Grammarly Free Vs Grammarly Premium – It’s Really Worth Buying!

Whether or not, you are much familiar with Grammarly. Here is a comparison between Grammarly free & premium versions: Grammarly free vs Grammarly premium. If you are new to Grammarly, try its free version otherwise go for its premium. It’s worth buying.

Do you think your site is lacking user engagement due to poor readability of your content? Then, you must assist some prominent proofreading and editing tool. Instead of spoiling your credibility and reputation among your target audience, use Grammarly to create a flawless content right away. The content brings out your ideas representing your individual personality or your business standard.

About Grammarly

Have you ever heard of the most powerful English proofreading tool, Grammarly? Do you have experience in polishing your content using Grammarly?

Indeed, let’s have a quick recap of what Grammarly is. Especially for those who have no idea about Grammarly.

The AI-powered English writing assistant tool that helps people to communicate effectively. Grammarly is one of the Fortune 500 companies based at San Francisco, New York & Kyiv. So far, there are millions of users trusts Grammarly to write their messages, essays, documents, emails, social media posts, etc.

Grammarly Free Vs Grammarly Premium

How well does Grammarly works? How Grammarly free can help you? Does it worth comparing Grammarly free vs Grammarly premium? Let’s explore things in detail.

Grammarly Free

Out of a plethora of free English proofreading tools, Grammarly wins over. The performance and the reliability of the results remain the top-notch even in its free tool. If you don’t have Grammarly yet, then it’s time to experience it.

Sign-up using your professional email id and download free add-ons for your browsers. By default, it stores your document under ‘My Grammarly’. Don’t worry, it’s safe.

However, Grammarly free comes up with basic editing and proofreading ability. It helps you to eliminate spelling, basic grammar, and punctuation mistakes. You can do unlimited checks and hence, there is no compulsion to upgrade.

In your Grammarly dashboard, click ‘Apps’ from the menu at the left side. You will get to find more free products of Grammarly supporting MS Word, MS Outlook, native app for Windows and browser extensions for Chrome.

Installing the add-on for browsers, you are likely to get Grammarly assistance on social media platforms. It includes Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or anywhere you write online (except a few sites like Quora).

You can set your language preference between American, British, Canadian and Australian English. Also, you can add certain words to your personal dictionary. So, the tool won’t flag such words as misspellings or errors.

Features of Grammarly Free Version

  • Elimination of spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors
  • Neat GUI with multiple choices to perform checks
  • Add-ons for popular browsers, MS Office platforms
  • Get assistance even writing social media posts
  • Choice between US, UK, Canada or Australia based English
  • Personal Dictionary to add exclusive words


  • Unlimited words and checks
  • No threat or spur activities to upgrade
  • Speed and reliability of the results are unbeatable
  • Insights and reports about your writing
  • Stores your document online for easy access


  • Do not check for more advanced grammatical or style related mistakes
  • No plagiarism detector feature
  • You cannot access the vocabulary enhancement feature

Grammarly Premium

For writing professionals, Grammarly would be a perfect one. Express your ideas freely not bothering about the wordy sentences or writing style mistakes. Grammarly premium helps you to avoid ‘overused words’ that makes your content complex to read. Eliminating such mistakes, make your content clear and consistent. So the readability of your content will be good.

Above all, the plagiarism checker feature makes your unique out of the billions and trillions of content over the web. Grammarly checks your piece of text with billions of articles, online publications, e-books, academic papers; etc to make sure it is original. It highlights the percentage of content duplication and the destination source. Since people love to use Grammarly plagiarism feature as the best alternative to CopyScape.

Grammarly has specific writing solutions for business and educational writers. You will get Grammarly’s native app for Mac OS, keyboard for iOS and Android for everything you write on your smart mobile phones.

Are you worried about your English writing style? Grammarly assists you to get rid of writing wordy sentences, overused words resulting in complex sentences, parallelism, etc.

Grammarly also guides you with free Handbook online, blog articles, social media communities sharing writing tips and English grammar rules.

Features of Grammarly Premium

  • Advanced style suggestions to have good content readability
  • Vocabulary enhancement to improve writing skills
  • Plagiarism feature to make the content unique
  • Checks for advanced mistakes against hundreds of grammar rules
  • Helps to eliminate wordiness and complex punctuation mistakes
  • Never takes you away from your writing tone
  • On-demand, human proofreading available
  • More detailed explanation and suggestions on each mistake


  • Fast checks and results are more accurate
  • Access your documents from different locations
  • Makes your content completely flawless
  • Upload, copy-paste or write content to the editor
  • Native app for Mac Os
  • Supports smartphones with keyboard
  • Compatible with popular email platforms


  • Needs internet connectivity, anyways
  • Does not support certain sites like Quora though

The Shootout Comparison: Grammarly Free vs Grammarly Premium

Armed with the above information, here is a comparison of several aspects that you might be looking for. And, some of the areas where Grammarly Premium dominates its free version.

#1 Reliability of the Grammarly tool

Comparing Grammarly free and premium, you will find no difference in its credibility. Both the versions perform the check much faster and get you the more reliable results. Only the checking depth varies. You have no limitations on the number of words and checks in both free and premium versions. Use it forever. There is no compulsion to upgrade to premium unless you felt so.

You will get the crystal-clear insights about your writing on average. So you can monitor the improvement in your writing skill literally.

#2 3rd Party writing editor’s Support

As we have seen above, Grammarly free itself gets you free native apps for Windows, MS Word, and extensions for Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Grammarly premium also gets you further more options. It includes native apps for Mac OS, writing keyboard for iOS and Android smartphones.

With all these, you will get instant Grammarly assistance wherever you write like social networks, Gmail Google Docs, MS word, etc. So, it means Grammarly is available for all writers via different online platforms.

#3 OS Compatibility

Grammarly free allows you to download and install native apps for Windows. On the other hand, it’s premium tool offers you native app for Mac OS. If you are a Linux or Ubuntu user, then make use of its free browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Ultimately, Grammarly is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Either in terms of native apps or free browser add-ons for quick access.

#4 Depth of check & correction

Unfortunately, you will get to know the number of advanced mistakes still prevails in your content (while using free). Since free version has the ability to identify basic spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes.

But, it does not help you with any further information about other advanced errors. Using Grammarly premium, there are no such restrictions. The tool checks for more complex errors in every aspect. It makes sure to understand the mistake you commit, and how to fix it instantly.

#5 Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly free has no plagiarism checker module whereas it’s premium version allows you to check the content plagiarism. It checks more than 16 billion web pages to come up with originality level of your piece of writing.

Knowing the consequences of content duplication, almost any sort of writer prefers Grammarly plagiarism checker to make their content unique. In academics, professors use this feature to make sure their and their student’s publications are plagiarism-free.

#6 Other Advanced Features

There are still a few other features that Grammarly free fails to offer. It includes genre-specific writing style checks, vocabulary enhancement, and advanced checks of sentence structure, contextual spelling, etc. Indeed, Grammarly premium checks 400+ complex writing errors and corrects.

Grammarly premium is rightly the perfect tool for any native or non-native English speakers to improve their writing skill and style.

#7 Customer Support

You don’t need to be a premium customer to get access to Grammarly Handbook, or its social media communities like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Any complications in using Grammarly or any doubts about billing, feel free to search for answers in its support page. Otherwise, send your support inquiry via the contact form to get assistance. Unfortunately, you will not get any phone or live chat support.

Grammarly treats all its users equally. Hence, there is no part in offering extensive support and knowledge base with abundant resources.

#8 Grammarly Pricing

Grammarly is available for free with extensive features and correction abilities. Unless until you need to take your writing to the next level, you may use Grammarly free. Indeed, it assists you to perform unlimited checks. And, never spurs you to upgrade to its premium edition.

Certainly, Grammarly premium is worth buying it. It comes with three options: monthly, quarterly, and annual plan. Depending on your need, you may choose your plans. I recommend you to go with the yearly plan to save some big bucks.

Final Take Away

While Grammarly free version can help you proofread and polish your content to some extent. If you are serious about becoming a better writer, then its Grammarly paid version is of great help. Its advanced features like style suggestions, word choices, and plagiarism checks are of great in its kind.

It can cut down your investment towards professional human proofreading services immensely. It may not be an actual replacement for the human editor, still, Grammarly is the only English proofreading tools comes much closer to human proofreading.

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  1. Hi Sathish,

    Thanks for this very comprehensive comparison between Grammarly Free and Grammarly Premium.

    I agree with you that the free version can be awesome and helpful, but if one wants to get the best in terms of content quality, the paid version is a must.

    I particularly like the premium version’s ability to check for advanced mistakes against hundreds of grammar rules.

    That’s very important even for those of us native English speakers.

    Thanks again. I found this very helpful.


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