Four Reasons Why One Should Avoid Free Website Hosting

We have always shared articles about paid web hosting and we always prefer to provide discounts on good web hosting companies like Dreamhost and Hostgator etc… The important reason to pass up recommending free website hosting is to save few many dollars, we would be ready to take risk for our website, but at the same time if we like to have many websites we can get it without any cost, but at the same time there are many disadvantages in such free web hosting plans. In this article Four Reasons Avoid Free Website Hosting we shared some ideas.

Lack of Ownership

The main drawback if we have free web hosting service is that we will not have any power to control our own blog. The free host provider can change their services and policies frequently then it is our duty to find new web hosting, transfer of the content would be riskier, thus rather than taking risk with free web hosting services it is better to go for paid web hosting services which have more good advantages.

No Guarantee

The next thing which I am going to mention in this post Four Reasons Avoid Free Website Hosting is No guarantee. There are chances for our website to face downtime and at the same time there is no guarantee that our free web hosting will try to get our website “up” at the earliest, because we are using ultimately free service and we are not paying anything for maintenance, thus they would not maintain our website and there is even a chance for us to complain about their slow customer service.

No Extra Benefits

There are benefits which we would get with paid web hosting services, which we would not get with free web hosting services. We need to have subdomains for our website and then we would find easy to promote our business. These kinds of services are not available with the free web hosting services. Free web hosting has lots of limitations such as limited disk space, limited bandwidth and so on…

Advertisement Free Hosting

Free web hosting websites let us host our blogs or site for free with a condition of adding one link back to a main hosting site or it would add advertisements. While we get any decent web hosting for as low as 69$-120$, then there is no need to add advertisement for free.

Final Words:

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  • I was using 000webhost earlier. It was the worst days of my blogging. The entire hosting got hacked and their server are down most of the time. Great insight Satish.