8 Simple Ways To Increase Google AdSense Earnings Effectively

Written by Sathish Arumugam

In this article, we are going to see the different Ways To Increase Google AdSense Earnings.

Google Adsense is the beat and easy way to make money where you need nothing instead of clicks on your Adsense advertising program. Where the Adsense does not work the same for everyone, to work in a correct way follow the one which works the best for you. Many bloggers suggested to use only text-based ads, but the best to use both Text + Image ads.

Because the many image ads pay for Pay-per-view (PPV). In blogging, traffic is directly proportional to money but in Adsense advertisement we cannot say accurately, the reason for this is many factors which affect your Adsense income. For Adsense publisher, the better way is to keep the eye on CPC, by targeting high CPC the number of words, Keywords, and clicks on your ads will usually be higher.

To manage Adsense keep finding a ways to boost your AdSense earnings, so we like to share some tips which bloggers can use to increase their AdSense revenue. Initially, start Google Adsense account.

Choose High Paying Niche

The first point to be mentioned in Increase Google AdSense Earnings is choosing the high paying niche. While choosing for Adsense you have to find the high paying niche for your blog, a niche is very important for blogging which helps you to get higher revenue from Adsense. Where the Cost-per-Click (CPC) an ad directly depends upon the topic you choose, and the niche that you are choosing must be related to your domain for getting higher rankings on the Search engines additionally it can increase your Adsense revenue.

Choose the Right Theme for your blog

Choose the best and right theme for your Adsense ads rather than trying to change and handle your site code, it will increase your earnings. Also find the theme that already have a placement setup for getting more clicks, there are a number of theme based sites are available you can get the themes from that sites and they were already SEO optimized with ad placement setup. Themes will attract more than the text-based ads on Adsense which will boost your sites.

Improve Quality of your site

The quality of your site should be very important which will help you to increase the revenue of Google Adsense, search engine likes the quality sites. The higher CPC and higher the quality of content, if you want higher ranking and more traffic from a search engine you should improve the quality of your site.

Using images and Text ads

To get more click on your Adsense, you have to use both Image and text ads, rather than without image or without text ads. While visiting the sites, all will first attracted by images and then the text forming way. By blocking an ad type or ad category, you decrease the competition on your ad, the better work is using both image and text on Adsense.

Check the keyword density

The keyword is the most important aspects on Search Engine Optimization which will increase the traffic rate, where keyword density can be used as a factor in determining whether a web page is relevant to a specific keyword or keyword phrase. So, finding and improving keyword is important and it can also help you to improve your ad relevance. Before presenting ads on the web page, it is recommended to check keyword density to find the keyword density you can use the tool “Keyword density checker”.

Use Adwords tools to help your site

Google Adwords tools is a best suggestion tool which will help to your site, all can get ideas for their websites using Adwords tool.You enter a word or phrase, or a URL, and the free Adwords keyword tool spits back a list of related keywords and additional traffic data.Where it is the main way to increase the revenue of your Google Adsense and make traffic to your site.

Ads between Post

A very effective way to increase Adsense revenue you can add ads between the post, it is an easy way to get more benefits o Adsense. Do your ads to match your page background and colors, and add images ads or text link ads in between the posts. While adding give enough spacing to the ads and content so that it does not go out of Adsense policies.

Publish fresh content

The last point to Increase Google AdSense Earnings is Content. Where the content are the main source of each post while post a content we should prefer it with new ideas and with fresh content topics so that the readers will get interest on your site. So, keeping in mind that you want to offer a good user experience to your readers.It is a final way which will help you to increase the Google Adsense revenue for your site.

Final Words:

So, the above are the best way to increase Google Adsense earnings but here we not mentioned all the tips where there are a lot of ways to increase your revenues. Follow this for your income and if you like this article “5 Simple Ways To Increase Google AdSense Earnings Effectively” share your feedback in the comment section. Follow us on Twitter and Google+. Thanks for reading this article

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