Google Adsense WordPress Plugin for Free

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In this article, we are going to see the best Google Adsense WordPress Plugin For Free

Google Adsense is the most popular way to earn money in online through your website or blog. Plugins on WordPress can do a variety of different functions and that will be helpful in putting ads on your website. There are many reasons to have ads on your site. One of the benefits includes the opportunity to earn some extra revenue by using these plugins. Here you can modify colors and display size of the advertisements. You can decide where to post ads on your site, and many more options like this. Advertising on your site become a little bit easier in present days and you will save time. You can have more control of the ads being displayed on your site. Hundreds of plugins are available for insertion and displaying ads on your blog which is much easier. We can perform it by just a few clicks of the mouse.

So, Google Adsense is the most popular choice. This excellent free platform lets you display ads relevant to your website content and earn money when a visitor clicks on any ad. In this article, I will introduce you some of the best Adsense WordPress Plugins, so that you can easily pick the Plugins according to your needs and requirements.

The best Google Adsense WordPress Plugins that are listed below, use this plugin for best revenue.

Google AdSense Plugin

Google Adsense WordPress Plugin for Free

The Google Adsense Plugin enables you to easily use Google products, this plugin lets you place Adsense ads using a simple point and click UI rather than manually inserting snippets. This allows you to display ads and set various parameters for ads such as format of ads, size, color of ad block, rounded or sharp corner and position of ad block in a web page. It also adds more options to display ads in a widget, it can also insert Google ads to your website automatically so that you can choose how many ads to be displayed in a Webpage.

WP Simple Adsense Insertion

Google Adsense WordPress Plugin for Free

Use this plugin to quickly and easily insert Google Adsense to your posts, pages and sidebar by using a shortcode or calling the PHP function from your theme’s template file. This plugin is developed for people who are new to WordPress. It focuses on the important factor which is for a basic website owner who needs and also for the quick Adsense integration. It is easy to use, we need to simply insert as units by inserting a simple trigger text to posts, pages, and sidebar and you can also use this plugin by inserting either shortcode or calling the PHP function.

Easy Plugin for Adsense

Google Adsense WordPress Plugin for Free

Easy plugin for Adsense provides a very easy way to generate revenue from your blog using Google Adsense. It has the full set of features which allows you to display ads in the sidebar widgets with custom title and parameters. They had features like customized title for Ad block, insert Ads in sidebar widgets, insert Adsense blocks in header or footer, Multiple languages support and more.

Ad Injection Plugin

Google Adsense WordPress Plugin for Free

Ad Injection Plugin is an excellent WordPress plugin for displaying advertisements from Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, ClickBank or other ad providers. You can choose the number of ads depending on the post length and we can restrict who see adverts by post age, visitor referrer, and IP address. It is also possible to specify which visitors will see the ads, along with the before and after post positions you can display ads in random locations or sidebars. By the plugin support A/B split testing, you can easily find out which variations of the ads are working best for you. By this, you can choose to display ads only on old posts or posts of specific tags, categories, author etc.

WordPress Ad Widget

Google Adsense WordPress Plugin for Free

WordPress Ad widget is the easiest way to place ads in your WordPress site. Installing and activating the plugin will create several custom widgets in your WordPress website. To use Widgets go to Appearance > Widgets from your website dashboard and find out the widgets titled ‘Ad Widget’. It is possible to display both text and images advertisements by using the plugin. This is the simple beginner-friendly plugin which lets you display an unlimited number of ads.

Google Adsense by BestWebsoft

Google Adsense WordPress Plugin for Free

Google Adsense by BestWebSoft is a great plugin for adding Adsense ads on your blog. It allows you to customize the ads displaying, such as format, size, the color of the elements in the ad block, rounded corners and the ad block position on the website. It provides the possibility to make ads unique and original. Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you have to provide your Adsense publisher ID to authorize necessary customization options. Formatting options include Horizontal, Vertical, and square resolutions, and you will also find several positions for displaying the ads. You can choose a default color palette or choose custom colors for the ads.

Ad Inserter Plugin

Google Adsense WordPress Plugin for Free

Ad Inserter Plugin is simply powerful solution to insert any code into WordPress. This also installs a custom plugin that you can easily display your custom shortcodes or PHP function. With lots of customization options, you can advertise plugin for WordPress. It lets you display the ads in various locations including before and after content, selected paragraph or excerpt, before title etc. You can also use the automatic display option.

Custom Post Widget

Google Adsense WordPress Plugin for Free

The custom post widget allows you to display the contents of a specific custom post in a widget on in the content area using a Shortcode. This plugin enables users to use the WYSIWYG editor for editing the content and adding images. If you are using the standard WordPress text widgets to display content on various areas of your template, this content can only be edited by the user who is acting as an administrator. If you don’t like non-administrator accounts then you can use this plugin to provide them access to the custom posts that provide the content for the widget areas.

Final Word

These are the best Adsense WordPress Plugins, that will help you to make revenue from ads. Only by practicing, we can analysis how to generate maximum revenue by positioning the ads. By this, we can analysis the outcome and reach. Hopefully, these plugins will make it easier for you. If you have any other suggestions or clarification in any of these plugins, please post your comments in a comment box. If you like the article “Google Adsense WordPress Plugin for Free” then share this post to other bloggers. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get connected.

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