How I Got Reduce Bounce Rate & Increase Pageviews On One Month Traffic

Written by Sathish Arumugam

Today, our group site like to share some bounce rate secrets of Coupons Crow.

Coupons Crow has got registered on last year (2014) and we started all the works only on this current year.

Now, we are sharing our google analytics of last month (i.e 1 – 30 April 2015). This article reveals all the valuable information’s like our strategies, tricks we used etc..,

How I Got Reduce Bounce Rate & Increase Pageviews On One Month Traffic

While at the initial stage from January-March we didn’t concentrate much on promotions. And we are giving importance to promotions only from the last month. With the help of this promotion strategy, we enjoyed good page views and the bounce rate of our site has also decreased in a great manner.

The secret tricks have been given as follows:

How did we start our site?

First, we designed the site with the help of both WordPress and bootstrap. Then we made one responsive design and alterations to have an official look.

Second, we planned for each and every step in promotional activities and we created one promotion task. We act as per the promotional task and the updates have made frequently to acquire the good result.

At first, we bought the shared hosting in Hostgator. And now we changed it to Bluehost WordPress hosting.

Let’s have a look on our Bounce Rate Screenshot

Next we focused to reduce the bounce rate on our site. So we added the popular post and trending post in the sidebar widgets. This makes our users stay in our site for a longer time. This helps to increase the page views. Finally, we made some designs to have the average users and page views in our site. This helps us to enjoy remarkable growth in our site. And, in addition, this results in good Stay Time of the users in the site. And mainly it helps in SEO and provides a great support in Search Engine.

How I Got Reduce Bounce Rate & Increase Pageviews On One Month Traffic

Following are the devices on which the users used to visit our site

How I Got Reduce Bounce Rate & Increase Pageviews On One Month Traffic
1. 1065 visitors were using Desktop so the bounce rate is only 18.03%
2. Through mobile we are having 391 visitors, it results in 26.34 bounce rate.
3. Only 41 visitors were using tablets. So it results in 9.76 bounce rate.

Overall view results that good promotion has attained only with the help of desktop and the maximum stay time is up to 6.49 minutes.
This shows that we started our promotional activity by analysing each and every step and simple activities.

Have a look on this screenshot

How I Got Reduce Bounce Rate & Increase Pageviews On One Month Traffic
In this, we updated all the exclusive ways on which the traffic sources have attained.
1. Our research tells that organic search has placed the 1st rank because we had 533 visits and bounce rate is about 11.44% only.

2. 516 users searched directly. In this bounce rate is about 15.12%

3. Through referral sites, we had 358 visits and the bounce rate is of 43.02%

4. With the help of social media, we had only 90 users and the bounce rate is also low which is about 6.67%. This shows that the only minimum number of visits were there using Social media.
On this Social media, Facebook plays a crucial role and the traffic is not so good in Twitter and Google plus.

What is our next plan?

To update all the deals, coupons offers etc in a regular manner. To make the site branded by providing all the valid information and by making it as a helpful site to all the users.
We have planned to have a target of attaining 5000 visitors within 3 months and to maintain the bounce rate with the help of good traffic.
And now, we have started Forum in coupons crow. We like to bring good traffic in this site.
Did we plan to post some valuable articles in this site which relates to shopping like shopping reviews, How to have a secured shopping? Etc..
These are our golden rules which we planned to do next.

Final Word

We think this article “How I Got Reduce Bounce Rate & Increase Pageviews On One Month Traffic” may help you to get some strategies. If you like it just Comment and Share it with your friends.
And finally, we like to thanks, each and every valuable visitor who visit our site. And Thank You for spending your good time on reading this article 🙂

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