audience-engaging content

Even, CTA’s are one of the most powerful engaging elements. That helps readers to decide what to do next. Keep your CTA’s that triggers. 

So, you can tweak every individual component of your page to make your content more engaging. 

Beyond everything, just create content with passion. If you are passionate about a topic, it’s painless to make it empathize with your readers. 

Creating audience-engaging content is hard, though. 

Once you master in the art of writing, connecting with people, then your improved engagement metrics will take care of the rest. 

Experimentation is the best way to optimize your content marketing strategy. If you have published content that less likely engages your readers, let it be. 

From the failure, understand the audience’s needs and repurpose it. Check, how engaging the content is, now. Keep an eye on what works well with your target audiences.  

That’s great. You are now on the right track towards your content marketing goals. 

So, what’s the impactful engaging element of your content? What type of content do you think engages your readers most? What’s your secret in creating audience-engaging content?

Share your thoughts below in the comments section. 

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