Five Exclusive Methods for Promoting the Blog

Written by Sathish Arumugam

In this post Five Exclusive Methods for Promoting the Blog, we are going to see the ways to improve blogging.


The promotion is the most important fact of the business. High visibility is achieved only by promoting. Few steps for promoting the blog are SEO, SMM, Communities, Email Marketing, and SMS Marketing. Focus the following for the detailed view.

5 Exclusive Methods

All the business needs a progress in this aggressive universe. Conventional and Popular business spend their maximum allowance in marketing and publishing. This is because sales of products will be increased by advertising. Blogging is also similar to this, that is maximum time must be spent for promoting a blog. By which high ranking is achieved in the search engines and worldwide publicity is gained. Check out the upcoming ideas for achieving high ranks to the blog.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the excellent competitive solution for increasing the visibility of the blog by free of cost. Less time should be spent in SEO process to optimize a blog.

Social Media Marketing

Fast growth in an easier way can be told as Social Media Marketing. At present SMM is taking a huge role in promoting a blog. This is an economical method for the progress of a blog.


Except Social Media, there are many communities by which a blog can be promoted. Some of the communities are YouTube, forms etc.., Advertising a product will be prompt in these sites, as many users get in touch with these communities and hence the popularity is raised.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is gaining its place worldwide. Even though it seems to be an unethical idea, this helps in achieving the visibility.

SMS Marketing

A new and upcoming concept is SMS marketing. A businessperson holds this process to increase their sales. A blogger is also suggested to use this concept to promote the blogs worldwide. There is much software introduced for this. If the software is not preferred, contacts can be searched from the net and can be used to market the blog by Short Messaging Services.


The promotion is essential for a business. Hope this post Five Exclusive Methods for Promoting the Blog is useful for you. These technique will is useful for promoting a blog. Share if you have more ideas on this concept. Follow us on Facebook and Google+
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