Importance of Blogger Outreach

Benefits And Importance of Blogger Outreach And Guest Posting For SEO

If you want to increase brand exposure beyond something you had so far, guest blogging and blogger outreach are the strategies you must explore. Ahead of optimizing the website for SEO, search visibility and enhancing your social media presence, these two practices are those you cannot leave away. When you get to connect with more potential bloggers in your niche, then you are provided with opportunities to improve your interactions among more potential customers. In this article, you will get to know all about guest blogging and blogger outreach strategies. Also, the importance of blogger outreach and guest posting for SEO.


Blogger Outreach Strategy

The idea behind blogger outreach is leveraging the influence of the top players in your niche for your brand promotions. If you are seeking exposure for your products and services, you can ask influencers to write about your business. In exchange, you can give free access to your products/services.

Instead of sharing your content among social platforms, you can put it among more audiences in a potential way. Do you wonder, how? I don’t mean it through email marketing. It is blogger outreach technique. It needs a lot of round work than email marketing campaigns.

General Benefits of Blogger Outreach for SEO

  • More social shares of your content among the variant stream of followers.
  • You can grow your email subscribers and social followers.
  • Gain credibility and make more eyeballs to turn around your brand.
  • More natural contextual links from other blogs in your niche.
  • Get connected with more bloggers in your topic and help each other

Now the only question is how to tap it or how to get started.

Here are the crucial steps to follow:

#1 Spot Influential Bloggers

First and foremost, create a list of bloggers in your niche whom you want to build relationships with and whose audience you would wish to tap into. You may create a spreadsheet with a list of most influential bloggers, using Microsoft or Google Drive. You list can hold the details like the blog name, blogger, contact email, popular social media like Facebook/Twitter name, etc.

For each blog in your list, you will have to identify the blogger behind it. You may surf through the blog’s ‘About Us’ or ‘Contact Us’ pages to know the contact email address. This task of collecting email addresses might be creepy.

Still, all you are doing would be the aspects that will add credits to your blogger outreach efforts. If you can’t find contact details, you may use the contact forms on the website or blog. If couldn’t make it, then you may reach out through social platforms. Probably, filling out the social media fields in your list would not be much hectic.

Indeed, don’t be more exacting. This list is just a rough draft. Anyway, you will have to refine it further. Now, it’s done. Let’s move on to the next.

#2 Prospect your Potential among those

The typical mistake that everybody commit is practicing the same approach to all the blogs or bloggers on the list. Really, that makes no sense. Unfortunately, every blog on the list would not be equivalent. Some may be big, generating huge traffic and engagement. On the other hand, few blogs may not be that much.

The perfect ground working is a must, to grab the entire benefits from an outreach strategy. You have to divide the list of blogs into categories. But, you can do it? You can split the blogs depending on the authority of the blog or blogger. Here, I meant authority as both Social and Domain authority. Social authority does not refer to the more followers that profile has. Even a single influential follower is more valuable than 1,000 low prominent users.

Being an SEO professional, we should always care about SEO metrics. Moreover, search engine authority or domain authority determines the trust and credibility of the blog. And it resembles the influence and the reach of the particular blog. Higher the authority or trust score the blog has, more the reach and influence will be.

You can also refer the blog posts that grab a decent number of comments and engagements. This metrics is not a mandatory one. It is optional, and you may demote it.

With all these refinements, now, you have handpicked list of influential blogs handy.

#3 Run Behind and Conquer

The actual benefit of segmenting the blogs in different tiers is that you can easily harvest benefits from moderately influenced blogs. Meanwhile, you can approach the top influencers for slow and steady results.

Let’s crack down the ideas of warming up with the most top influential blogs in your niche (divide your list and categorized as tier-1).

Among thousands and thousands of bloggers, you won’t get noticed by the top players in your niche. You have to do something to turn their heads to look at you. Below are the few tricks and gigs you can play to achieve it.

Tips to Get Noticed by Top Influencers in Your Niche

  • Share the influencer’s content (don’t forget to tag using ‘@’)
  • Respond to your influencer’s questions
  • Contribute your insights to the polls or surveys they rolled out
  • Do regularly comment on their blog posts
  • Notify, if any broken links you spot in their blog
  • Do offer your suggestions for its enhancements
  • Keep sending complementary emails

In a way or either, the blogger that is the top influencer in your domain will notice you. Obviously, this is a give and take policy. Before getting a favor, you are giving something that is worth. That’s simple.

#4 Reach Out, At Last

Now, you are almost done. But, the next is the BIG thing that is going to rock. It is nothing but reaching out to the bloggers or influencers. However, the outreach email template you are supposed to use depends on your goal and intention. It can anything be like –

Goals of Blogger Outreach Strategy

  • Launching new products/services
  • Looking for a guest blogging opportunity
  • Hoping for the quality backlinks
  • Sponsored reviews about your product/service
  • Boosting social engagements and followers and so on.

Hope you got my point. Your ultimate goal of the blogger outreach campaign can be of anything above. The email script must be stating clear about it clearly. Moreover, the mail is not to talk more about you. Draft in such a way that it compliments your influencer’s recent good works.

Now, you are not the stranger to them. Ultimately, they can’t regret or ignore your request as a favor. You made it.
As if you had your outreach successes as achieving your goals, take it to the next level.

#5 Nurture Your Relationship with Influencers

You have listed the bloggers/blogs, refined, followed and reach out, finally. With that, you have added value to their blogs as well as gained benefits for your brand. Don’t let your relationships shatter, then.

Thank for their assistance. Keep in touch through emails, Skype or even offline. You have spent more time and efforts on getting a new friend. Help each and gain mutual benefits for a long time.

Hope, I have shared enough insights about blogger outreach game. Let it be a tricky game. Be a master to conquer the benefits.

Then, let’s discuss guest blogging and its brief.

Guest Posting Strategy

Guest blogging or guest posting is the practice of outreaching to the bloggers and requesting for the opportunities to contribute guest posts on their blogs. In order to build relationships, exposure, and authority, guest posting is a powerful way. It can be for building quality backlinks, unintentionally.

Guest blogging is the one that you can achieve through a blogger outreach campaign. However, the phenomenon remains the same as for blogger outreach strategy. Only, the outreach email template or script varies.

Hope, I don’t want you to get you involved in all the steps that involve in guest posting strategy campaign. We have seen that in detail under the topic blogger outreach above. The two major variations that include: finding and listing the blog names and email template. To create a list of blogs, you will have to find blogs that are ready to accept guest posts. Then refine it, follow, and outreach and get things done.

Typical Benefits of Guest Posting

  • Instant exposure among the target audience
  • Build Relationships and join the community
  • Stimulate social media shares
  • Improve brand awareness and credibility
  • Leverage other authority blog’s influence
  • Strengthen your link profile

Importance of Blogger Outreach and Guest Posting for SEO

Here are the significant benefits that blogger outreach and guest blogging techniques hold. You can no way object it. As all the below aspects we talk about are related to the SEO. If these factors can be achieved through these two, obviously SEO is made simple. Keep reading, and you will go with my words for sure.

#1 Content Promotion

As we all know the fact that CONTENT is the King. Then, how about its distribution or promotion? Despite understanding its quality and using powerful content promotion techniques, it makes zero. Guest posting and blogger outreach are the two most effective ways that take your content to reach the vast target audience in your niche.

#2 Enhanced Brand Visibility

It is no doubt that you will get your brand more popular among multiple verticals of the audience through blogger outreach. The more visible your brand online is, the more online visitors you get as the traffic to your website. The click-through rate is a significant deciding factor that boosts your SEO. Ultimately, these results in improving your search engine ranking, thus strengthen your SEO.

#3 Fortified Link Profile

Google gives more weight to the domain or website that has more quality links from authority sites. What works well in acquiring such natural organic backlinks than guest posting or blogger outreach? Notably, relevant links – say links from blogs or sites that are related to your topic. Improved link profile results in better ranking positions in SERP.

#4 Improved Social Signals

Unfortunately, if you are a fellow who does not care about social signals, you are wrong. Search engines treat social signals as the crucial ranking factor. You guest post content that is shared among different and new audiences will increase your social signals. Having more the social engagements and mentions denote how the brand is popular among social media users. Don’t you think that this will have an impact on your website SEO and ranking?

#5 Generated Referral Traffic

The traffic that is driven by various sources other than search engines like Google is referred to as referral traffic. It is not wiser to rely on a single traffic source. If your website generates traffic from multiple sources, then it will be consistent. Even if one or two fail to get traffic at times. Think about contributing guest posts on about 50 (this is just a random digit, it can be anything) blogs that generate some decent volume of traffic.

You will get multiplied by the amount of organic traffic to your website, that too new audiences those are curious about your niche. The probability for conversion will also be higher here.

Still, there are endless reimbursements that both blogger outreach and guest blogging can pay for you in terms of SEO. It’s now time to get into the blogger outreach and guest blogging campaigns to reap the entire SEO benefits.

Finally, it’s your turn

Nothing is meant to be easy. Similarly, getting featured on authoritative places are hard to achieve. If you are stubborn to follow best practices of blogger outreach and guest blogging strategies, you are liable to get the desired results. Guest blogging that is performed concerning Google or any search engine guidelines; it has drastic benefits for the SEO of your website.

For what, waiting then? Get started now. To cut down your efforts, here is the list of guest posts accepting sites. Make use of it and lead your guest posting strategy, more successful. I am happy to receive if any clarifications regarding blogger outreach or guest posting and your experience on it.

Support: This post contains affiliate links through which I earn a small commission against qualifying purchase, at no cost to you.

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