Five Commands For Creating Extraordinary Website Designs

Written by Sathish Arumugam

In this article we are going to see Five Commands For Creating Extraordinary Website Designs


Making a perfect website design is considered as a difficult job over all. Because it is a thing related to brand identity and online status of a concern. However if the web designing service providers is an skilled, well-experienced one then there will be less trouble. But if the providers are a learner in website designing and needs to design an extraordinary website then fore coming commands will lead them to the areas to be focused.

Layout Design

Almost the entire Internet users are skilled in browsing through the internet and they have a capacity of examine a website in short span of time, they also find out whether to locate in the website to acquire details or leave the page. Hence it is very important that the layout design of a Website should be pleasing and problem free. Constructing an outstanding website design is an essential fact. Website with more ads and problems will make the viewers leave the page soon.


Built good and attractive links in the menu tab for making the website design easy to map. For sample: if there is an “About Us” or “Company Profile” category in an website, attach sectors like vision, mission awards etc.., beneath those as a drop down menu.

Page Loading Time

Even though the internet speed had been improved considerably. But the speed varies from monthly plan and which impact the loading time for many users. Hence it is important to utilize low resolution images in PNG or GIF, by which the loading time also reduces. The primary cause over this is that most of people ignore to visit the site.

Browser Compatibility

Many of the internet users are not using Internet Explorer for browsing yet there are few users still on the path of Internet Explorer browser only. Hence make sure website is well matched with all browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.., and remember IE compatible website design is not simple to make.

Social Media’s

Users are given convenience to share the information or details he likes in the website to his surroundings. Hence Social Media’s are eventually essential and so social network icons should be provided in the website to help the user to locate them without trouble.


Finally, we can say that well designed website is very essential. Feed back and comments over this is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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