Five Ways To Design An Effective Landing Page For Your Website

Written by Sathish Arumugam

For the website monetization landing pages are vital, the landing page could be explained as the page where a visitor “lands” on after they click a link. This may be the home page or any page within the website. In a particular business, landing pages are used to convert visitors. The best landing page would contain specific elements that improve the likelihood of a transaction. You can find the Five Ways To Design An Effective Landing Page For Your Website

Making Things Easily

An effective landing page will allow a visitor with a sale in just a few seconds, it also makes the landing page simple, we should not have more icons and pictures, because there is a chance that the visitors would get confused and at once leaves the page. Always try to use bullets and numbers, at the same time avoid using large paragraphs of text, they will be too much for the eyes. The main focus should be on the benefits of the service so that most of the people would arrive at the website.

Provide Directions

The visitors would have a click on a link, they would travel from one page to another, or sometimes from one website to another, it would be confusing for them, it would be good to provide directions to them, it would let them know where they are, have some informative headings on the landing page. A short sentence would guide them that they have landed in the right place; it is all that is needed to convert them.

It Is Not Good To Be Intrusive

Excessive effects would stifle the visitor’s computer, and also it would reduce the interest of them in our product, only the limited amount of pop-ups should appear when the landing page opens. Either the pop-ups or the pop-under would create a good way to finalize a sale. At the same time, they would appear annoying to the average online users.

Have As Many Links As You Can

Some visitors would click on the very first link which they view; some others would view the entire page before making the selection. It good to have many links throughout the page, it will definitely increase the chance of a conversion.

Have The Basic Information

It is estimated that the 25% of the visitors would leave the website once they reach the registration page at the end. Acquire the most necessary data; an email would work out to convert a required visitor into a client. We need their full names, date of birth, address and income level. Let the visitor determine the complete information is essential to the sales.

The landing page should be very effective; because of its effectiveness it would receive higher conversion rates than a simple “dumping” page. Make sure the customers are landing smoothly and safely. If they land smooth and safe then there are chances for they travel with you.

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