Do You Know The 5 Reason To Lose Repeat Visitors To Your Blog ?

Written by Sathish Arumugam

There were million of bloggers who were publishing their blogs on the internet. Blogs have been published for various purposes like for official works, to entertain visitors, to teach something new etc. It is not a simple matter to create a blog/site it contains a lot of time and effort to create a successful blog. A success of a blog fully depends on repeating visitors of a blog. Thus, we have listed in this post The 5 Reason To Lose Repeat Visitors To Your Blog.

Repeating visitors are the major source for a successful blog. They act to be the lifeblood for a blog and SEO. If you started to lose repeated visitors for your blog then it shows that your blog is going down and losing traffic. Here are few reasons why your visitors are not coming back to your blog.

1. Copy Content

Visitors always like creativity. If you publish a copy or scam content in your site then visitors may avoid coming back to your site. The content and article should satisfy the targeted audience. When the article is not in a simple and interesting way then it is said to be a bad content. This makes your visitors not to come back to your blog.

2. Dishonest on Work

Next part in The 5 Reason To Lose Repeat Visitors To Your Blog is no honest on work. It is no matter that you work as an officer, reporter, politician etc if you were dishonest on your work then it will lead you to have negative results. Don’t lie and give fake information on your site. Be ensured with your details which you have published on your site. Otherwise, your visitors may not come back to your site.

3. Cheap Blog Design

For a successful blog images and title plays a major role. Because the title of a blog and its images will makes a spark and grab your visitors’ attention. To get a successful blog, it should be designed in a simple and attractive manner. Your blog should be a memorable one. And your blog should not contain any complicated designs. Because a complicated design will take a long time to get a load, it makes your visitor search for another option. Attractive colours and correct font size can be used to get the good blog.

4. Various Advertisements For a Simple Blog

Advertisement is an important parameter for a successful blog. Providing different advertisements for the same blog make chaos to visitors. So creating a unique and attractive advertisement may bring various advantages to your blog like high traffic and act to be a memorable one to your visitors.

5. No Response To Visitors

All your visitors and readers should be respected in a right manner or else, you will lose your visitors on your blog. Always respond to your visitors comment and make changes on your blog according to their opinion. You should have a notification for the comments which have been posted on your blog so that you may reply to them quickly. It will satisfy your customers and make them visit your blog/site again and again.

Do you have any more reasons and suggestions? Just post it below, to get aware of such reasons and points.

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