How To Build Blog Comments In WordPress Site

Comments are the important factor that makes our site get more traffic. In this article “How To Build Blog Comments In WordPress Site”, we are going to describe how to build comments in our WordPress.

Comments make us share the thoughts and queries related to the post. If we get more comments then probably traffic for our site will increase. So comments are the important thing to promote our sites. How to build blog comments in WordPress. We get comments for every post in our site. We can build blog comments in our WordPress by following steps.
It is advisable to add a sentence in our every Post, which makes the commentators comment in our post. For example “well what do you think about this post?”. Let’s discuss the ways one by one.

Comment Setting

We should make the visitors comment in our website in turns helps in increasing traffic to our site. Login to Dashboard -> Setting -> Discussion as shown in the figure.

How To Build Blog Comments In WordPress Site

We can see the checkboxes for other comment settings as shown in the figure below.

How To Build Blog Comments In WordPress Site

The blog administrator can approve the commentators for their first comment in our site, it makes difficult for spammers to comment in our website. Therefore, WordPress automatically approves any other comments posted by the same person.
We can see the other module in the same discussion setting which is shown in the figure below.

How To Build Blog Comments In WordPress Site

Comment Instruction

We may need to get technical support to get the instructions added to our blog post page template. However, once it is in place, it appears automatically on every post, even the ones you have already published. The technical support which is mentioned here is shown in the figure below.

How To Build Blog Comments In WordPress Site

Comment Response

We must respond to every comment which is in our post. It must be an answer for their query or thank you comment. Note that it must be in a timely manner. As soon as we get the comment, we need to respond. So that we can build the relationship with them. The responding message can also make others reply. We must need to get more comments so as to increase the traffic.

Other Blog Comments

We can also comment in other blogs, it makes many visitors view our site in turns. Also, we can post our thoughts as a comment in other blog, which makes others interest to visit our site.

Thus, Comments can be built in our site.

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Is there any other way to build comments in our site?

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