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Freelancing jobs are becoming very passionate in India and all over the world. Are you looking or interested to work as a Freelancer in online to “Make Money”? If it Yes! then you are at a right place to get good real Work From Home Jobs. Before finding good part time jobs, you need to analysis your skills in home based jobs. By this article, we are going to show you who offers genuine home based freelance jobs and how to get them.

1. What have you to do?
2. What are the things needs to do before getting freelance jobs?
3. How to getting paid from them.

These are very important to see before you entered into the Freelance jobs, and the below part-time service list are absolutely no investment required.

Note: Before signing up with any job, check the full review about that website. Because there are 99% spam websites in online.

Home Based Online Works are listed below:

Freelancing workers are mostly loved and welcomed by youngsters and Housewives. Because it helps to make some revenue to them or to the family, Now Freelancing works are becoming wide popular and helpful to all peoples. The latest technology has made freelancing work as much simpler as compared to some years back. There are so many Part-time jobs are available at online now, but we have to choose the best one among them. That is the main thing while doing Work From Home Jobs, Okay now let’s know the Genuine home based freelance jobs in details.

Fiverr :

What is Fiverr?

For the beginners, it’s a big Question mark..

Fiverr is the easiest way to get everything done at an unbeatable value. This is a marketplace place where people are selling their skills in $5 and you can get offline/online work through this in just $5.

Join Free at Fiverr and you can mention your services so that the customers can easily find the service they need. You get so many opportunities by this, they call it as GIG so when you are buying anything from Fiverr according to them you are buying GIGs.
The Service is provided just at $5 and they will keep $1 as Commission from every GIG which you will sell through Fiverr.

How it’s useful to the Freelancers?

It is a right place to promote your talent’s, here you can do the work without any stress. It is the best place for internet marketers because there is a place to many GIGS like social media, graphic design, Photo editing, Retouching, Writing, Advertising, Building backlinks, blog commenting, Logo design, Business Card, SEO, Copy-Writing, Animation and many more. Present your work with some photos with details of what your are doing then the people will find your service n just $5.

Google Adsense

What is Google AdSense?

Google Adsense is one of the best places to “Make Money” on online, it gets most of its revenue by the websites that advertise their links on the search pages. You can see the ads on every search page on the right or left side of the page, the deals with all Google advertisement processes is called Google Adwords. Now Google allows other websites to show these ads so the part of the revenue goes to those websites (For example While the website pays Google Adwords $5 for on advertisement then the ad is posted on your website and you get $3 for that) Google that deals with this side of the advertisement is called Google Adsense.

How to earn money with Google AdSense?

Your Website needs to have at least 20-30 unique and quality content pages and after that you need to go to the official website of Adsense and apply from an account. Once you are accepted then you receive an HTML coding then paste it on your website, in that space you can have either text or banner link or both if you want. After that, you have to increase traffic for your website then more people come to your site and clicks are made on the banners or ads. By this way, the visitors will increase and you can easily earn more than you thing, then once you start getting the money, invest a small portion in SEO it helps to increase the traffic and Visit on your websites.

Affiliate Marketing & Blogging

What is Affiliate Marketing and Blogging?

Affiliate Marketing is basically where a company utilize space on you blog or website in order to advertise their company. The blog owner is going to get paid by allowing a company to utilize the space and leading customers to the company. Many people blog using free blogging platforms like Blogspot while you don’t have to pay for a domain name or hosting. So that you can start including placing ads on your site, promoting affiliate links, or even selling your own products directly.

Earn Income From Home by Affiliate Marketing:

There are three ways in which a person could get paid:

1. Paid per click: The person is paid when a reader clicks onto the ad of the company.
2 .Paid per sale: For each person that clicks on the ad and buys the product, then the website or blog owner is paid.
3. Paid per lead: Each reader that clicks on the ad and performs a function such as signing up for a newsletter or the like will result in the website owners or blogger getting paid.

Data Entry Job to Make Money

Types of Offline/Online Data Entry Jobs

There are different types of data entry jobs both Online/ Offline as per the requirement of the company.

To do Data Entry job, the basic thing is the typing skill. You will be asked to type things into MS word or a notepad. This job is very easy because you have tp type in simple English words and you need to have good typing speed preferably more than 30 Word Per minute. They will provide a some documents like the image, books or other stuff which you need to see and type on MS Words or other, it depends upon the company how they want.

Data Entry Workers needed Worldwide

1. It is Online Data Entry/ Form Filling/Home typing jobs.
2. Work Full or Part-time from home/cyber cafe just 1-2 hours daily.
3. Set your own Hours or Work in your spare time
4. No Experience required.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk)

What is Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk)?

Amazon Mechanical Turk or mTurk is a marketplace to work on small micro jobs. MTurk allows small business and website owners to access to a diverse, on-demand, scalable workforce. It gives workers a selection of thousands of tasks to complete whenever it’s convenient. Log in to your account and choose the HITs one among them, Click “Accept HIT” and fill out te form with the results and “Submit Hit” button. Another HIT will be present do the same for accepting.

How do I receive my money from MTurk?

Once you complete an HIT the requester will check this and approved if they are satisfied. After checking the approval from a requester, it transfers the money from requester’s prepaid balance to worker’s Amazon payment account. You can check the details in the dashboard
while your account in Amazon Mechanical Turk reaches more than US $10, you can ask to withdraw your payment. It’s better to withdraw after every US $100 as there is $4 deduction every time you request a Withdrawal. The Indian Peoples will receive the Money by INR cheques.

Freelance Writing

Writing is an extremely talented field, freelancing can be a profitable way for a professional writer or editor to earn money from home. However, for the beginner it can take a time to build the brand and begin making money. Freelancers must build a business over time, constantly networking to find new outlets, but regular online writing jobs are always welcome.

Writers develop content using several multimedia formats for readers, listeners, or viewers, although many people write as part of their primary job, writers perform this function primarily on websites, community forums, and blogs. Writing professionals are sometimes referred to as Copywriter, Content Manager, Editor, Blogger, Reporter, News Writer or Journalist.

SEO Service from Home

What is SEO and How you can through SEO?

SEO service enhances the website quality and visibility and it is easier to find an SEO enabled website than others. SEO helps to get a high ranking result, high rank in search engines is the only key for gaining visitors in a high ratio. It has different types of web services like On-Page and OFF-Page SEO, SEM, and SMO service.

• On-Page service – On-Page SEO basically deals with refining and modifying the contents on the websites.

• Off-Page service – Off-Page SEO service is based on the implementation of a theme-based quality link building services.

• SEO service- “Search Engine Optimization” is a powerful web marketing technique it helps to get better ranking for your website.

• SEM service- Search Engine Marketing(SEM) that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages.

• SMO service – “Social Media Optimization” is the process of promoting a site, business or brand through social media channels by engaging potential customers.

Final Words:

Thus, we provided the best online jobs from home without any investment, Hope you like this post “Genuine Work From Home Jobs Without Any Investment”. Share it with your friends. For any doubts, shoot your questions in the comment box. Follow us on Google+ and Twitter

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