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10 Best Digital Marketing Youtube Channels You Must Subscribe To

Recently I come across a blog post online about statistics on Youtube. It’s really astonishing to notice how YouTube emerges over the years. You know what? Every single day, there are audiences watching almost 5 billion videos on Youtube. There are Youtube local versions in more than 88 countries supporting 76 different languages. Still, there are plenty of miracle statistics on Youtube growth and influence. Among all popularity, here I am filtering out best ten best digital marketing Youtube channels you must subscribe and watch on a regular basis.

I am wondering how we people are showing interesting in watching videos than reading any articles. Especially, Youtube becomes the leading in providing high quality and relevant videos as what users are looking. As usual, Google proves its ability in engaging its users through video streamlines as well.

Youtube is best for learning Digital Marketing?

There are Youtube fans watching videos for various purposes like entertainment, learning, to know live updates, to get help on something, etc., Youtube is an incredible source to keep us up to date on anything.

Almost all the popular Youtube channels will be linking to their blogs with relevancy. So that, you can have multiple appropriate sources to get in-depth knowledge on something you want to learn about digital marketing or SEO.

The Youtube channel also allows you to comment on your reviews so that enabling you to participate in discussions or joining the team of multiple viewers. It’s amazing that how Youtube is crucial in helping us to build the network.

Must Watch Digital Marketing Youtube Channels

With its popularity in existence, it is tough to check through loads of relevant search result videos to find solid and consistent Youtube channels to watch to grab what exactly we want. But, the below list of MUST-To watch Youtube Channels will ensure for the better learning experience to sharpen your skills on SEO and digital marketing.

Here are the few favorite video channels by the giants in the digital marketing network. Subscribing and daily practice of watching these videos will boost up your stuff in the digital marketing domain. You can keep you updated with the recent news and latest trends too.

Channel No #1 – Neil Patel


Neil Patel – The top influencer of marketing over the web. He is more into teaching you every day with new tactics in digital marketing. Having multiple platforms, he is a genius in serving us best.

Neil Patel is master in drafting content in his own style. You cannot even skim from reading his page as he always prefers to come up with data that works better.

Similarly, he is always glad to help with ideas. In his youtube channels, he will be almost covering SEO, Digital marketing topics to offer you enough traits to get master.

Further, there are around one lakh subscribers for Neil Patel’s YouTube channels. The viewer’s lists for each video will always be unimaginable count.

There are videos even more about YouTube SEO treating YouTube as a separate search engine.

Eminent for: SEO, Digital Marketing and Blogging

Subscribe Neil Patel Youtube Channel

Channel No #2 – Backlinko


Brian Dean, a digital marketer and founder of Backlinko. They do offer online courses educating how to get ranking on Google and YouTube.

Backlinko YouTube channel is all about SEO. There are more than one million subscribers for Backlinko.

However, Backlinko publishes video less frequently than how active Brian dean’s blog is. Link building is a predominant factor in SEO and digital marketing. To know the secrets behind building links and attempt white hat link building techniques, Backlinko Youtube channel will be the superior.

If you would like to be master in driving high traffic to your site, then subscribe and keep watching Backlinko YouTube channel.

Eminent for: Link Building and Google Ranking

Subscribe Backlinko Youtube Channel

Channel No #3 – SEMRush


SEMRush is authoritative in the SEO industry with its all-in-all tools to work on all SEO modules. You can use SEMRush SEO tools for your SEO from beginning to beyond.

SEMRush offers intuitive SEO tools which cover A to Z to manage all your SEO and digital marketing tasks. Scratch from site audit to analytics, you can get assistance with its tools.

To become an authority in using SEMRush tools, it is no other way better than keep watching its Youtube channels. As you are gathering enough knowledge in its features, you can start using its tools in full fledge and so that you can save your time to manage your SEO tasks. You can concentrate more on branding and promoting then.

There are thousands of subscribers to SEMRush YouTube channels. SEMRush videos are more viral among the public as far as we think about using top SEO tools as SEO Powersuite comes with a great discount.

Eminent for: SEO Tools (Especially SEMRush Tools)

Subscribe SEMRush Youtube Channel

Channel No #4 – Moz


Moz has its reserved space in the SEO sphere. Moz does offer user-friendly SEO tools, and it is an excellent community of SEO experts.

Moz YouTube channels present high-quality content videos like daily tips, updates on Google algorithm changes and more. There is a massive list of SEO experts subscribers for MOZ YouTube channel.

MOZ proves its innovations even in publishing videos likely in the name of “Whiteboard Fridays”, “Daily SEO Fix”, “MOZ Presentations” and more. The videos will be not only entertaining; will be a complete package of helpful information.

As a popular digital player, MOZ ensures for the quality and informative videos by its experts to share their expertise and ideas. Hopefully, for any level of audiences like a beginner or professional digital marketer can benefit maximum out it.

Eminent for: SEO

Subscribe MozHQ Youtube Channel

Channel No #5 – Hubspot


Hubspot is famous for its inbound marketing strategies and marketing software. Hubspot frequently comes up with enlightening videos all about marketing strategies and techniques. It is superlative in assisting its subscribers to improve their online marketing campaigns. Also, they rarely publish videos covering keynotes from Inbound marketing conferences.

Hubspot concentrates further on streams like generating leads through blogs, conversion ratio out those traffic, and more. To treat you as digital marketing authority, join hands with Hubspot. Hubspot would be the best place to watch all about marketing and sale, that is particularly branding and business promotions.

Hubspot YouTube channels offer fantastic video content entertaining all about inbound sales and marketing. Subscribe and prove your business excellence by watching Hubspot YouTube videos regularly.

Eminent for: Inbound Marketing and Sales

Subscribe Hubspot Youtube Channel

Channel No #6 – Search Engine Journal


Search Engine Journal is a significant participant in the SEO world. They do come up with nook and corners about SEO trends and news.

SEJ is one of the more proactive Youtube channels for years. It frequently turns up with interesting in-depth videos on SEO, PPC and particularly on SEO trends, Google algorithm updates and so on.

Don’t hesitate to spare little time watching SEJ Youtube channels as we have to be up-to-date in the industry to glitter.

It is a vast digital marketing arena to dig into and learn endlessly. Search Engine Journal has its remarkable YouTube channel ensuring quality information concerning all SEO efforts.

Eminent for: Latest SEO updates and Trends

Subscribe Search Engine Journal Youtube Channel

Channel No #7 – Ahrefs


Ahrefs is a prominent SEO key tool provider keep on updating frequently. With its wide range of SEO tools including site explorer, content, keyword research, rank tracker, site audit, and more.

Ahrefs is a paid tool so if you find it difficult to know the real benefits you can get from it, then subscribe to their video channel and educate yourself. You will really be confident to proceed with Ahrefs. It also shares you in-depth knowledge on competitor analysis.

Do you want to know why your competitors are ranking high than you? What are all keywords bringing traffic to your competitors? What are all the domains, they do have backlinks from? What are all the mistakes you have done in your site and how to rectify? How your site is performing now? Make use of their tools. They are less frequent in presenting videos, however; you make use of their blog page too to find answers for all the above queries.

Ahrefs is a must-to-have tool for any SEO player. Ahrefs does its best in teaching people through its active YouTube channel. Be a master in all streams of SEO subscribing to Ahrefs videos.

Eminent for: SEO and Competitor Analysis

Subscribe Ahrefs Youtube Channel

Channel No #8 – Jon Loomer


Jon Loomer is a unique platform to know all about Facebook. Jon Loomer Youtube channel is precisely for its Facebook marketers. You can upgrade yourself with headways and insights on Facebook following Jon Loomer.

Jon Loomer arrives with more “how to” videos to educate Facebook marketing strategies. It covers most trending and innovative ideas to promote business through Facebook, optimizing Facebook pages, building audiences, and so on.

To get master in Facebook marketing and to promote your business through social media platforms, you have no other choice than following Jon Loomer’s Youtube video channel.

There are regular keen visitors and subscribers for Jon Loomer Youtube channel as it comes with Facebook tips and advertisements.

Eminent for: Facebook Marketing

Subscribe Jon Loomer Youtube Channel

Channel No #9 – Gotch SEOGotchSEO Youtube

Nathan Gotch is a well-known young SEO giant who does provide SEO training programs and white label services. Gotch SEO by Nathan Gotch will train and help you thoroughly to do effective search engine optimization. He loves to educate people and believes that SEO is the best ways to grow any business.

Recently, he started Gotch SEO academy conducting various streams of courses related to SEO. If you want to get a master in SEO, don’t wait then to follow Nathan Gotch. As he is more specific about SEO, you can learn every edge of SEO in-depth. Nathan might have slightly low subscribers, but it is for sure that they would keen followers knowing his value.

Nathan publishes videos frequently, which cover topics like keyword research, ranking, backlinks, anchor text optimization, online money-making and more.

I am glad that I had an opportunity to interview Nathan exploring his SEO strategies and ideas. It was quite interesting knowing his traits. Further, to be an authority in SEO; subscribe to Nathan’s Youtube channel and educate yourself.

Eminent for: SEO

Subscribe GotchSEO Youtube Channel

Channel No #10 – WPBeginner


WPBeginner is an exact platform to learn anything about WordPress. WordPress is the preferable CMS for designing a website or a blog with its user-friendly manner and most wanted features. For its simplicity and detailed guides, WPBeginner has gained thousands and millions of subscribers.

Learning and becoming a master in website designing using WordPress is such an exciting and essential job. You can watch WPBeginner videos and tutorials even as a newbie. It teaches you in and outs of WordPress.

If you keen to learn WordPress, you no need to waste your time surfing over the web. WPBeginner is the best source to ascertain every edge of WordPress. You can see mostly “step-by-step” guide or “how-to” videos to discover unknown facts behind every features or plug-in in WordPress.

Choosing a theme is really a predominant factor as it determines the look and feel of your web pages. You can also throw your doubts so that you will get multiple suggestions from the community.

To reach the extreme level of authority in WordPress, you may don’t wait further to subscribe to WPBeginner Youtube channel.

Eminent for: WordPress

Subscribe WPBeginner Youtube Channel

My Final Thoughts

There may be even thousands or millions of Youtube channels on SEO and digital marketing. Here, I have listed the most inspirational sources or channels of big shots in digital marketing arena.

I am sure that I am missing to list still more great video channels. I would love to see those in the comments section below from your perspective and include why those are your favorite.

In general, all channels will be relating to the modules all about SEO and digital marketing. Instead of digging your time in searching for prominent videos, you may confidently subscribe to the above Youtube channels and keep watching to get buff in this core.

My last but not least tip is, please spend at least little time watching Youtube videos to learn new things and acquire knowledge every day. Because you will be anyhow subscribing to expert’s channels. You may not directly communicate with them, but you can grasp their ideas through this. Don’t skip.

Support: This post contains affiliate links through which I earn a small commission against qualifying purchase, at no cost to you.

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  1. Hello Satish,

    Wonder list of YouTube Channels from various pro bloggers and Marketers. I am a big fan of Brain’s Video and love to watch them all. He is an SEO Guru and describes everything in a simple and illustrative way. I will also look at the other channels. Thanks again for this list.

    Have a Great day 🙂

    1. Vishwajeet,

      Brian’s SEO strategies and ideas are always top-notch. No one can ignore it. Especially, taking it in the form of visuals is great. Thanks for contributing your valuable comment here.

  2. Hi Sathish, Great choice of Experts you have listed.

    One of the major problems facing us today is the information overload that comes from reading post after post without taking a step back to think of the reliability of the content.

    You have definitely hit the nail on the head with your choice as these are some of the most reliable sources of info as you point out.

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    All are really most inspirational channels of digital marketing. Great list to read and help for those who are looking for best digital marketing channel.
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    Thanks for sharing it. Youtube is the only platform in which we can learn lots of things and stuff, and we can also watch a complete tutorial and learn from it. This is an amazing list of youtube channels but there are many channels on youtube which also provides very good and knowledgeable content although they are not popular on youtube but creates valuable content try to add them on your list next time.

    Thank you.

  5. Hi Sathish Arumugam
    I am a regular reader of Neil Patel Blog
    Here in top 10, he is one of them and thanks for suggesting others Best Digital youtube

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