How To Improve Alexa Ranking of Your Site Quickly

How To Improve Alexa Ranking of Your Site Quickly? Traffic is important in all website. Every site has the minimum to maximum traffic, which is reflected in the Alexa website ranking. Each site rank can be viewed with the help of Alexa rank. In this article, I am going to share some points which help you to improve the Alexa Rank.

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa Rank is an estimation of the popularity of our site relative to the other sites. It is simply to define as, how is a particular site is working, compared to all. Site rank will be changed not only because of the changes in our site traffic but also with the other site traffic changes. It is the unique rank for every site. It is checked using Alexa Website Ranking Checker.

How is it Calculated?

In this article “How To Improve Alexa Ranking of Your Site Quickly”, we mention the technique how the Alexa rank is calculated. Over the past 3 months, Alexa estimates the average daily visitors and pageviews for the every site daily. The website with the highest combination of above-mentioned page views and visitors will be ranked #1. On the other side, the site with the least combo will be ranked around 30 million. In case, if no visit to the site, then no rank will be provided.

Visitors will engage their view in our site only if our site have good qualities and good Alexa rank. Here are the few tips to improve your website Alexa Rank.

Content Quality

In this article, I am going to mention Content Quality is the first point. As we know Content is the king of Website. It is also the first thing to improve our website Alexa rank. Unique and Good Quality content help a lot to increase the traffic. Of course, the Google search engine gives more priority to good quality content. It makes the site indexed in the SERP. As the content is worth, we get more traffic, that in turns improves higher rank in Alexa rank.
So write a quality and unique content to improve your site Alexa rank.

Publishing Your Post Regularly

Often publishing your post shows your site is well active. It is the backbone to improve Alexa rank. So write regularly for your blog which will definitely help you to improve your Alexa rank. At least post 2-3 post in the blog per day. This will make your site grow enormously. We can also see the changes in our Alexa rank increased for our site.

Get Traffic From Social Media Sites

Social media help a lot to improve the traffic. Through social media, we will be connected with other bloggers. It leads more chance of getting higher Alexa Rank. Since they all are using the Alexa toolbar. If you get more traffic from your blogger friends then there is a more chance for you to get a good ranking.

Add videos

Adding videos in content. This will help a lot in improving your site rank. Include interesting videos in your posts and do share them on your Social profiles. Because people love to watch videos. It increases the visitor’s staying time on your blog. Also, they will share the videos to others which will increase the traffic to our site. It will help to improve the Alexa rank also.

Show your Website Rank

Share your Alexa rank to your social media friends with a link back to your blog. It definitely attracts many and we get huge clicks which will increase the rank day by day. We could easily notice the change in the Alexa rank site itself.

Alexa Tool Bar

If a visitor visits your site from the browser with Alexa toolbar, it really helps a lot to improve your site rank. Sure we visit our site for at least 20-30 times per day. We can utilize this Alexa toolbar in our site by installing it. It is available in Chrome, Firefox, IE. We can download it few seconds.

Redesign your Site

Finally, in my article, I am going to mention about the redesign of the site. The usual style for the website is changing constantly. Still if your site using the same design which you had before, you are running behind the times. It should be redesigned with the clean, well-functioning site which will do wonder and help you increase your site traffic. Thus, redesign your site effectively in order to improve your Alexa rank.

Thus, I suggest you to follow these tips to increase your Alexa rank in an effective and quickest way.
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