How To Get Your Successful Google Adsense Account

All of us may be new to the blogging world, we could even dream about making a tremendous profit online by running a website which is enriched with content writing if it is then the first requirement which we should have is a Google Adsense account. On the internet the number one revenue paying program is Google Adsense, therefore it is not a cake walk to get an approved account from Google Adsense. Let’s get into this topic “How To Get Your Successful Google Adsense Account”.

Everything depends on our application and our own blog or website. If we are planning to apply for an Adsense Publishers account then we must keep the following points in our mind for the best successful approval of our application.

Contact Name or Payee Name

With this contact name, we should be able to receive cheques made payable to the name of our Adsense application. The Adsense application which has an incomplete name would not get approved.

Business Accounts

In the payee name field, we have to enter the name of the organization, and then in the contact name field we have to enter the name of the person in our organization who manages the website.

Address Information

The Adsense application which has a valid mailing address will only get approved, always try to provide the complete address including the information listed below which is particular for our location.

  • Street address including house number, street name and number, flat or apartment number
  • City or town
  • State or area
  • Country or territory
  • Email address

Always the mail id which we are entering will serve as the login to sign into the Adsense, all the communication or information about the Adsense account would be received only in this mail address, starting with the email verification message, so because of this reason we should always ensure that the email address which we provide is a valid one.

During Construction or During Difficult Site Navigation

Initially, the website should be launched and it should contain enormous textual content because the Adsense specialists will be evaluating the website and then only it would get approved. The websites which are not loading, having nonfunctioning links and the websites under construction will not be approved. We should always make sure that the URL on our application is entered correctly.

Ownership of The Site

We should always ensure that the website which we are submitting for Adsense should contain the access to edit the HTML source code. If we submit the site which we do not own then we will not be able to place the Adsense code on the site and the site will not get approved. We shall be from any part of the world like Africa or China the thing that we should make sure is the site must be six months old so that we can apply for an Adsense account.

Particularly for a successful Adsense application we should submit all the in formations required along with the Adsense Program Policies stated by Google.

Final Words:

These are the simple ways to get a google Adsense account, try these steps mentioned in this post “How To Get Your Successful Google Adsense Account” and get the better results. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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I am a professional blogger, web designer, entrepreneur & digital marketer. Its my great privilege to share that I am the founder of this Traffic Crow & SGS Mediasoft. I have been in this blogging field of more than 8 years.

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  • Google Adsense is the best way to boost up the confidence of any blogger. When a blogger see his or her blog is earning money from Adsense, he or she gets some confidence. But a lot of blogger do some common mistakes and their application does not get approved by Google. This is a real helpful post for the bloggers who are thinking to apply for a Google adsense account. Keep up the good work mate!

  • It took almost 6 months to get Adsense approval for me. The points which you mentioned are very useful for beginners who are trying to get approval.

  • Hi Sathish,

    Getting adsense approved is an important step for monetizing a blog. Though their are other alternatives that can fetch some good income, but it still remains the most popular way to make money blogging. Thanks for sharing the details about how to do it in the right manner.

  • Hey buddy,
    Thanks for the write up. It was indeed helpful and i was able to get my adsense in the first go.
    I have also recommended this post to my fellow friends/peers in the industry.
    Thank you once again for the post.

  • @sathish
    there are more conditions and terms to get a successful google adsense account and i think you missed some of them including a proper channel or blog etc.
    well good article.
    keep Updating


  • hey buddy!

    it’s been long since i started signing up to adsense, and they still hit me with this big rod of “your site does not comply to adsense policy”. they turn me down every time i resubmit.

  • Before our blogs Adsense was approved, it was disapproved for more than 5 times. just little change of privacy policy made them to approve it. Adsense is tricky.

  • Hi Aditya…. You made a valid point there. Just the above wouldn’t get someone am Adsense. Good tip though.