15 Best Free Online Proofreading Software For Writers 2021 (#1 Is Worth As Both Free & Paid)

The world is full of contents. Yeah, the world has too many contents it may be of word format or by voice format or any else. The people never praise or care about the sentence with grammar mistakes and contents that don’t have a real meaning sense. So, proofreading the content with proper spell check tool is a mandatory process in these days for creating a genuine content without creating any mess. You’ll gain some of the best free online proofreading software via this blog post.

You may check the best online proofreading services or manually check the errors with the free online proofreading tool as well. Here, I will describe the best free online proofreading and editing software for the readers with the online proofreading software reviews for sure.

The process of proofreading for your contents should be carried out to stand out from the crowd in this competitive world. I have handpicked 15 best proofreading sites and "proofreading software reviews" for writers. It could be useful for any type of people in proofreading the content.

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Best Free Online Proofreading Software

Proofreading Is Essential Before Publishing The Content

Proofreading must be the final step before taking any action on a piece of writing. It can be anything - either before publishing it online, or before submitting it to your professor, or forwarding your CV to the employer, etc.

Proofreading includes spotting both small and big errors, eliminating grammatical mistakes, formatting, and clearing out typographical errors. Finally, proofreading the content will make sure that the text adheres to the content style chosen.

The process of proofreading is quite different and something beyond editing the content. It is the most crucial step when preparing your content for the readers. These free online proofreading tools can polish your content and ensure that it is easy to read.

When it comes to consistency checks – it requires checking phrases, word usage, capitalization, punctuations, bullet points, hyphenation, presentation of numbers, etc. And grammatical mistakes like subject-verb agreement, incorrect word choices, wrong tenses, sentence parallelism, etc.

When it comes to consistency checks – it requires checking phrases, word usage, capitalization, punctuations, bullet points, hyphenation, presentation of numbers, etc. And grammatical mistakes like subject-verb agreement, incorrect word choices, wrong tenses, sentence parallelism, etc.

What does a Content Editing & Proofreading Tool do?

​Certainly, editing and proofreading are not the same – two dissimilar tasks. The terms are interchangeably used by people sometimes.

​So what’s the difference between these two? Should you hire individual candidates for editing and then proofreading?

Content editing involves –

  • Understanding the purpose or intend of the specific piece of content for the audience or brand.
  • Skimming through the content as a reader
  • Then, analyze the content as a copy editor. You must check for –

Does the introduction tract the user’s attention? Is content focused on a single theme or it deviates? Where the content doesn’t work well? How perfect the grammar and punctuation are? Every sentence and paragraph is understood? Does the content flows logically? Does the content incorporate brand voice and style? And so on.

  • If there are significant changes, send back the content to the respective writer with your editing suggestions. Otherwise, revise the copy yourself.
  • Make sure the research, statistics, quotes, math calculations, etc. mentioned are accurate and links to the original source.
  • Finally, read through the content to make sure that it is perfect in its way following the brand’s style guide and dictionary.

​Keep in mind; you should have records about the changes made, with detailed explanations.

And, proofreading involves –

​Probably, looking for minor flaws in the edited copy of content is what proofreading. Proofreading doesn’t mark major mistakes. But it’s the final checkpoint that makes sure the content is 100% error-free and ready for publications.

  • Review the content multiple times to catch every tiny mistake that wasn’t fixed by the editor.
  • Read each sentence to check for the grammatical loopholes like subject-verb agreement, etc.
  • Check spelling of each word of the text. Make sure the content flows logically and in good shape from the reader’s perspective.
  • Check whether all the links work, table of content matches the actual content, subheadings follows same typography, unnecessary line breaks, if any, etc.
  • Proceed further for the approval to publish by the authorized.

You can also notify editors and writers about the repeated mistakes to avoid future occurrences.

Now, you must be clear about content editing and proofreading.

Indeed, same person writing, editing and proofreading the content is scary. Even, I felt the same.

​Even you don’t have enough resource to handle content editing and proofreading, go for the smart proofreading software online. Proofreading software free download will do. Otherwise, upgrade to its premium.

Reasons To Buy Proof-Reading Tools & Their Wide Usages

  • The major reasons for choosing proof-reading tool is deliver the content without any flaws to this world.
  • It is mandatory to show the real thoughts to the people without making any blender mistakes.
  • The content should never degrade your ideas and views when it comes to the public.
  • To be professional, one should proof-read their articles and written content. It keeps you stand out from the crowd.
  • People would laugh at your written content if you have series of mistakes, grammar errors and so on.
  • The "free online english proofreading and editing" tools would be your best companion in making miracles for sure.

Note: It is recommended to purchase any premium packages/services for proofreading work based on the reviews and popularity. Apart from that, the customer support should be well analyzed "proofreading software reviews" before making any purchase of the writing "proofreading and editing software" as well.

The 15 online "best free proofreading software" services and free English proofreading online tools are described below.

Best Free Proofreading Software 2021 - My Best Picks

I am aware that you might come across plenty of articles discussing on this best free online proof reading tools. The same here, but this would be quite simpler and helpful with what I do like and I don't like. And, I don't ignore analyzing the software meeting every writers need. Let's get into the list directly.

Best Proofreading Sites-Grammarly Proofreading Checker Online



Rating - 4.9/5

The Grammarly Proofreading checker is the best World-Class proofreading tool. It is used by many legends and content writers including bloggers around the world. It is the recommended proofreading tool that I have ever seen.

User reviews are the evergreen credits to any product. Similiarly, Grammarly wins millions of writer's mind and has remarkable place always. Also, it never fails to encourage its users by giving Grammarly deals as a way of thanking. Checkout for more Grammarly alternatives and its comparison.

Features & Benefits of Grammarly Proofreading Checker

  • Grammarly is the most widely used proofreading online for free and also the best "proofreading and editing software" for mac/windows.
  • It helps you save all the documents that you’ve proofread or made the changes with the existing content.
  • It has Browser extensions, Web-Apps, Desktop Native Apps, Word Processor integration and so on. Thus, it is the best out of all free paper proofreader.
  • You could upload and also export the documents right from your Grammarly dashboard. Grammarly is appropriate document proofreading software.
  • You get the detailed report and summary of your writings that enhances the performance.

What Do I Like?

  • It is recommended by most of the people around the globe due to its ability to read proof online.
  • It has the wide range of correcting the grammar errors and punctuation's. Thus, it remains a "best proofreading software for writers".
  • It helps you proofread the content and replace the suggestions in a single mouse click.
  • It helps you check the plagiarism content and also helps you construct article based on the type of genre.

What Don't I Like?

  • The premium version cost some high price tag but it is worth investing and the CTRL + Z (UNDO) option couldn’t be accessed in the Grammarly Add-On for MS Word.
  • It browser extension doesn’t work on and other reputed websites.
Free Online Proofreading Services-White Smoke Grammar Checker Reviews


Rating - 4.5/5

The WhiteSmoke is also found to be a great online proofreading tool free for the users also an best "proofreading software for writers" especially. It has several features in checking the content mistakes in a better way. It does everything for managing the perfect content without any flaws. By viewing the whitesmoke grammar checker review, you could get the in-depth analysis of this proof reading tool.

Features & Benefits of WhiteSmoke Proofreading Checker

  • WhiteSmoke checks millions of possible grammar and spelling correction with their data instantly.
  • It has a browser extension for making your contents the best one while browsing and posting them over the Social Media.
  • It wins the heart of the people for its simplicity and elegant User-Interface.

What Do I Like?

  • It looks for the possible grammar and sentence formation errors faster than ever.
  • It has both Android App and iOS App support for the proofreaders.
  • It is aware of making the best corrections for the contextual errors.

What Don't I Like?

  • We have found that it has some glitch while finding some of the sentences and looks below the standard when compared with the Grammarly tool.
Free Online Proofreading Tool-Ginger Online Proofreading Review


Rating - 4.2/5

Ginger Grammar Checker tool is a perfect companion for the online proofreading as well as mobile proofreading via their keyboard application. Ginger online proofreading has huge fame for the proofreading process due to its lightning fast correcting of errors in the written content. Ginger software is well known as free sentence rephraser too.

Here, is a breezy look at a comparison of the above three online proofreading and editing software - Grammarly, WhiteSmoke, and Ginger. However, Ginger is not an optimal choice as document proofreading software.

Features & Benefits of Ginger Proofreading Checker

  • Ginger has a huge database and common mistaking syntax errors in the linguistic writings.
  • It provides quick analysis of the errors and its possible recoveries are done instantly.
  • Ginger proofreader review shows that it improves the linguistic productivity and also strong our skills with the ginger punctuation checker as well.

What Do I Like?

  • It is free of cost and doesn’t force the users to purchase any premium services.
  • It has a clean UI and website look.
  • It does the proofreading of articles and thereby saves a huge time & cost.

What Don't I Like?

  • It has no reasoned statement for the errors.
  • It doesn’t work with Google Doc.
Online Proofreading Software Reviews-Grammar-Base


Rating - 3.9/5

GrammarBase is a powerful "best free proofreading software" online that helps the people check the errors and mistakes in their content.

Features & Benefits of Grammar Base Proofreading Checker

  • It has a browser extension that could help you proofread online.
  • The best feature is that it is a robust grammar checking program that instantly checks the flaws.
  • You could get the detailed report of your proofread article.

What Do I Like?

  • It is simple interface online proofreading tool free for all the users.
  • It doesn’t require any membership account and you don’t require any software download for accessing GrammarBase.

What Don't I Like?

  • It doesn’t have any advanced grammar error checks and also looks below the standard when compared with the other tools from our list.

#5 Garretson Writing

Best Online Proofreading Service-Garretson-Writing


Rating - 3.9/5 is best proofreading website free to use without any hassle. would be preferable for instant proofreading online free. It is simple and easy to access the punctuation mistakes in your content

Features & Benefits of Garretson Writing Proofreading Checker

  • It doesn’t require any software or tool download to access the proofreading checker.
  • It helps you learn the punctuation placement very easily.
  • It is very minimalistic and fast in checking out the punctuations.

What Do I Like?

  • It could analyze up to 10000 words in a faster way for any possible punctuation mistakes.
  • It teaches the users about the basics with their inbuilt Useful Guidelines.
  • It also links to Online Checker and Reference Checker.

What Don't I Like?

  • It is limited to only 10000 words and it doesn’t care much about the UI.
Best Proofreading Website Free-Punctuation-Checker


Rating - 3.8/5

The is a simple and effective online punctuation checker that helps the people do their corrections and modifications in a minute. It provides a good fast processing of your content.

Features & Benefits of Punctuationchecker.Org Proofreading Checker

  • It has an online interface and very fast in debugging the flaws in your written content.
  • It is fast and simple that every age group could access this online punctuation checker.
  • It also has sentence punctuation checker option for the fast instant result.

What Do I Like?

  • It has full punctuation guide that helps you avoid the commonly repeated errors.
  • It guarantees the users for 0% plagiarism content via their exclusive checking module.

What Don't I Like?

  • Rarely redirects you to the other proofreading site and doesn’t work in some cases.
After-The-Deadline-Free English Proofreading Online


Rating - 3.6/5

Afterthedeadline grammar checking tool is owned by the Automattic which is known for its legendary product WordPress which is a world-class blogging platform. It assures good quality proofreading services for free with the ATD.

Features & Benefits of AfterTheDeadline Proofreading Checker

  • The proofreading is made easy with ATB online extensions for the browsers.
  • It is a GNU – General Public License product that everyone could use it for the personal use.
  • It checks the writing style and proofread the article faster.

What Do I Like?

  • It is trusted by millions of people.
  • The online version for proofreading the content is
  • It helps you done the proofreading faster with its minimal interface.

What Don't I Like?

  • It has the limited feature than its plugin for WordPress that creates a limited satisfaction for the online grammar check.
Best Proofreading Software For Mac-Paperrater


Rating - 3.4/5

PaperRater provides best proofreading services that could possibly debug your grammar mistakes effectively online.

Features & Benefits of PaperRater Proofreading Checker

  • No software required
  • It has Artificial Intelligence & Data Science module for checking out the variety of grammar check in a faster mode.
  • It allows the user to upload the document file and check.

What Do I Like?

  • No signup & No downloads required.
  • It helps you check the quality of the article with the automatic score generated.
  • It also decides you choose the type of article & education level of your content.

What Don't I Like?

  • There are no native apps for desktop and smartphone available for proofreading the article on the go.
Free Best Proofreading Software Online-Correction-Org


Rating - 3.2/5

The is a fantastic website that proofreads essays and the article amazingly online. This tool would be more helpful for students those who are looking for ‘proofreading my essay free’ or ‘proofreading help online free’ It has simple use and navigational website for proofreading the article.

Features and Benefits of Proofreading Checker

  • A simple Text Box field helps you drag & drop the contents to be proofread in a simple way.
  • The suggestions are shown with the green color and the mistakes are seen with the red color.
  • It has the automatic correction and the corrected report could be seen.

What Do I Like?

  • It has American/British/Australia /New Zealand/South African English mode for the variety of proofreading the content.
  • The automatic corrections and their report look pretty awesome.

What Don't I Like?

  • The design of this website looks old fashioned and there are some minor bugs/glitches with this online tool.
Proofreading Software For Writers-Language-Tool


Rating - 3.0/5

Languagetool is the best "proofreading and editing software" service with a forum support. Languagetool website that proofreads for free has many features and benefits.

Features and Benefits of Proofreading Checker

  • It is an opensource product that could be widely accessed for the proofreading of the contents.
  • It covers proofreading the contents for English, French, Polish, German and 20+ languages.
  • It has real-time proofreading of your content faster.

What Do I Like?

  • It has browser extension with 4.4-star ratings on the Chrome Store and widely used by millions of people.
  • Just selecting the content and clicking the languagetool browser extension icon could do magic (Ctrl+Shift+SpaceBar).
  • It supports Google Doc and Standalone Desktop app.

What Don't I Like?

  • It looks it couldn’t perform the maximum potential in the online proofreading quality check than the other great proofread tools like Grammarly.

In the later section of this page before concluding, I will be sharing few more online proofreading tools and the highly recommended software out of all that meets everyone' requirements. It may be the BEST ever proofreading and editing software for Windows users, Mac users, students, bloggers, writers, academic professionals, authors, social media followers and all.

Best Proofreading Software For Mac

If you’re a mac user and set to buy any software relating proofread, check proofreading software for mac is available or not. There are only specific proofreading and editing software provides proofreading app for mac OS.

Best Proofreading Software For Windows

If you are a all-time writer preferring Windows OS and MS word for your professional write-ups, you will have to choose your best proofreading program free  to work on your Windows document. That is, a proofreading software that has Windows app for proofreading. I would recommend using Grammarly as best online proofreading software for windows in addition to best proofreading software for mac.

Best Proofreading Software For Writers

In the above sections, we were discussing most popular proofreading and editing software for various applications like word, online text, student documents and more. Now, let see how this proofreading software is more supportive even to the writers like bloggers, freelance content writers, and e-books authors.

For any professional writer, proofreading is a last but not least predominant task. There are still writers who prefer manual proofreading of their content like Lorraine Reguly. However, to efficiently manage their available time, there are professional writers prefer to go for proofreading tools for free at last. For bloggers, content is the most crucial factor determining their blog traffic, hence proofreading getting its vital presence in such scenarios.

Free Online Proofreading Software For Students

It is the learning curve for students in their career. They may go for using free proofreading tools online to meet their academic requirements. However, with that practice, they should never forget to learn things to avoid mistakes in their future write-ups. They can hone their writing skills. Any software or tool is only to help human not to ruin. For learning, Grammarly would help to a greater extent as it notifies the exact and detailed justifications for all the mistakes you are making. Grammarly Insights and reports show the performance level and improvement in your writing style.

Top Proofreading Websites For Free

Under the title few other best proofreading websites, we have seen the list of online proofreading tools in addition to the list of best proofreading and editing software. I am glad to help you if you are looking for proofreading software that proofreads your website pages as a whole. Scribendi, and spellchecker are the best online proofreading tool to proofread your website.

Free Online Proofreading and Editing Software are Worth Its Time?

Of Course, YES. You only have to spend almost 10% of the time what you are spending for content writing. You may raise a question that how free software can perform so good. But, it’s true. There are trustworthy proofreading software’s like Grammarly to come with reliable and accurate results. For error-free content writing and proofreading, you may use Grammarly for free. Only if you would like to enjoy its extended features like plagiarism, you have to go for the premium. You may refer English writing editing software reviews from experts to know the real values of each.

It's Time to Best Free Proofreading Software Download

Enough is enough. Don’t kill your time in proofreading your text manually. Indeed, you can’t meet the writing demands, if you do not excel like a Pro in English Grammar. Meanwhile, I don’t want to push you to invest in a proof reading program. Give a try with any of the above-mentioned tools that are proofreading software for windows, document proofreading software, proofreading software for Mac or anything. It’s absolutely, free. Either download its desktop-based proofreading and editing software or install web browser add-ons or sign-up to access online editor.

Few Other Best Proofreading Software Online

Let me clarify you that I am going to share few more best proofreading websites in this section. I am not talking about best proofreading software for websites. Hope you are getting me right. Below are the few other best proofreading online sites for free.



Grammarly - Exclusive Deal

Grammarly is our #1 Recommendation

Overall Rating - 4.9/5

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Finally, you’ve read all the 15 best free online proofreading and editing software with this blog post. I have handpicked these tools after undergoing several processes. I love to proofread the content and that gives me a professional look. You could test all the tools as stated above in this article for "free online english proofreading and editing".

You could improve your writing and linguistic productivity to the maximum level without any doubt. If you’re a mac user and set to buy any software relating proofread, check proofreading software for mac is available or not. This 15 online proofreading tools and editing software would help you achieve your writing goals in a better way.

Note: This whole content was written with the help of Grammarly Premium Tool and that deserves the number 1 Position in our list. It is the primary proofreading tool that I personally recommend the reader for a great productive writing.

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  2. Hi Sathish,

    I always recommend using at least one proofreading software to proofread content before publishing. However, they aren’t 100% perfect but still they catch some silly mistake which can ruin a bloggers status.

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    I love the you have demonstrated every tool

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  6. I am using Grammarly since long time. It is the best tool as it allows Google chrome integration as well as it has desktop tool. It helped me a lot in my content writing projects.

    Today I knew some other tools too from this post and I will surely give them a try. Keep inspiring by sharing such a wonderful post.

    1. Hi Mr. Avinash Mishra,

      Thanks for reading my post. As you said, even me too using Grammarly since many years. Comparatively, I personally felt Grammarly would be best out of others.
      Thank you once again for your interest.

  7. Hey Sathish,
    Great post!
    Proofreading is one of these important stages before hitting the publish button, especially for non-natives, and I see that you did great here in collecting this nice list. Already used Grammarly, and Ginger, will try to test the others soon.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Enjoy the weekend!


  8. Sathish

    I like Grammarly also.
    But I’m satisfied with their free service.
    Actually I don’t know difference between pro & free 🙂

    1. Chad,

      Grammarly free can even serve with many features. Still, for plagiarism check features, and to make your content 100% error-free Grammarly premium would be great. As it identifies more advanced issues like parallelism, slit infinitive, and even more.

  9. This is SO useful. I think proofreading can actually take longer than writing a piece in the first place, particularly when it comes to properly editing.

    1. Hi Naomi,

      Yes, you are right. Proof-reading takes much time than writing the same. For better quality posts, we are supposed to agree that and work on the strategy.

      Thanks for reading my post. Stay tuned!

  10. Thanks for sharing such valuable information with us. This has made my work much simple and has also increased the productivity of my team.

    1. Hi Mr. Suresh,

      Happy to note that you are flexible working with above-mentioned tools. Amon all these, I would strongly recommend Grammarly as I have been using it for a long time. It is really made my life easier for best content and posts therewith.

      Thanks for your interest and time spent on this page!

  11. Hey Satish,
    Thank you for the list above, it will surely help newbie like me. Proofreading is so important before publishing the article.

  12. I love Grammarly and I am happy with their premium service, although I’ve never tried any of the other free services. Something to look into for the future.

    The only thing I don’t like about Grammarly is that even though the browser extension works with a majority of websites, it doesn’t quite work for all. Still well worth the money.

    Thanks for writing!

    1. Hi Ambrosia,

      Of course, you are right. Due to some technical reasons, it may not be supporting few sites. But, Grammarly does have such an efficient team to come up with solutions for the same.

      As you stated, it really worths a lot for what we paid.


  13. Thanks a lot for the time spent on reading this page. Glad to note that you are a Grammarly user. Hope, that would be really beneficial. And about Hemingway, stay tuned to my blog page, will try to cover in my upcoming posts.

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    Thanks for reading and commenting. Obviously, any freebie will have limitation. If you are serious about having your content unique and of high-quality, then you must go for some premium features like plagiarism check, vocabulary enhancement, etc. If you are money-concerned, then buy such premium tools when it offers some discounts saving some bucks.

  15. As a non-native English language user, I tend to make occasional mistakes in my copywriting. Luckily for me, there is a big number of proofreading tools like these on your list, that make any blogger’s life way easier. Neither of them is a magic wand though and should be approached only as an additional helper to your own brain and language operation skills. Among the tools mentioned above, I love Grammarly a lot!

  16. I am using Grammarly since long time. It is the best tool as it allows Google chrome integration as well as it has desktop tool. It helped me a lot in my content writing projects. And Glad to note that you are a Grammarly user.

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