How to Write an Attractive SEO Friendly Blog Post

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How to Write an Attractive SEO Friendly Blog Post. This is a question which arises with most of the people while writing a Post. Simple answer for this question is, we have to write an attractive content which in turn that makes an SEO friendly post. Still there are some other aspects which are to be considered to get an SEO friendly blog post.

In this article How to Write an Attractive SEO Friendly Blog Post, I am going to list the points one by one for two various headings.

  • How To Make Attractive Blog Post
  • How To Make SEO Friendly Blog Post

How To Make Your Blog Post Attractive?

The first phase in this article, “How to Write an Attractive SEO Friendly Blog Post” is to build an attractive blog post. Here are the few steps.

Preface & Short Notes

The Preface is nothing but a brief description which is written by the author. It includes the front matter of a post, speak directly about why you wrote this post. Simply it tells why it is important and what it is about. Preface will include some of the following like

  • Discuss the importance of the post.
  • Provide a brief description about the post.
  • Describe the path of the post.
  • Specify the problems which you crossed during the submission of the post.
  • You can also include any suggestions like how to read the book if there is a special structure.

On the other hand, Short notes are nothing but a compression form of the post.
These are important for making an attractive post. However, these are simple things, we have to consider it as important. Thus, I have mentioned in my post How To Write an Attractive SEO Friendly Blog Post

Heading in The Blog Post

Keep a suitable title which match with your content and what you are trying to express. Heading must be H1 format so that it will make an eye-catchy post.

Sub-Heading in The Blog Post

Try to add more sub-headings in your content. Also, avoid adding unnecessary sub-headings in your content. Sub-Heading should be in the H2 format. It also makes the content SEO-friendly.

3 or 4 keywords in a 550-Word Article

For a 550-word article, it is must to use the keyword for at least 3 to 4 times to make an SEO friendly content.

Bold Characters To Make The Post

At least two or few words should be in the bold format.

Italic Characters For The Blog Post

As like bold, few sentence which are important for the content can be in the italic format.

Blockquote In the Blog Post

Important topic or heading can be in blockquote to make it simple for the users to read and understand the main need of the content. It makes the post attractive too.

Bullets & Important Points

For the list of points in your content, you can use bullets of numbering or dots or alphabets to make the user get the points easily. Points are really useful to make the point clear and attractive.

Alt Text, Alt Image In The Blog Post

We keep many links and images in our content. The visitor will not click on to all links that we link in our content since they don’t know what is the link and where it will be directed. So keeping an alt text and alt image helps to make the visitor know about the link and image address.

Internal & External Links

  • Internal links are nothing but setting a link which is to our site itself.
  • External links are links for another site.
    These links are useful for viral promotion.

Thus, by following and using these strategies we can make an attractive blog post.

This post How to Write an Attractive SEO Friendly Blog Post also makes you to understand the importance of  creating an attractive post.

How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Post

This is my second phase in my article, “How to Write an Attractive SEO Friendly Blog Post”.

SEO is important for every site as everyone knows. Each post in our site plays a vital role in making traffic and improving the site SEO.
Here, I am going to list few points which help to make an SEO friendly blog post.

Search Engine Friendly URLS

URL for our post should be search engine friendly. We should use the keyword in URL. It should show the nature of the site also. I consider this point as an important in my post How to Write an Attractive SEO Friendly Blog Post.

Focus Keywords & Description

We must mention the focus keyword for the blog post. It is useful for making our site indexed in the search engine when the keywords are searched by the user.
The meta description should contain 155 characters along with the focus keywords in it. Maintain the character limits, so that it will be SEO friendly.

Check Yoast Instruction In Content Area

Once the post is ready with marked categories, tags, focus keywords, description, SEO title, check the Yoast instructions which show the focus keyword usage. Als, check the page analysis, which is the next tab. It shows all the positive and negative points about the blog post.
Modify the changes which are in red points.

Keyword Density & Phrase

Keyword density should be 2%-3% in the content for a particular keyword. The phrase should be obtained in the first paragraph, meta description, which are all mentioned in the Yoast instruction. This will help in making an SEO friendly blog post.

Content Writing Audit

Once the blog post is ready, do not publish it before auditing the content. Check each sentence in your content for mistakes like missing sentence, extra sentence, bold, italic sentence are done, etc., Correct all the mistakes.

Check Nouns, Pronouns, Punctuation

Also, check these errors in your content to make the user comfortable in reading your content. It should be more understandable form.


It is overall verification of the content. It is the must process before submitting or publishing the content. Here, we must check for sentence correction, grammar correction, and everything.

Plagiarism Checker

We may write content with the help of content writer or searching another site. It is possible we may copy the content from another site. If your site has copy content, then sure our site will not be indexed. With the use of Plagiarism checker, we can verify our content whether it has at least one copy sentence.

Keywords in 100-150 Words

Finally, my last point in my article How to Write an Attractive SEO Friendly Blog Post is, We must use the keywords in the first and last paragraph within 100-150 words. It is also mentioned in the Yoast instructions.

Thus, the content is ready for publishing. Still few more things I need to mention here which helps you to promote your site.
In our blog post, we need to include some sentence which is useful to increase the user visits as well as to improve the traffic. Thus, I suggest you to use these steps which I mentioned in my post, “How to Write an Attractive SEO Friendly Blog Post”.

The bonus tips are as follow

Here, in this article, “How To Write an Attractive SEO Friendly Blog Post”, I am adding the bonus tips. We can include “For any doubts ask me in comment section, and I will be here to solve your queries” or “Important Note: This is a long article, so please free your mind from all the distractions or bookmark it for further reading.” or “If you really enjoyed reading this keyword optimization article then you can share this with your friends (Facebook share, tweet, Google plus share) and spread my voice to help more newbies.” or “I would really love to see your feedback/reviews and your awesome support which encourage me to write more awesome blog post.” and lot more sentence like this. These sentences are known as supportive sentence used for improving the site traffic. Also, try to write your own quotes and try to avoid special character and stuffing and unnecessary use of words like – is, of, and, to & or.)

Thus, we can create an attractive and SEO friendly blog post using these simple steps mentioned in the post “How To Write an Attractive SEO Friendly Blog Post”.
Hope this article is useful for newbies as well as experts to improve their blog post writing skills. Thanks for visiting our site. For any queries, please do comment in the comment section. If this content is useful for you then please share it with your friends. Follow us on Facebook. Thanks for reading my article “How To Write an Attractive SEO Friendly Blog Post”.

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