How To Increase Page Views In An Effective way?

How to Increase Page Views in an Effective way is the biggest question among the new bloggers for their websites. Through this article, we try to clear that question. So, refer this for your ideas and to get more visitors on your Webpage.

What is Page Views?

Page Views are very important one which is a Goal for each Webmaster, more page views mean more traffic on your blog and on the whole website. Pageviews are the total number of pages viewed by your visitors of your website, which also includes the repeat page views by each Visitors. Numbers of page views are equally important for measuring the performance of any website, especially for publishers. The important in Page views are a content website and display ads are your revenue model, so you can not ignore to monitor page views metrics because each page view is counted as an ad impression for each ad on that page.

However, this is not a matter with the eCommerce sites or any other site where the revenue model is not dependent on ads, but subscriptions and Purchases. Increasing the PageViews is really a critical and interesting task to write a quality content that itself is useful enough to attract your large number of audience. So, by this article, I’m going to give a useful solution & tips for “How To Increase Page Views in an Effective way?” Read this article completely to get more information and ideas for Increasing your Pageviews.

Relevant and Effective Content

For Each and Ever Website, “CONTENT Writing ” is very important. It plays a major role in the web page. Before starting with your content, make sure that your topics that you are choosing must be relevant and Effective so only it attracts the visitors. Topics only make visitors get involved on the content. It happens many times that new bloggers have found difficulty to pick the right topic to write about. To make it easy you can go for some references, view other bloggers sites so that you get some ideas on effective topics. If you ready to start writing for blog don’t write just one try to do 10 to 15 great articles before you publish your blog. Because it helps to improve and get new ideas for writing an Effective content while promoting your blog the readers will have something to see and will find something new to read.

For your information, if you did not do hard work and without effective content you post your blogs and waiting for the blog to become popular and if there is no content to share then your blog will not consider as meaningful. So, we should make more articles, then your blog becomes popular and you will have some great audience and readers that will share your posts. You get more and more ideas by visiting the Social media like Twitter, Yahoo that you can write the article of their problems with the best solutions it helps to make your blog very successful.


A community is where people share and contribute ideas, values, skills, and beliefs. To increase the page views community is the common thing, that businesses rely on their communities and networks to keep their business to keep on moving. Where serving your community is the most empowering way of becoming successful and add more value to contribution and community it makes your blog stronger than before.

Use SEO Plugins and Interlinks Your Posts

The more PageViews give you more ranking in the Search Engines, having great content that is optimized for Keyword phrases. To increase, you can use SEO plugin, there are many premium plugins available use it and get right down for more page views. The another way is always interlink your posts that will lead to increasing the number of page views, it is also effective so that your users can easily understand the topic with the help of the main post and interlinked posts. Where Google loves natural interlinking, you have the distance advantage of interlinking of your posts together and using key phrases rich anchor text. At the same time avoid applying too many links in your article otherwise your reader will become distracted from the other original article.

Fast Loading

The important thing is that page loading, be sure of fast load page because your visitors would prefer to spend more time on your website and browse through more and more pages. To speed up use Google’s page Speed insights to analyze your Blog’s loading time and to make it Fast and ultimately to increase page views of your blog. Many website owners have tested their websites for page speed and found no problems, unfortunately, there is a flaw with the average page sped tester. By default, almost all popular page load speed tests use an unthrottled connection, it work takes connection speed out of the equation and looks solely at the technical side.

Use Sidebar to Feature Popular Content

Use your Sidebar for filling with big images and banner ads to showcase the links to your most popular content, those posts or pages are more popular than the rest for a reason. Basically, popular posts are the best content of your blog, it keep it fresh and evergreen you should show them to your blog’s visitors. If you have a niche blog, your popular posts will be the best bet to keep your visitor stick to your blog for longer.Wordpress popular post is a great plugin that functions as a widget, that yu can drag into your sidebar and it conveniently lists all the posts that get the most action. You can even add thumbnails, set a time range, customize the types of posts you want to be shown, and use multiple versions of it in other sidebars or footer areas.

Final Words

I hope this article act as on solution for your problems, if you have a trouble in “How To Increase Page Views in an Effective way?” I think now you get a fresh and feel happy! If you like this article or you like to give some suggestions to make more unique, please share your feedback to us and you can Follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

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