Easy Ways To Improve Your Blog Domain Authority

Written by Sathish Arumugam

Easy Ways To Improve Your Blog Domain Authority article helps you to understand the importance of  DA and how to improve it. Before analysing that, What is Domain authority? here, we define it in a simple way. It is the power of a domain name and the search engines ranking factors.
Domain authority is mainly based on three factors. They are

  • Age
  • Popularity
  • Size

It can be measured using the Open Site Explorer or the MozBar. Domain authority for the site ranges from 0-100. This predicts our domain or web page rank in the search engine results. DA score for Facebook, Wikipedia often shows 100. It is an important factor for every site to improve the DA by improving the SEO. However, the Domain authority can be improved using the steps described here.

Strong Link Building

It is the important point in this article, “Easy Ways To Improve Your Blog Domain Authority”. We should be assured of every post in our site. Here are the different kinds of Links

Internal Links

We write a post with a certain keyword. We may have another post in your site with the related keyword. Then we must integrate the post by building links to each post. This helps to improve the domain authority.

External Page Links

We can also link the post with the external page. Like About us, home, contact page in our page.

External Site Links

It is necessary to keep an external link in our page. Like, Facebook, twitter, etc.,

Thus, it provides an Easy Ways To Improve Your Blog Domain Authority.

Content Writing

Content Writing is an essential thing which really provides a value to our site. It is the Easy Ways To Improve Your Blog Domain AuthorityIt should be SEO-friendly as well as user-friendly. That is, the content should be in a simple form as readers can understand. Content Writing should follow some of the rules to make the content neat and clear. The font size, tags, categories, keyword which are included in the website is really important. That in turns improve the domain authority. It is not only important for SEO, but also for my post “Easy Ways To Improve Your Blog Domain Authority”.

Market Your Content

As discussed above, Content marketing is an essential thing in blogging. Marketing our post is really important to reach the level. It is necessary to verify the content well, before publishing it. Also, to check all kind of errors and links. However, content writing may be a simple thing. But marketing your content is not an easy part. Make sure that your content is quality. Thus, it improves the domain authority.

Social Media

Social media plays an important role to make our site popular. Our site must actively participate in social medias. Like Facebook, twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Slashdot which are the popular sites. Every likes or share you get for your post or site matters a lot. It improves the site Domain authority too.


Before considering everything, you must be clear about domain age. More the domain age, higher the domain authority. Domain age is how long you registered the domain name. Also, how well you are utilizing the domain name by content marketing, social marketing. Thus, the SEO level will be obtained for the site. Even if you market a well quality content, the result will not be obtained immediately. It requires time to reach the people. Also, Continuous improvement in the site. Promotion of the site improves the domain authority highly.

To improve the Domain Authority, it takes some time. It needs the reputation and focused work. SEO on-page and off page are the important factors to improve the Domain Authority.

The article “Easy Ways To Improve Your Blog Domain Authority” comprises of simple steps to improve the Domain Authority. Thank you for visiting our site. I would love to get your comments and view for this article. Share it if you like the post. Follow us on Facebook.

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