How To Install WordPress Using Cpanel QuickInstall

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In this article, we are going to see How To Install WordPress Using Cpanel QuickInstall

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As we all know there are various types in WordPress installation. But now, in this article we are going to see about only one type and we update all other types and their sources in future.

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Following are the simple step by step guide

1. Register your domain and get into cpanel with the help of your hosted domain. Login with your cpanel username and password.

How To Install WordPress Using Cpanel QuickInstall

 2. Once you login to your account, you can see Control Panel with various features. Don’t get confused while seeing all those different features. In Control Panel, there are two ways in WordPress installation.

They are given as follows: 1. FTP         2. Using software applications.

There are various types to install WordPress like softaculous, fantastico de luxe, quickinstall etc..,
Now, we are updating about quickinstall. In future, we can see about other type applications such as softaculous, fantastico de luxe etc.

Now this tutorial is about QuickInstall

3. In Cpanel you can see software/services area in the bottom of that page. On that, you have to click QUICKINSTALL Button.

How To Install WordPress Using Cpanel QuickInstall
4. After Quick installation you may able to see WordPress menu on the left side of that page. You have to click that link.

How To Install WordPress Using Cpanel QuickInstall
5. Next, click the Continue button and select your domain name.

How To Install WordPress Using Cpanel QuickInstall
Then untick the enable auto upgrade tick mark because such auto update may create some errors on your site while doing the future updates. So untick it to reduce the risk. After filling all those details, click the install button finally.

Important Note: while clicking the install button and installing make sure that there should not be any downloading and uploading process in your desktop. If there is any net problem in your connection then this may lead to the arrival of some errors in future. So avoid it to reduce all the risks.

How To Install WordPress Using Cpanel QuickInstall

6. Now, you have successfully installed the WordPress.


7. Now you can login WordPress dashboard by providing the admin details.

How To Install WordPress Using Cpanel QuickInstall
8. Now check your site’s frontend so that you can see your launched site.


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