How to Create Backlinks for Blog in 6 Easy Ways

Written by Sathish Arumugam

In this article¬†“How to Create Backlinks for Your Blog in 6 Easy Ways”, we are going to see the simple ways to build the backlinks.

Backlinks building is a difficult task. Still links are used to boost the rank for your sites on the search engine. Every blogger will struggle a lot between time management, limited SEO knowledge, low PR management etc. A high number of relevant pages linked will be used to get rank higher than the others. Your link profile must look natural to achieve greater results. Follow some link building strategy that will help to build a Google-friendly links to the new blog, effective link building result gives trust and popularity.

So, try to Learn backlink building in a right way, since they help you to increase your ranking and the conversion rate. Here, we listed some tips to improve link building technique and see how its work.

The followings are the tips and tricks to build backlinks for a new blog

New Backlinks through blog commenting

The first tip in this article “How to Create Backlinks for Your Blog” is blog commenting. You will get new backlinks through blog comments because blog commenting is the great solution to many of your blogging problem.
Commenting will connect with other bloggers through the network. Apart from networking and creating brand awareness for your blog, do blog comments for quality link building. The basic things for backlinks building are blog commenting, leave relevant comments with appropriate length on those blogs, so you get added benefits of attracting their readers to your blog.

Link exchange can give you a Lot of do follow links

To get link backs, you have to be noticed by the bloggers, for that you have to create a great content. Content should be unique and the one would tempt others to link to you. This is a strategy to get the backlink. Link out to follow bloggers who have relevant posts on the topic, while liking do with well-recognized sites, don’t post at nay newbie site. After they see and if they like your activities then they will start linking to your site and these way you get backlinks. This provides a great solution in How to Create Backlinks.

Write great and epic content

Next important tip which I have to mention in this post “How to Create Backlinks for Your Blog” is Content. While start writing do some research on the internet or at any social media related to your topics, by this you get fresh new topics. The topics are very important for a content-based topics so that the people get interest on your sites then it makes the link to your site. Present your content with a controversial topic so that people grab faster than others sites, so it can easily get so many backlinks to your site.

By giving Interviews and conducting them too

To build a relationship with your pro bloggers, interviews are the best way. Do this interview with someone very authoritative in the field. Before taking the interview, you have to first analyze then and you get succeed you get not only readers but also a backlink from his blog. If you want yourself to interview then do track record and then help to your fellow bloggers and juniors, this will come to know you and where they get interesting in publishing your interview. So you can easily get do follow backlinks.

Guest Posting

Allow guest posting to get more traffic, guest posting means writing and publishing an article on someone else websites or blog. It is a great way to connect with new readers and you can had the conversations on the internet especially on social media like Facebook and Twitter. By guest posting you are growing your influence on the social media and it will lead to more blog subscribers. These backlinks will raise the value of your blog to search engines, then make easy to view your content on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.Thus, we provide a best solution for the query How to create Backlinks.

How to earn editorial links

The last point in this article, “How to Create Backlinks for Your Blog” is editorial links. Earning editorial links from authority sites will really make it benefit for your link building strategy. To earn those links you have to provide immense value and don’t put some text together. Link building can be difficult, but you will feel easy by focusing on creating worthy and shareable content. If you create content consistently then the people will naturally recommend, share, link and send the link to your page.

Final Words

Finally, this is a trick to build backlinks in an easy way to your sites. I hope this article “How to Create Backlinks for Your Blog in 6 Easy Ways” will guide you to do in a right way. If you had any questions please ask through the social media and post your feedback. If you like this article share your comments, Follow us on Facebook and Google+.

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  • NIce post you have traffic crow, I do helped through this article, although I have to practice it to my website hopefully I can increase my traffic to my website. Thanks for sharing us.

  • Sometimes you have to search for finding a good article in order to help building a good website with good SEO, just like I do right now. I found a good article suit to my needs since I have difficulty what should I do to increase the value of my website. Thank you traffic crow for this great article.

    • Yes, Good website need good SEO, of course. In order to fulfill that needs we posted this article. Happy to know this post is useful for you. Thanks for visiting our site.

  • Blog commenting seems work for me for a long time, internally linking relevant post is one of the best way you’ve mentioned.

    I afraid getting links through link exchange (unless it looks natural), it may hurt our website penalized by Google Penguin.

    • You are right. Only excessive link exchange may cause this action by Google penguin. But no worries, you can avoid this simply by using Robot.txt to disallow crawling of URL or simply adding “rel”.

      Thanks for your comment

  • I always prefer blog commenting and guest posting way, I think both of these ways very popular for get good amount of backlinks.. I also prefer Social bookmarking but these day some very good amount of social bookmarking site are very less as compared to before..

  • Blog commenting always works well but it has limited impact on ranking. For diversification, it is a good choice.

    I am still not sure about link exchange part.

  • Thanks a lot of mentioning some great points mate. I think guest blogging and blog commenting is the best way to make backlinks without any serious troubles.