Five Extraordinary SEO Guidelines to Boost the Traffic

Written by Sathish Arumugam

In this post, we are going to tell about the Five Extraordinary SEO Guidelines to Boost the Traffic


Gaining more traffic is the main fact that has to be considered for a fresh website. But over an excessive user only a few tend to visit the fresh website. Hence, necessary steps should be taken to drive the targeted visitors towards your website by giving a clue to the search engine spider to choose your website while resulting to the targeted audience.

Here are some guidelines to boost the website traffic.

1. Social Signals

Social Signal is the location by which the web pages acquire traffic through Facebook likes and shares, Google +1s, or twitter’s tweets. Hence, backlinks are gained and certainly reaches the targeted viewers. Then making the visitors share your page, or Contact SYNOD is the best means to promote the Website or Blogs with the social signals.

2. Reverse Engineer Competition

The universe is filled with competition at every end. Built backlinks for the websites by utilizing this technique as strength and overcome the competition.For some keywords, backlink watch can be used for finding which websites take a higher position. Beneath which backlink analysis tools can be used to find the competitors on the particular website. Don’t wait start to build backlinks for the website by these techniques. This is a smart tip to gain traffic and also requires lots of tolerance.

3. Apply Fewer Ads

When some ads are published on the website, there is a trust that the competitors will be furious. This also gains your cost per click. Provided there should be reduced a number of ads hence that low bidding publishers won’t pack your websites with full of ads.

4. Include New Ad as Merely Picture

The Click Through Rate can be boosted by including new ad as merely pictures with the exciting ads.

5. YouTube

The last point in Five Extraordinary SEO Guidelines to Boost the Traffic is Youtube. It is usual that for some searches we can view videos at the highest position. The fact is that having associated video with your site ensures better ranking between others and also results in the searches. By this, the pages automatically gain the rank. Google initially won’t index the video, but if indexed that gains more viewers.


These are some SEO guidelines to boost the traffic. Hope this post Five Extraordinary SEO Guidelines to Boost the Traffic is useful for you. Feedback over this and furthermore ideas can be shared. Thanks for your time. Follow us on Facebook and Google+

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