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Top 15 Online Free Digital Marketing Courses with Certification {Bookmark Today}

Here we shall have a deep insight into free digital marketing courses with certification providing resources. Few offering paid courses and few may not provide certification. Everybody prefers online learning to hone digital marketing skills saving their time and avoiding additional risks. This page will be helpful for those enthusiastic learners and also motivates learn digital marketing online presenting a list of best online digital marketing training courses.

If you are anxious to get into the industry, happily there are excellent free online digital marketing courses and SEO training courses available. Even you may obtain social media marketing certification online free.

Hone Your Digital Marketing Skills

Being a Student

Considering you are a student, I am conscious that the academics alone will not make you wise enough. Polish yourself with new tones through attending these type of free online social media marketing courses. Keep adding credits to your portfolio by acquiring digital marketing certification free or social media certification free.

Being a Worker

Now let’s talk about the pillars of any companies or business who tirelessly invest efforts, none other than the employees or workers. If you wish to sum up your career value, then avail such online free digital marketing courses. I assure that you could gain better exposure in your workplace and you will be in step ahead.

Being an Entrepreneur

Moreover, we could see there are lots of start-ups or entrepreneurs with their rocket rocking brain remarkably advancing their business. Those prefer marketing themselves online for better outreach. If you are such a personality keen on learning strategies and apply in action, don’t wait then.

Even small players are offering a free course on digital marketing with free digital marketing certification. This attempt will expand your field of knowledge and experience. With this free digital marketing course online, you could enhance your business with no much investment.

Forthwith, we shall have a deep insight on best free digital marketing online courses with free certification.

Free Digital Marketing Courses with Certification

#1. Google Digital Garage


Google Digital Garage is a prominent place to enrich your skills to compete in the digital world. It allows you to pick your area of interest in free digital marketing online course offering a wide range of topics.
To make you master in the digital marketing arena, Google Digital Garage covers around 26 topics in and around all relating online marketing.

On completing these topics, no doubt you will be proficient in online marketing either to make progress in your career or business. Pointing out a few subjects here to get an idea: Your first steps to online success, search campaigns, Mobile SEO, online business strategy planning, content marketing and more.

Google Digital Garage extends its presence in analytics as well. All-in-one certification includes google analytics free certification. You can have a more interactive and professional learning experience, upon registration. A progress bar in the dashboard indicates details like so far the topics you covered and what is to be complete to get the certification.

You can also register to participate in their local events. They will share you the links to the slides of the training workshop you are attending.

A gratifying thing about Google Digital Garage is that it extends its strategy of training to the next level. You could also join hands by booking a 1:1 coaching classes or workshops in addition to free online digital marketing training. Fruitfully, it comes at no cost.

A certification adds credence to your CV or any other career profile especially Google free digital marketing course certification. It proves your ability and reality of the skills you acquire. A strong partnering with Interactive Advertising Bureau ensures free certification on completion of its entire course program.

Along with free digital marketing certification, Google Digital Garage offer completion badges at free of cost.

To showcase your skills and efficiency, it is always standing next to you in assisting with its certifications including free social media certification, free SEO certification, free digital marketing certification, and badges.

It’s time to rush. Don’t make delay. Join now.

#2. SEMRush Academy


SEMRush – we could define it as best toolset floor for SEO. Any SEO experts would prefer SEMRush to optimize their SEO tactics.

SEMRush has its presence in all SEO aspects say competitor analysis, keyword research, content marketing, link building techniques, PPC, affiliate marketing and so on.

It also proves its ability in digital marketing training by encouraging social media marketers to improve social media profiles in such grabbing public attention. Recently it furnishes a great initiative to bring SEO and Digital Marketing experts by launching its SEMRush Academy.

For instant SEMRush courses and exams covers all of the SEMRush tools. Probably this would be beneficial for people who are experts in SEO and Social Media marketing.

SEMRush courses and exams outline almost rides in and around its tools evaluating your proficiency in SEMRush.

There are SEMRush courses and certification from SEMRush Academy for PPC specialists, SEO, content marketers, affiliates and so on. Semrush is yet to launch sessions in content marketing and social media marketing.

If you are a newbie to this digital world and looking for free digital marketing course online and free digital marketing certification, then SEMRush Academy is not an apt place as it speaks almost about SEMRush tools and rarely on others related to SEO and digital marketing. In such cases, you may prefer Google digital marketing course free.

As an SEO or digital marketing personality, you can magnify your skills and talent by joining SEMRush Academy courses. However, you will have to wait for the free content marketing course and free online social media marketing courses. Going to launch these courses in the near future.

As you are passing through the exams, official certificate form SEMRush Academy proves your expertise in handling SEMRush SEO tools.

It’s time to upgrade your SEO skills. Join now.

#3. DigitalDeepak


Deepak as a digital marketing expert kind-heartedly expands his innovation in providing digital marketing online courses free.

He marks his presence in digital marketing track in India by his way of presenting marketing concepts from beginning to beyond.

To kick a start with DigitalDeepak’s digital marketing courses free, just register with your name and email id. Joining digital marketing course free online, you will receive training videos to your inbox.

The videos stores in a place and you can access the videos in a user-friendly manner. It enables you to ask questions in the comments box so that support team from DigitalDeepak answers you to clarify.

The course modules include digital marketing, building a website, Paid advertisements, advanced digital marketing and further. Each module will explain you every online marketing strategies and tactics.

DigitalDeepak course is the best program for the beginners and those who want to prove their ability in digital marketing and SEO. Besides all, it is a free online course in digital marketing. Along with his course guidance, if you can improve your writing skills to a great extent, then you can own a blog bringing massive traffic and earn money.

On completion of free digital marketing course, you can generate your free certification from DigitalDeepak. You can either download the certificate in pdf format or else it allows you to share it on your social media channels.

Digital Deepak do offer paid courses in assisting Bloggers. Recently he launches “100-day digital marketing course”. Promptly this will make you enough strength to be an expert in blogging.

No, wait. Make use of your time. Join now.

#4. Hubspot


Hubspot is a leading marketing hub working its best in marketing your business. Hubspot marketing hub provides free CRM, sales, and marketing software for establishing your business sales. As Hubspot is a popular one among offering free digital marketing webinars, it has its strong presence in providing free online courses on inbound marketing and sales.

When we concern about to learn digital marketing for free, they not only offer a free online course on digital marketing. Hubspot incorporates every edge of sales and marketing.

Few of Hubspot free marketing courses with certification are as follows: Inbound, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, HubSpot Design, Growth-Driven Design Agency.

Similarly, it gives free certification courses related to sales. Moreover, Hubspot comes with free sales and marketing tools for business promotions. These tools are mere to integrate with the third-party application software.

Though, as a newbie and you are keen to learn online marketing skills, it is quite hard to catch up. For those who are already in sales or marketing funnels eager to learn marketing skills online free, join hands.

You may also join the community of more than a million professionals to get help on improving your strategy and trends.

Enough to wait. Join now.

#5. HP Life


HP Life – a user-friendly platform to fine-tune your skills and knowledge in areas like communication, finance, marketing, operations and anything for startups.

HP Life – free social media marketing courses online takes you through the real cases and make a clear understanding of the facts. Target audience course will be another beneficial free social media classes online.

HP Life courses take you to a tour throughout the entire modules of marketing and extraordinarily in-depth SEO currents.

On completion of the courses, you can quickly get the certificate online for free and download to share it on your social media profiles.

On distinct topics, HP Life is providing digital marketing free course online. The course syllabus and exams will be very mild for you to get through it.

Don’t wait further. Join Now.

#6. Facebook Blueprint


On emerging trends in social media platforms, people looking for free online social media courses also increases. In that case, such social media network is itself offering a decent social media training courses online free.

Facebook with its immense number of users, proves its presence in providing decent courses to educate users to use it for branding.

Ad campaigns through Facebook bring tremendous ROI for any level of business. The outreach ratio is high comparatively.

So that, marketing investors will be more eager to execute such ad campaign into a more beneficial one. For them, Facebook online courses will multiply their fame into ‘x’ times.

Facebook deals with discrete topics like awareness building, lead generation, store sales, Facebook advertising, analytics, managing ads, targetting audience and extra.

On completion of your chosen course, Facebook will help you to showcase your credentials honoring you with Facebook certifications and badges.

Facebook renders its best service in educating you to make yourself an authority in adopting Facebook to promote your business to the next level.

You are waiting still? Rush to Join now.

#7. Quintly


Quintly is a well-known source for beginners to learn and attempt digital marketing exams. Though Quintly academy has its recent initiative in offering free courses and certifications, they are the best for freshers.

Their initial course is on social media analytics which presents every edge of the analytics. They are a startup in offering training courses but hope to establish well with their influence in the digital marketing industry.

Upon completion of the course, they provide you the Quintly Academy certificate for free.

Don’t wait. Enroll now.

Best Free Online Digital Marketing Courses

(With No Certification)

#1. Quick Sprout University

Quick Sprout

The Quick Sprout is a peculiar place and a great initiative by Neil Patel, top influencer over the web. He is smart enough in assisting business tycoon to brand and promote their business in an incredible way.

Recently, Quick Sprout is offering a free online course on how to double your traffic in 30 days. It is merely simple to start the free course just by registering your name and email id.

Joining this digital marketing free course online, you can also gain bonus secrets that worth much.

Yes, it’s time to start your free digital marketing course online.

#2. Unbounce


Similar to its high-quality webinars, Unbounce is successive in offering online marketing classes free.

But they are not currently providing many courses. There are two courses live now all about landing page. As expertise in website designing, these courses will add credits to your experience in creating highly responsive landing pages.

In the course, there are modules covering design principles, call-to-action, conversion techniques, copywriting, page optimization and testing and more page examples.

No more words to explain. Unbounce courses are explicitly for a responsive page design with stickers and pop-ups. Pop-ups are the vital factor to pay attention to. If it is not pleasing or too many, your page visitors move on from your page.

Along with your social media marketing free course experience, add value to your profile.

Learn all such tactics by starting a free course of Unbounce.

#3. CopyBlogger


Copyblogger is a kind of e-learning platform. It enables you to sign up or register for free to send you the e-books.

Copyblogger e-book comprises of latest marketing traits. This e-book includes content marketing, email marketing, keyword research in choosing target keywords and LSI keywords, landing pages, agile content marketing and further.

By registering, you can access the Copyblogger resource library as well for free. A 20-part course on online marketing will be hitting your inbox for free. You will also be getting free articles and audio content.

It is a substantial potential building platform for beginners offering plenty of resources to learn and to get masters in online marketing.

No further delay. Join a course now.

Other Free & Paid Good-To-Have Certifications

Google Adwords – Google Adwords certifications for free is to test your superiority in online advertising and Adwords. Assessments include Adwords Fundamentals and advertising on Search, Display, Mobile, Video, Shopping.

Google Analytics – Google Academy provides free online courses and certifications on analytics and further data analysis tools. Getting through Google Analytics IQ assessment will offer certification ensuring your master in analytics.

Microsoft Bing – Bing network prompts you free courses and exams to assess your skills in advertising. You can prepare for the Bing Ads exams by learning the basics and advanced features of Bing Ads. You will get Bing ad official certificate and badge to showcase yourself.

Woorank – Joining Woorank certification program is very simple to pass through. Subscribe to Woorank and attempt the test. Obtaining Woorank certification also enables to access Woorank automatically to generate leads.

Bonus: Udemy – Best Free Digital Marketing Courses


Udemy is a leader in conducting digital marketing courses with certification for both free and paid that is very cost effective.

On completion of Udemy course, it is for sure that you will progress to the next level as either a business or a freelancer or a common intermediate in the digital marketing industry.

Udemy teaches you every edge of marketing fundamentals, website building, Email marketing, SEO, Youtube Channels and Facebook marketing, Adwords and analytics, Quora and further.

For your information, Udemy is not expertise in digital marketing courses; they do have their presence in other categories as well as music health and fitness, photography, finance and more.

Don’t wait further. Register now.

Highly Recommended

Traffic Crow offers best-in market digital marketing training through its paid courses. You can explore the latest SEO strategies and digital marketing trends from real experts. You can soon be a part of the digital marketing industry mastering your skills. The course uncovers the entire modules in the digital marketing subject including SEO, SMM, Video marketing, Email marketing, PPC, E-commerce SEO, Local SEO and furthermore. Not only this, but you will also enhance with the below:

What you will get

  • Google and Bing Certifications
  • Video Recordings of all the training sessions
  • Avail Free Bonus tools
  • Gain real-time experience
  • Training on advanced strategies and techniques
  • Learn from Digital marketers and SEO specialists
  • Choose between Online and one to one instructor-led training


It is always salutary to plan, schedule and then, act. Time management is another necessary skill to acquire while we wish to engage ourselves with these type of digital marketing courses online – an additional task to do.

I owe you to participate in these valuable free digital marketing online courses all about SEO and digital marketing. Either you are a student, beginner, intermediate or master in digital marketing, start enhancing your skills.

Promptly, this regular practice adds value to your profile and will be supporting you to bring progress in your career or business for the long run. Moreover, certification will add more credits to your profile too. No doubt about it. Cheer up!

I am glad to see your experience sharing in the comments box, once if you are engaging any of the above courses. Hope you to recommend others too.

Support: This post contains affiliate links through which I earn a small commission against qualifying purchase, at no cost to you.

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