How To Install WordPress Plugins In Different Ways

In this article, we are going to know How To Install WordPress Plugins In Different Ways.

Installing plugins from WordPress Dashboard is easy to use. Still it causes problems for beginners at the early stage. It is essential for every blogger to add plugins in their respective Blog. It certainly provides additional functionality to our applications. Here we are going to see how the plugins can be installed and used in WordPress. There are three ways to install plugins on the blog.

1. Search & Install      2. Upload & Install      3. FTP Method

Now we are going to see above  installation process individually.

Ways To Install Plugin Using Search And Install Method

Searching, Finding and Installing of WordPress plugins in WordPress Dashboard is the easiest  way. Once the plugin name is known earlier we can search that plugin directly in the WordPress Dashboard  and install it.

Login to your WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New

How To Install WordPress Plugins In Different Ways

You will get a screen like above, where we can install the  plugins using a search bar. If we look for new plugins, then type the plugin name in the search bar as shown in the image

How To Install WordPress Plugins In Different Ways

and to know more about the features of that plugin click “More Details”. If we know about the plugin well, then simply click “Install”. In case the plugin which is installing is already done in our blog then the option for installing that plugin will not be available. Once this installation over click on to “activate plugin” as shown in the image.

How To Install WordPress Plugins In Different Ways

Then the particular plugin will be activated and will be noticed under Plugins for further deactivation or editing option.

How To Install WordPress Plugins In Different Ways

This installation of plugins may be misconfigured by the beginners. So before installing the plugins we must read the documentation. Thus, the plugin can be installed.

Installing Plugin Using Upload And Install

Here we can download the plugin from “” as shown in image,

How To Install WordPress Plugins In Different Ways

it takes few minutes to get over. Now, click on to WordPress-> Plugin -> Add New. We get a screen as shown

How To Install WordPress Plugins In Different Ways

where we can upload the plugin. Click on to that option and upload “zip file” only by choosing  upload or by browse option which is shown in the image.


Any other files cannot be uploaded here. This will be useful for the beginner to upload the plugins and themes without any problems.

Manual Method For Installing Plugin (FTP)

This will be very useful if we are not able to upload the WP Plugin in WordPress Dashboard. We can simply download the WP Plugin from “WordPress Plugin Library”, then unzip it and upload it to your WordPress plugin Library using FTP software or cPanel. Here we used the software “FileZilla” to upload the plugin folder in WordPress Server.

How To Install WordPress Plugins In Different Ways

Once the uploading is done the user can activate the plugin in WordPress Dashboard. This is very useful for beginners and also those who don’t have access to install plugins or themes from dashboard due to server restriction. The drawback of this kind of plugin installation is, it may occur a problem in accessing via Dashboard due to Plugin conflicts. In this case just rename the plugin or delete it to overcome that problem. Thus, the Plugin installation can be done using FTP. 

It is preferable to use this FTP way in optional. Since searching, uploading and installing is the easiest way.
Managing Plugin is also very easy, all we need to do is going to the plugins folder under WP Dashboard and activate or deactivating the plugins as per the need.

Now the Plugins can be easily used by the beginners with the following above methods. Thanks for reading this article. Share it with your friends if you like this post. Follow us on Google+ and Twitter.

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