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Domain SEO Metrics: Must To Improve & Influence Your Website Authority

If you are in the SEO industry, then you might come across loads of SEO tools and domain SEO metrics. There are thousands of such SEO tools that help you to handle entire SEO tasks like link building, keyword research, technical SEO, content optimization, competitor analysis. I am writing here about domain SEO metrics developed by top SEO players that rate the authority of your sites.

How are these Domain SEO metrics helpful?

The top SEO tools like MOZ, SEMRush are popular in ranking your site authority based on various SEO components like backlinks, content, keywords, etc. As Google kills off the Page Rank rating, now few other domain SEO metrics are becoming familiar in deciding your site or blog’s authority.

Nowadays, even Google finds it easy to rank your page with these metrics. Domain authority, flow metrics, page scores are becoming the vital ranking factors. Obviously, we will have to leverage its benefits to get a better ranking to drive colossal website traffic. However, we can’t trick these website SEO metrics to manipulate or play around. In the latter half of this page, I would offer some pro-tips to improve these domain SEO metrics of your site increasing your website or authority.

Must to trail Website SEO Metrics by Big players

Now, we all know the importance of such domain SEO metrics. Though you will have more questions in your mind as below:

  • What are these DA, TF, PS, UR metrics about?
  •  What are the differences between them?
  •  How are these metrics rating your authority?
  •  Which one to track and follow among all?

Keep reading to discover answers for all the above queries.

#1 MOZ – Most Popular SEO Tool

This MOZ is one of the leading SEO tools that most of the SEO experts can’t survive without it. MOZ Pro is an all-in-one suite to perform all your SEO tasks reducing complexity. It is a powerful tool for comprehensive keyword research, rank tracking, site analysis, page optimization and link analysis. Open Site Explorer is one of its most familiar features that every webmaster would prefer to analyze any page or site authority and backlinks.

You can see the majority of SEO experts or even SEO beginners will never miss out to have MOZ bar (MOZ extension) in their browsers. MOZ extension is available for almost the most common browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and further. Similarly, let me list out few but not all feature sets of MOZ below.

MOZ Features

  • Offers more free SEO tools like keyword explorer, open site explorer, MOZ bar to discover more potential keywords, link analysis, and social and page metrics of any site you visit respectively.
  • My business listing, My Business Console, and so on to make your business more dominant and especially for local marketing.
  • MOZ analytics to have site audit, keyword rankings, competitor analysis to strategically work on specific areas
  • Make sure that your site is mobile responsive. With MOZ, you can track your mobile rankings and tags for which you are driving traffic.
  • Discover more link opportunities as quality links are the effective component of SEO
  • Customized reports with drag-drop option to create recurring reports with necessary fields and annotations.

MOZ Metrics

MOZ Domain SEO Metrics

As a trust-worthy player in the SEO industry, MOZ metrics are great at rating your site authority in two essential parameters called Domain Authority and Page Authority. Let us see them in detail below.

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

Domain Authority is the ranking score of your domain or site to predict how good it can get ranking in the search engine results page. DA ranges from 0 to 100 whereas higher the rating is having the higher possibility for better ranking.

Domain Authority calculation depends on various parameters like total number of backlinks, number of referring domains, site popularity, and more. You can check your domain authority to compare it with your competitors or track your site ranking over a period.

What is Page Authority (PA)?

Technically speaking, Page authority is the same as Domain Authority. But, it is for a specific page to predict how best that particular page can rank in the SERP’s. Similar to DA, PA also ranges from zero to hundred meaning higher ranking corresponding higher ability for ranking. MOZ constantly bring updates in the algorithm calculating your PA. Hence it may frequently fluctuate.

Spam Score

MOZ Spam Score

Spam Score is a unique attribute that highlights the number of spam flags that the subdomain triggers. It ranges from 0 to 17 where the spam flags may include large sites having fewer links, having less number of branded links, the quantity of Do-follow and No-follow links, content quality, low link diversity and more factors.

What is a good Domain Authority and Page Authority?

The DA would be higher for a well-established site with more number of quality inbound and outbound links. On the other hand, the newly build site’s DA will be starting from Zero. Regarding both DA and PA, it is often easier to bring a site from 30 to 40 than bringing up the values from 70 to 80.

Technically speaking, there are no defined set of rules to determine a ‘good’ or ‘average’ range of DA and PA metrics value. Higher the score is great to have. Unlike DA and PA, spam score should be as minimum as possible or either Zero.

Other Important MOZ metrics

Here are the few other crucial MOZ metrics that also decides your Domain and Page Authority.

MOZ Rank – For any page, MOZ Rank is a factor that relies on other pages linking to your page and the MOZ Rank of those linking pages. Higher the MOZ Rank of the linking page has significance to the receiving pages and vice versa. MOZ Rank is one among the deciding factors of page authority and it is an excellent alternative to Google Page Rank.

MOZ Trust – It is a global trust score of a page entirely depends on the quality of the links. It Is similar to that of MOZ Rank, where MOZRank relies on the number of links and MOZ trust relies on the quality of page links. Receiving links from more trustworthy sites will have a significant impact on your page MOZ Trust.

#2 Ahrefs – The Best and Comprehensive SEO Tool

Ahrefs is a professional SEO suite where it is an exclusive tool if you are looking for a tool to have strategic backlinks campaigns. No other favorite SEO tools can be the best alternative to Ahrefs for its link and competitor analysis features. Ahrefs deals with big data always like crawling 6 billion web pages every day, 200 millions of root domains and more.

The webmasters in the SEO industry loves to have Ahrefs in place for its quality and accuracy. I am wondering that Brain Dean, founder of Backlinko is stating that he has tested over 25 link analysis tool and come up with the result that Ahrefs is the #1 when it comes to backlink analysis. In addition to that, it has plenty of features like site explorer, keyword explorer, competitor analysis, rank tracking and more.

Ahrefs Features

  • Backlinker checker to discover more new link prospects and for comprehensive backlink analysis to handle any backlink related tasks.
  • Check real-time search results from anywhere without using a proxy or geo-specific IP’s
  • Analyze search engine traffic, know the ranking difficulty and SEO statistics with exact metric data
  • Knowing the top rankings of particular pages for the target keyword, use the site explorer to analyze and replicate for other pages for high ranking.
  • SERP position history enables to have the historical rankings of the top 5 currently ranking pages.
  • Has biggest keyword database suggesting more potential keywords for which your competitors are ranking in the top positions.
  • Frequent backlinks indexing process ensures you to find the live broken links without missing out any broken links of a domain.
  • Know your competitor’s exact keyword that brings traffic, checks referral domains and backlinks strategy to outrank your competitors.
  • Have an in-depth site audit, optimize your content with target keywords, find new link opportunities and build authority.

Ahrefs Metrics

With its algorithm, Ahrefs do have some quality metrics determining your domain and page authority. Let’s see what all is about and the factors that determine such parameters.

Ahrefs Link Metrics

What is URL Rating (UR)?

URL rating defines the strength of a particular URL’s backlinks summary. UR has excellent correlation with Google ranking.

What is Domain Rating (DR)?

Domain rating defines the strength of a domain’s backlinks profile. DR can be tracked for link building purposes. Backlinks from high DR domains will carry more relevant link juice.

What is a good URL and Domain Rating?

Both UR and DR ranges from zero to 100. Higher the score is great to have. Similar to DA and PA, improving URL and domain ratings from 20 to 30 is much more comfortable than bringing a domain or page rating from 80 to 90.

Other Important Ahrefs Metrics

Ahrefs Ranking (AR) – Ahrefs Rank is a score to know the ranking of a particular domain in Ahrefs database. Ahrefs had a list of websites in its database and sorted by their DR. AR denotes the Ahrefs rank of your domain rank among those listed sites. Sites having same DR can have variant AR by its backlinks strength compared to other sites.

#3 SEMRush – All-In-One SEO Tool

One of the well-known and favorite SEO tools for a large number of webmasters and pro bloggers. The SEMRush is a most necessary and recommended tools by expert bloggers. It comes with bundles of tools for strategic keyword analysis, prospecting link building opportunities, site audit, competitor analysis, and more.

SEMRush is available as SEO Quake extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web browsers. Having SEO Quake on your browser, you can check Google index, Alexa rank, bing index, sub-domain backlinks, domain age and more details of any page you are visiting. SEMRush SEO tool serves with a set of features leveraging any SEO expertise needs.

SEMRush Features

  • Exclusive tool for competitor analysis to find competitor’s best ranking keywords discover new organic potential keywords, monitor position changes for specific keywords.
  • Advertising research to open up your competitor’s advertising strategy, and to locate new competitor’s paid ads through Google Adwords or Bing.
  • Option to have in-depth link analysis, referring domain’s authority, monitoring backlink placements; find recent outbound links and more.
  • Best organic Keyword research to pick exact keywords for ad campaigns, choose your target long tail keywords and know the keyword difficulty.
  • Bundled tools to get over millions of keyword suggestions, position monitoring, website audit, and so on.
  • Have in-depth backlinks analysis to make sure to have backlinks from real and authority sites to improve your site SEO.

SEMRush Metrics

SEMRush SEO Metric Scores

SEMRush is a broader range of SEO tools that have various link metrics and factors under each category. For an instant keyword difficulty, search volume and more regarding keywords. To measure the impact of links to and from any page, it uses the following website link metrics. Let’s get into that.

What is Authority Score?

Authority score is a metric that is about the overall quality if a domain. Authority score depends on referral domains, do follow and nofollow backlinks. Not only the quality and the quality of the links decide the authority score, but the popularity and strength of a domain is also a significant deciding factor. Authority score also includes page score, domain score and trust score for calculation. Let’s see what page, domain and trust score is?

What is Page Score and Domain Score?

The metrics that measures the number of backlinks that a page or domain receives are page score and domain score respectively. The quantity of backlinks refers to the link weight or cumulative sum of the backlinks pointing to the page that point to a particular page. Domain score is calculated for the entire domain whereas page score is for a specific page. These domain link metrics ranks only with the number of links, not about the link quality.

What is a Trust Score?

Trust score is ultimate to understand the trustworthiness of a website that depends on the number of backlinks to the site from highly trusted pages. High domain score does not mean that your trust score will be high. If your page is top but, low trust score; then you have to monitor the quality of your backlinks. You might be having more number of low-quality links.

What is a good Trust Score range?

Similar to that of PA and DA, there is no control over page score, authority score, and domain score. Regarding Trust score, over 20 out of 100 is itself considered to be a healthy site. But, you have to make sure to have more robust and trustable backlinks to have a better ratio of domain and trust score.

#4 MajesticSEO – Best Link Intelligence Tool

MajesticSEO is one of the fierce competitors to all the above familiar SEO tools. It is a reliable tool having the largest link indexing database. MajesticSEO assists you in multiple unique ways to identify top influencers, link analysis, and organic link building, content optimization including all other on-page SEO factors.

As a subscriber and pro plus member, you can get referring domains, IP and subnet values, historical index of any URL and more. Each tool of majestic SEO comes with multiple features covering every edge of a site disciplines. Considering backlinks analysis, MajesticSEO comes closest to Ahrefs as it identifies almost every link which may not be identified by other SEO tools.

MajesticSEO Features

  • Using site explorer, you can find the referring domains, number of lost links, total backlinks, new links, anchor texts pointing to your URL, and more.
  • Search explorer for strategic keyword analysis to check your target keyword in title, URL where it appears and has the search score for the URL.
  • Free extensions are available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.
  • Bulk backlink checker to compare multiple domains on its backlink profiles and check backlink growth rates of all.
  • Rank Tracker, keyword checker, custom reports, flow metrics history and more to offering the complete enterprise level solutions.

MajesticSEO Metrics

MajesticSEO metrics has its own ratings, and it is becoming crucial in finding reliable sites and for Google ranking. Let’s know what those metrics are and what it is.

Majestic SEO Link Metrics

What is Citation Flow?

Citation Flow is a numerical value to know how influential a link is to a site depending on its quantity of links point to the particular page. Higher the backlinks, the citation flow will be high. Influential refers to the popularity of the link or page.

What is Trust flow?

Trust flow is a number to denote how trustable the link is that depends on the quality of backlinks from the trustworthy sites. Even if you have a lesser number of backlinks however from quality sites, then TF will be high. On the other hand, your CF may be low. Trust flow is the crucial factor to stay away from Google penalties and to have a trustable domain boosting SEO.

What is a good CF and TF?

Greater the CF and TF is greater the value. Moreover, make sure to have an average ratio of 0.5 between citation flow and trust flow. If you CF is 10, have at least five as your TF. If it exceeds, then you have to work on your backlink strategies in building quality backlinks. Having a massive number of backlinks of low quality or spam is never recommended.

Other crucial MajesticSEO Metrics

Topical Trust Flow – TTF is similar to that of trust flow where topical trust flow depends on the number of relevant links (from relevant source) pointing to the site.

Few other Popular SEO Metrics

Alexa Rank is a traffic rank and is a combined measure of pages views and visitors. It is calculated by aggregating historical (3 months) traffic data of a site from Alexa toolbar users and other traffic data sources. But, it is different from another trust, authority or flow metrics. Lower the Alexa rank is greater the site popularity.

Alexa Rank


SimilarWeb provides you three variants of site traffic as Global Rank, Country Rank, and Category Rank. These three rankings are the traffic rank of site comparing all other sites across the globe, sites from its leading country and among sites from its relevant domain or category.

SimilarWeb Rank

Both Alexa and SimilarWeb rankings are about your site traffic.

When Should I Monitor and Follow these Domain Metrics?

I understand.

You have got to know all about the popular domain SEO metrics by top SEO players. Now you may have a question that, where to apply these metrics in real-time? Let me list out scenarios where and when you can track and use these SEO metrics.

  • If your competitor is ranking high then, check their metrics value and work on areas to improve yours.
  • Before attempting any link building methods, check the prospects metrics to make your efforts purposeful.
  • If your website’s ranking is dropping with no reason, check the spam score and backlink qualities through these metrics escape from penalties.
  • To build your site authority and to become a popular blog or site, you have to track such metrics and word on accordingly.
  • Your site has to be trustworthy, to acquire more quality backlinks. In such cases, you have to keep improving these metrics.

Indirectly, all these scenarios will result in boosting your SEO and website ranking. Hence, I shall provide some tips to improve SEO metrics of your site or page.

Pro-tips to Improve SEO Metrics

  • Concentrate more on building dofollow links than no follow links which will boost your trust flow, MOZ trust, SEMRush authority score and so on.
  • Try blogger outreach techniques to get featured on high authority sites to improve your site authority.
  • Backlinks from .edu and .gov will add more credit to your domain.
  • Avoid buying backlinks as this may result in getting spam or low-quality links. Buy, if and only if necessary and go with trustable agencies.
  • Pay attention to build a decent number of quality backlinks instead of generating bulk low-quality backlinks.
  • Check the prospects metrics values before outreaching or guest blogging.
  • Implement Silo structure on your site organizing your pages and building internal links.
  • Links from your healthy pages links to other pages may improve trust metrics.
  • Have an impressive landing page or homepage and generate links to your other internal pages impacting your authority of linking pages.
  • Generate backlinks only from and to relevant pages or blogs to improve your topical trust flow.
  • Don’t ever try any PBN’s or spam sites for the backlinking process.

Conclusion on Popular Domain SEO Metrics

To wrap up, it is the primary thing to improve the above-discussed domain SEO metrics for building quality backlinks. More or less all the metrics will denote similar characteristics of your website. You don’t have to improve each individually. Strategically working on few deciding factors like link building strategies, will result in raising the metric values. This progress in metrics will have a great impact on your Google ranking.

Because these are numerical values that denote your website links profile and trustworthiness. These metrics would directly or indirectly highlight your entire website’s strength, popularity, relevancy, backlinks and trust signal. Perhaps these are all among the great ranking factors.

Employ best linking building techniques to have a decent number of quality and organic backlinks boosting your site metrics. Hope, this article would be more helpful for you. Please do write your reviews in the comments box below.

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