How To Increase Facebook Likes For Business Page

Written by Sathish Arumugam

In this article How To Increase Facebook Likes For Business Page, I am going to share few tips. These tips are basic things which help to improve the Facebook Page Likes effectively. Also, I have included some points which should not be done.

Basic things to improve Facebook Page Likes

In this article “How To Increase Facebook Likes For Business Page“, I am going to share few basic things which matters a lot. A billion of users are using the Facebook and it is a platform for small or large business of online marketers. Each blogger or marketers will have a Facebook page of their blog, which to promote their brand and connect with their customers. It may be a big challenge to increase your Facebook page likes, but if you put the effort it becomes worthful for your pages. Most of the marketers know how to improve the Facebook page likes through Facebook’s Paid, but there are many ways to improve your likes without spending a money. Still you had a problem in getting more Facebook likes, then read this articles to get more Facebook page likes for your blog.

Use Relevant Images for Page Likes

If you like to increase your Facebook likes then use relevant images in your posts. It helps to increase your page likes, while you decided to add images then you should use based on the topics of your Facebook page. So, avoid using general stock photos because it won’t gives you the best attraction.

The same thing will work on using the videos. I have seen a lot of Facebook pages grow to the hundreds of likes just by sharing videos on their page. But you should be careful when finding and sharing videos because they might be protected by copyright laws. So, try to avoid copyright whatever it is content or an images/ Videos. It is important in every blog, That is the reason I mentioned in my post “How To Increase Facebook Likes For Business Page”.

Like button or box to your blog

Use Like button and Comment box on your blog, most of the bloggers are not adding the Like button. It is easy and quickest way for people to share their comments and Likes with their friends on Facebook. A “Like box” or ” Like Button” allows the Facebook page owners to see how many users and friends like the pages. It is the great strategy for capturing the visitors on your blog.

Video Like Popups

Directly upload videos on your blog with Pop Up video, which “Pop-up videos” means add some words related to your topics on top of these videos, that helps to capture a new visitors. Hence, it helps to enhance the videos on your sites, so it perform better and provide a better experience for people. Comparing to the other websites it gives the best result. Most common reason for people, unlike a brand Page is because of their posts are uninteresting.

Should Not Do those things:

  • Next in my article “How To Increase Facebook Likes For Business Page”, I am going to share some points which we should not do.
  • Don’t upload photos with too much of stuff on the post about your product, it may affect the pages. This will keep the visitors to post on your wall, then there is a chance to reduce your ranking.
  • Finally, in my post “How To Increase Facebook Likes For Business Page” I would mention, Don’t Focus only on your products then the fans will suddenly turn to new blogs. Create some unique things and send some attractive messages about your brand info to the fans, before making the purchase of your products. You can use memes and community photos for presenting your blog post.

This followed things mentioned in my article “How To Increase Facebook Likes For Business Page”, will help you to “Increases your Facebook pages likes”. So we hope, it is useful to you and you get some ideas about it! If you had any doubt or if you need a clarification please post a comment with your “Question??”. Follow us on Facebook.

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