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Written by Sathish Arumugam

A Boon in a Book!

A very big HI, HI! – To all those good people who have stopped by to look at my post.
And please read on!

So? I have conceived my ever first eBook. I am so thrilled about it. I want to share and deliver my ideas from the book. What is this dude talking? You might wonder. This is one of my dreams come true. I wanted to compile a book. Put together a lot of useful info / Intel for starters. Whole book on recent trends in blogging and Digital marketing.

This is an attempt to answer questions like:

How to be a successful blogger? How to win traffic to your blog? How to make money by attracting traffic? How to do optimize your chances? SEO? And a lot more.


eBook Cover

I have been a successful entrepreneur in the field of digital marketing. It has been quite sometimes now for me treading the water and I am so happy I choose this as my means of livelihood. I have seen that there are people who don’t care to share their secrets or hesitate to guide or teach but once I learnt this art of blogging and moneying, I thought I should do more than just doing this. I should write a book, like a, “handbook on blogging and SEO for ‘dummies’”

So, here I am with my debut book of this series. I have tried explaining concepts and listing out steps in a very clear and cool way. It is very simple to follow. I am sure you would appreciate my small endeavor after going through it.
This is only step No. 1 and I intend to climb a flight of steps up. I want to publish more books not to just gain something but to gain the satisfaction that others are benefited from what I know. I am not trying to sound idealistic but I believe in sharing knowledge and working in networks.

I would be ‘a million times obliged’ if you would get back to me. If you would read this for me. It won’t be a dull read, I promise! So, please read it and get back to me. I want true feedback so that I could build more up on it. I aspire more and I also want you to aspire more like me and start enterprising for yourself. I shall be more than glad to happy if you have any clarification with the same or you want to know anything about it. Write to me or reach me on facebook, twitter, G+ & Skype.

There you go!
Much thanks for your stop here again.

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